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Welcome Karen Kelley!!

*Contest to win a free copy of Karen Kelly’s My Favorite Phantom closes on August 7th, 2009*

I got to reading  a couple of Karen Kelley’s paranormal romance books, and I instantly fell in love!  I befriended her on facebook, and I have found her to be a marvelous person.  Her books are wonderful, and she is one of my favorite authors!  I love both of her books, My Favorite Phantom and Double Dating with the Dead.



Jamie:  So, Karen,  you must like to write about ghosts.  What stirred your interest in writing about them?

Karen:  I’ve always been fascinated with ghosts.  When I was thirteen, I was doing séances with a niece that was the same age.  A couple of times I think we actually connected.   

 Jamie:  I have had a ghostly encounter with my grandmother after she passed.  What about you?  Have you ever had one?

 Karen:  Yes, I have.  That same niece passed away when she was in her early twenties from diabetic complications.  She visited me three nights in a row in a dream.  I’ve alsokk2 connected with my mother.  And once my husband and I were staying in an older home and I told him I had an odd feeling that something was going to happen.  It did.  Footsteps, and we were the only ones in the house.

 Jamie:  One of my favorite scenes in the book was where the ghost almost had Kaci, the heroine, almost join him in death.  It was SCARY.  What was your favorite scene?

Karen:  If I have to pick just one it would be when she’s testing the zapper outside and catches one of his bushes on fire.  I love putting a lot of comedy in my books.

Jamie:  How long did it take you to write My Favorite Phantom?

 Karen:  My deadlines are usually 4 1/2 months apart, but I usually finish early so that I have plenty of time to go through the book again. 

 Jamie:  I absolutely loved how the heroine was so determined to get rid of the ghost and help the hero and her father, and I loved how the hero was caring about her feelings in the end.  What qualities did you like most about your hero and heroine?

 Karen:  With the heroine I liked that she would do anything to help her father, and with the hero I liked that he gave her another chance when he discovered she was afraid of ghosts, even though she was supposed to be a ghost exterminator.

 Jamie:  The ghost was wicked and very depressed.  What qualities about him did you enjoy writing?

 Karen:  Now he was a fun character.  Much different than the ones in Double Dating With The Dead.  I think what I enjoyed most writing about him was his vulnerability.  He wasn’t a very nice ghost, but he’d had his share of earthly problems.

 Jamie:  I am looking forward to reading more of you paranormal books.  I enjoyed My Favorite Phantom and Double Dating with the Dead SO much.  Do you think you will continue writing paranormals? 

 Karen:  Ahhh, thanks so much.  I’m writing a brand new alien series right now.  But I’ll never say never.  I do love writing about ghosts.

 Have you ever read a paranormal about ghosts?  If so, which ones?  One lucky commenter gets a free copy of My Favorite Phantom from Karen herself!


23 Responses

  1. Thanks for being here, Karin. Love the diversity of all our authors who stop by.

    I lived in New Orleans, so there were lots of ghost stories floating around down there. I can certainly say that there is a richness to the city, a certain feeling that the past is always with you there.

    Have I ever seen a ghost? Maybe. I will admit to having odd feelings now and again, having a brief episodes of creepiness. Don’t know if it’s a spirit or my over active imagination. 🙂

  2. I love, love, love New Orleans!!! In fact, Karl (hubby) and I are flying there next week to celebrate 40 years together. We absolutely love the atmosphere!

  3. Hi Karen! I would LOOOOVE to go to New Orleans someday! Let me rephrase that. I WILL go to New Orleans someday!! I have read books with ghosts featured. I love them! For some reason I can’t remember titles right now! I have even seen one (a ghost) myself! No, I’m not kidding! I’ll tell you about it when I meet you someday. 🙂 I would REALLY love to win your boo!!! WOW that was appropriate typo!!! LOL!!

  4. HI Tamara,
    Everyone needs to go to NO at least once LOL I’ve been twice now and have loved it each time. I’m jealous Amy actually lived there.

    LOL Funny typo!

  5. Hi Karen!
    I have yet to read a paranormal about ghosts. I’m going to have to remedy that!

  6. Yes, NO is a great city to visit. The food is unbelievable – grab a Zagots before you go and have at it. Or just email me. I’ll share my favorites.

    Okay, and since you’re going next week, Karin, check out GW Fins – terrific! And get the vanilla bourbon sweet potatoes – you won’t need desert!

    Oh, and Bourbon street is as fun for the locals as it is the visitors. It’s totally authentic.

  7. Okay, sorry KarEn. I’ve mis-spelled your name twice already. Too much coffee, I guess. 🙂

  8. Welcome, Karen! I’ve read this book and I LOVED it! So much fun. These two characters were a blast. Favorite part is when she’s shooting up his walls. :O)

  9. Amy, yes, you have to try one. I love anything that goes bump in the night, ghost stories, too 🙂

    Okay, Amy, I can’t figure out how to e-mail you LOL E-mail me at kkelley@classicnet.net and tell me the NO scoop. What is a Zagots? I’ll definitely try the sweet potatoes! Love them anyway they’re cooked. Love Bourbon Street, too!

  10. Great interview. I dont think there are enough paranormals about ghosts out there and I am always looking for more. They seem to mostly be about vampires or shifters. Which while not bad, does leave a hole where a good ghost story should be.

  11. No problem, I misspell it sometimes too LOL And I just noticed which post goes where and see I’ve been confusing them. Not unusual for me! What great fun reading all the comments.

  12. I’m looking forward to this one, I read Double Dating With the Dead and enjoyed it!

  13. I love goast books! I read ‘A Babe in Goastland’ by Lisa Cach, and I loved it!

    Your book sounds really interesting, Karen! Honestly though, the title had me at ‘phantom’….LOL:)

  14. I’m tickled you enjoyed Double Dating With The Dead!

    Okay, I’m going to have to check that book out. I love ghost stories!!! Glad you liked the title. The great Kate Duffy, my editor, came up with that one. She is the title queen! LOL

  15. I love paranormals with ghosts. Some of my favorite are by Heather Graham and most are either set in New Orleans or Florida. My favorites include “The Vision” and “Haunted.”

  16. Both books are great, Karen! I don’t know which is my fav! I LOVE your style of writing!

  17. Ohhhh, thanks for the book recommendations!!!

  18. Thanks sooooo much, Jamie. Writing is so solitary that it really helps when someone says they like an authors work!

  19. I love books with ghostly characters in them. Lynn Kurland has written a lot of books with a ghost as a main character, and also some with supporting characters. Cindy Miles’ Spirited Away is a great story too. Having humor in a book is always fun, and a lot of authors do some fun things with ghosts. Hope you come up with more stories involving ghosts Karen, that will be great.

  20. I love Lynn Kurland! Isn’t she great!!!

  21. Hi Karen. I havent had the pleasure of reading any of your work, but your books look wonderful. I dont recall reading anything about ghosts. Thanks for the post I enjoyed it.

  22. Hi Sara, we meet again wahaha…..
    I hope you enjoy my alien book 🙂

  23. […] jamiecolette wrote an interesting post today on<b>Welcome</b> Karen Kelley!! « Everybody Needs A Little RomanceHere’s a quick excerpt […]

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