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Explainable or Supernatural

It’s prize week on the blog! Leave a comment and you could win a copy of Karen Kelly’s Double-Dating With The Dead. Comment everyday to better your chances!

I tend to stay away from ghost shows like “A Haunting. You know, the ones dealing with those trapped or left behind in some kind of parallel universe. I get chills even thinking about it. LOL But I’ll share the unexplained happening that still has me wondering what to believe.

Our golden retriever, Brandy, is known to eat anything especially if it’s thrown into her dog bowl. Like the time a mini metal car was accidentally bounced off the kitchen cabinet and had the misfortune of falling smack dab in the middle of her bowl. Two seconds after the “ding” it was lapped up and we never saw it again. Not that I looked for it afterward mind you.  I needed to explain her eating habits before telling the story. 🙂

We’d lived in our house for about five years and Brandy slept in our bedroom on the floor on my side of the bed every night. Had since she was a puppy. One night after letting her out for a potty break, I brought her back inside and headed to the bedroom. Normally she’d be right on my heels, but not this time. I turned around to investigate. There she stood, dead still, looking at me with the weirdest expression. (Still freaks me out to think about it.) I tried to coax her to me, but she wouldn’t budge more than a few steps, wagging her tail and whimpering. At first I thought she’d hurt herself outside, but after a thorough check there was no sign of anything. Puzzled, I grabbed her collar and tried to pull her forward. She followed like a good dog should until we reached the small hallway leading to our room. In a split second, she tensed up, claws trying to implant into our wood floor. I stopped pulling so she wouldn’t scratch the floor and she backed up further into the living room. I couldn’t’ figure out what had gotten into her so she ended up sleeping in the living room that night while I tossed and turned over the possibilities.

For the next few weeks, my husband, the kids and I all took turns trying to persuade the dog. It was as if there was an imaginary line on the floor and she wasn’t crossing it no matter what. No matter how many times we tried or what kind of treat or food we offered. We even left her bowl full of dog treats on the floor right inside the bedroom door but she’d only whimper and wag her tail before making a beeline for the backdoor. This was just not normal. Our dog was having some kind of nervous breakdown and I was determined to figure out why.

I started checking everything. I listened for weird sounds. Looked for objects, new or old, that might be freaking her out. Even searched for weird smells around the area. But it wasn’t until I noticed Brandy’s eyes that I got really disturbed. She kept looking at the wall just above my head, then quickly darting her attention away. I followed her gaze and came eye to eye with a picture of my husband’s great grandfather and great grandmother on their wedding day. Eerie isn’t it?  Now this picture has hung on the same wall since we moved in so it couldn’t have anything to do with it, right? (There go the chills again.) But the only other thing in the vicinity was one of those decorative ficus trees.

We quit trying to get the dog into the bedroom and I kept my suspicions to myself to avoid scaring the kids. After a few weeks, the dog slowly made her way back into the bedroom to her normal spot beside the bed without any help from us. But to this day, every once in a while, I’ll catch her stopping to glance up at the picture before walking passed.

What was freaking her out? You be the judge. Could the fake tree that is no longer there have fallen on her at some point without my knowledge? Or was it something or someone else?

11 Responses

  1. Stranger things have happened in this world, Melissa. I’m what is called an ‘open-minded skeptic’; I want to believe, but show me concrete proof. But I do firmly believe that sometimes animals “see” things we do not. What bothered Brandy I cannot guess at, but something was going on….

  2. Oh, that is creepy Melissa (and I bet every comment of mine this week is going to be similar–I am easily freaked out).

    Have you ever moved the picture to a different spot she would normally go past? See if she looks at it there? Might tell you whether or not a fake tree got the best of her.

  3. I totally understand that Melissa. The house we were living in until we bought this house felt fine to me and Paul until one when our little pound dog wouldn’t go past the livingroom into the very small hall. One you could see without any problems. She’d go with us or with her sister, but not by herself. That lasted for about a month.

    So yeah, I understand and I’d say it had nothing to do with the tree.

  4. Ohh, that IS strange, Melissa. I agree with what Keri said. Move the picture and see if she still looks at it in the same way.

  5. Sorry to respond so late. Cable modem problems! Hopefully the new box will fix it. 🙂

    I totally agree, Will. Something was going on. Just not so sure I really want to know what. LOL

  6. Keri and Jamie, Here’s where it gets stranger. After hurricane Ike paid us a visit back in Sept. of last year and knocked a hole in our roof, we had to do some major remodeling. Down went the picture along with the sheetrock it hung on for about 6 weeks. Not once did she even pause before entering our bedroom and it was bare to the studs on all walls and the ceiling and had a cement floor. She’d roll around in the middle of the room in all the sheetrock dust and track it everywhere! Now that everything is put back together and the picture’s back on the wall, we are back to the strange glances every once in a while. But it hasn’t been anything like those eerie few weeks. Thank goodness!

  7. Very strange, Vicki. I think dogs sense things we don’t and as far as I’m concerned I’d rather stay in the dark.

  8. Wow, that is freaky! Seriously, I just caught myself looking over my shoulder! LOL.

    I love shows like “A Haunting” but I never realize how scared I am unti the episode is over! 🙂

  9. That is one strange dog. Fortunately none of our have ever been so super-sensitive. There was one who barked furiously at any hint of an intruder — but stayed on the upstairs landing unless someone who would go downstairs with her. A watchdog she was not.

  10. LOL Chelsea! See, I’m like you when it comes to scary stuff. I don’t realize these things till it’s too late and I end up having to stay up all night, afraid of what my dreams will conjure up.

  11. Beppie, you have no idea how strange this dog is. LOL She even has a black spot the size of a half dollar on the middle of her tongue!! Maybe this is normal for her breed, but I’ve never seen it before.

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