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Joanne Rock is Always Ready

alwayscover_307x486Did you know “Aways Ready” is the motto for the US Coast Guard? Well, three time Rita Award nominee Joanne Rock found out when she penned her latest release for Harlequin Blaze one of the books being given away later in June for our “Two for One” theme month.

So when it came time for choosing a theme for a week in June, I immediately thought about June containing the sign for Gemini – you know, the twins. So then I thought about my career (or pursuit thereof) and thought about how I write in two different genres. So that led to “Double the Fun” (cue the Doublemint commercial song) When I thought about choosing a “must have book”, one person popped into my mind – Joanne Rock.  Because I know her. She’s terrific. And she’s pubbed in two different genres.

So, of course, that means TWO different books.

First  up for me to reveiw – that steamy, blazey book that’s just perfect for the beginning of a searing summer.

Always Ready was the perfect choice because the heroine is (gasp) a twin. Lacey Sutherland, the owner of an online matchmaking service, has serious issue with her loss of hits on her site – seems her twin sister has stolen her business with her own matchmaking service. The two sisters set up a month long contest to see who gets the most hits. The difference between their sites – Lacey relys on complex formulas to predict compatibility for long term relationships; her sister just pairs people up for a good time.

Thinking that she’s finally got a winner of a program when her service matches her up with a 96% compatibility rating, Lacey uses her sister’s free airline miles to travel to meet this Mr. Right. It lands her in sensual Puerto Rico and in the arms of a happy-handed jerk who won’t take “no” for an answer.

Enter the undeniably sexy knight in shining armor – Damon Craig. He’s had Lacey’s “perfect match” under surveillance for months – the man’s a known drug runner. He rescues Lacey, but loses himself in her killer smile and body. He can’t resist her, and she does a pretty bad job of resisting herself. Damon knows no computer program could predict the passion that ignites when he and Lacey are together.

Lacey and Craig sear the sheets as they outwit the drug runner who becomes obssessed with possessing Lacey. Their adventure takes them to some pretty interesting places like sex clubs (Joanne did visit Puerto Rico for research purposes. Hmmm….I wonder 🙂 ) and deals with some serious issues like date rape drugs.

That’s all I’m going to give you…you’ve got to pick up a copy if you want to know if Lacey is brave enough to chuck her notions of compatibility out the window and go for passion with the hot Coast Guard lieutenant. And if you like this one, your summer won’t be complete without her newest Blaze coming out in July (seriously, check her site for the cover – it’s way hot!)

And stay tuned for the next review, where I’ll switch genres and review one of her medieval romances (I can hardly wait). Plus, Joanne will be guest blogging about her dual career later this month. Can’t wait to have her drop by and chat. Check her out at  www.JoanneRock.com


7 Responses

  1. Sounds great, Amy! You know, I don’t think I’ve read a Coast Guard hero. hm. must change that pronto!

  2. Whew! This sounds really hot! 🙂 Great Review, Amy!!

  3. Hey Amy! So nice of you to check out ALWAYS READY! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the story. Visiting Puerto Rico for research was no hardship… what a gorgeous, gorgeous place. I had just returned from there when I heard about the “Uniformly Hot” miniseries covering all kinds of branches of the military. Since the Coast Guard has an air station in P.R., I couldn’t say yes to writing a book fast enough!!

    Am very much looking forward to blogging here later this month. Developing two distinct branches to my career in entirely different subgenres is a choice I’ve never regretted despite occasional challenges. Your Gemini image made me look back at the tapestry hanging above the couch where I write. (It’s January from the Lucas Months.) Among other things, there’s a masked image of Janus, the two-faced Roman good looking in two directions. Guess I’ve got my own Gemini thing going strong here…

  4. I really enjoyed the book – Joanne’s are like a good wine – the taste stays with you. I don’t think I’ve read a coast guard hero before either. The only time I’ve seen them portrayed at all was in the Ashton Kutcher movie. They actually filmed that one here in Shreveport. But I can’t remember the name of the film…on the tip of my tongue.

  5. Oh, and Kevin Costner was in it too…Jeez, I’m drawning a blank.

  6. I just read my first book by Joanne. I really enjoyed “A Night Wicked Delight.” “Always Ready” looks great.

  7. Yeah, she’s good, huh? I’ve read only one by her before this one and I just really like her voice and style. She’s almost chick lit (except not first person) with lots of steamy between the sheets action. I found it to be a good beach read.

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