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Get Freaked Much?

It’s prize week on the blog! Leave a comment and you could win a copy of Karen Kelly’s Double-Dating With The Dead. Comment everyday to better your chances!

Amy’s on vacation, cruising the Caribbean(lucky thing!), so I’m here for her today. If you’ve been reading the comments sections, then you know I’m easily creeped out. When I say creeped out, I mean EASILY creeped out. Yes, I’m one of those wives who hears something at night and wakes up the husband to go ‘check’.

One night, I’m conked smooth out and the TV comes on. I can hear it, but it’s not the bedroom TV. I go to wake up the husband and the TV shuts off. My creepy level goes up a bit. I still wake up the husband and imagine his face when I tell him a tv turned on in the house turned itself back off. I had to explain this a few times to that sound sleeper of mine.

He’s telling me he doesn’t hear anything, when it does it again. On comes the TV. Since I was wide awake, Keri’s Creepy Level ratcheted up about ten knots. And the TV shuts back off almost immediately. It’s the dead of night here. No one is in my house watching tv. My son at the time was just five or so months old. Knew he hadn’t gotten out of bed.

So, yeah, at this point, I’m thinking we have a burglar and he’s in the house watching TV. It does it again, on it goes, few seconds later as the husband’s getting out of bed and fishing his gun out the drawer (we’re southerns, folks, don’t break in our house. We’re gun trained while in diapers.) off the TV goes. He goes through house and comes back and stands in the doorway. He searched the whole house and it does it again. On it goes. Our TV is off and the living room TV is off, but we can still here. The only other tv is in the baby’s room.

I’ve now surpased a creepy level and have launched into full fledged panic mode. All feeling drains from face and I ask the husband if he checked the baby’s room. No, he tells me, he didn’t want to risk waking the baby (but aparently it’s okay to have an intruder hiding out in there, that’s the smart man I married!). You see we have one of those baby monitors that sends sound and video to a little screen in our room, making it sound like the living room TV was on.

We’re both creeping down the hallway, hearing the TV come on and off from his room. Son is sleeping through all this. No one was in there, husband shuts off the TV and I dig the remote from a pocket in the rocking chair. Apparently, it had gotten wedged down in the pocket and the seat cushion was hitting the power button.

Just one weird thing though. That remote had been in that pocket for a couple of days. No one had sat in that chair to wedge it in so the power button would get hit. So, did gravity get involved or was there something else in the house playing with our electronics or kicking back for a nap in the rocking chair?

Keri Ford


12 Responses

  1. (we’re southerns, folks, don’t break in our house. We’re gun trained while in diapers.)

    This had me LOL. Thank goodness I wasn’t drinking anything at the time or the screen would be wet about now.

    I’d honestly freak out too if my TV was coming on and going off and even more so when I realized it was coming from my childs room.

  2. Spooky. I’d be freaked out too!

  3. Oh, wow, Keri. That would undo me. I also used to hear noises in the house and at the beginning of our marriage sent my unfortunate husband to investigate. Of course there never was anything, and after the third time he rebelled. Since then, I’ve always made sure we have a pet in the house. That way I could figure that any noise came from the pet and go back to sleep. This works, for some reason, even if the pet (currently a cat!) happens to be asleep on my feet.

    Go figure.

  4. Vicki, *smile* I really don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t know something about guns (safety, laoding, shooting).

  5. Chey, it’s something I’ve never forgotten!

  6. Beppie, that’s so funny. Last night I heard some paper rumbling. Thought the dog came to sleep in the bedroom. *I* made the mistake of getting up to check. Wasn’t the dog and didn’t see anything there. Decided in the end one of those bunnies from the backyard got inside and was looking for somewhere to hunker down.

  7. Wow, that is scary! I don’t think I would have been able to leave my baby alone that night! lol

  8. Chelsea, I couldn’t believe he slept through it! We did a second look through of even the smallest of closets and went on back to bed.

  9. love karen books
    would love to win

  10. kh, I’ve only read MY FAVORITE PHANTOM. Is was great in that it had ghosts, but the tone was so light hearted and not keep me up at night scary!

  11. Now that would have been interesting!

  12. That’s very good advice,Keri. It’s just not a good idea to break into a southern’s home. The gun training in diapers had me rolling too. But it’s so true! LOL I can see you guys now! 🙂 I bet those were some of the scariest seconds of your life hearing that TV inside your sons room and not knowing what the heck was going on. AH!

    And I’m going with gravity! These stories are really freaking me out!! 🙂

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