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Ghost Stories Around A Campfire

It’s prize week on the blog! Leave a comment and you could win a copy of Karen Kelly’s Double-Dating With The Dead. Comment everyday to better your chances!

For me, even worse than an otherly experience is the telling of a ghost story. You’d think these wouldn’t bother me as bad, but the truth is, they do. These stories are made to freak you out and have your skin crawling. Even knowing their fake stories, I can’t help but wonder if Casper the friendly ghost suddenly decided to run around terrorizing.

There’s little games and such kids will do that are I’m equally wary of. I remember when I was in elementary, about fourth grade, the big thing was to go in the bathroom and spin in circles in front of the mirror saying something about Bloody Mary. After saying the words, you looked in the mirror and was supposed to be able to see Mary standing behind your reflection. I believe it had something to do with one of Henry’s beheaded wives.

I avoided doing this sing and dance for the most part, but one time my curiosity got the better of me. I did the turning and the mantra repeating and then I ran out of there like a fire was attached to my bottom. No, I didn’t look in the mirror to see if she showed up. From that day on, I avoid looking in that mirror and I got a little chill when I went in that bathroom. Needless to say, I was glad I moved up a grade and got access to new bathrooms.

Growing up, I was concerned about doing group things with my friends at night. What if they started some sort of telling of stories around a fire sort of thing? I’m telling you, this was a real fear of mine. I don’t think you all understand just how easily terrified I am. If you haven’t figured it out, I am not a fan of horror movies/books.

So, let’s pretend our computers are campfires–tell me a story. It can be a real life experience or a story you grew up hearing…just let me know which, okay?

Keri Ford


8 Responses

  1. Okay, I ‘m back!! YAY!

    Scary stories….hmmm….well, I always remeber the Lizzie Borden story where she gave her mother 40 whacks then when she was done, she gave her father 41. That crazy Lizzie.

    We always had stories growing up about the asylum up the road and the crazy people who lived there. I do remember there being a house that kids visited every Halloween that was rumored to be haunted – never went ’cause I’m a big chicken. I hate scary movies, haunted houses, etc. My imagination can’t handle them; they become too real.

  2. I’ve already told you, but WELCOME BACK!

    I don’t do haunted houses either. I remember my parents taking us to one. I was probably 7’ish. I stayed out side with the fireman while my parents and sister walked through. I’d like to think we *knew* the fireman and my parents didn’t dump me off with a stranger, but I really don’t remember the man aside from I sat on his knee and drew on some paper.

  3. I don’t like surprises so Halloween Haunted Houses are a big no-no. And that “Bloody Mary” game? No way. But I remember we used to play with a Ouija board in junior high. Probably not the smartest “toy”! LOL

    But I just bought a book of ghost stories. May be trying a new genre!

  4. When I was a kid we used to do the same Bloody Mary game!

    I remember one day I was in dance class, and a friend of mine randomly said she was going to the bathroom to try it out. Not a couple minuits later did she run back through the door, face pale, saying it actually worked and she was never going to the bathroom by herself again. Freaked me out BIG TIME because she was never one to lie about things. Still freaks me out to this day.

  5. Cyndi I will hit someone if they try to surprise me by jumping out behind the door. It’s not a planned punch, but more automatic self-defense thing. I can’t stand it.

  6. Chelsea, it’s crazy how well known this bloody mary game is! I bet kids today are still going in bathrooms and trying it out.

  7. Wow. I missed the bloody Mary game (the original Bloody Mary was one of Henry VIII’s daughters, not a wife — when she died Elizabeth I succeeded to the throne) but I do remember one night mulling over the possibility of a visitation by something or someone. As I’ve said, my mother’s family was given to this sort of thing. Didn’t seem to worry them much, but that night I so scared myself imagining that someone might appear in my room that I dove under the covers and stayed there. I simply couldn’t bear to look. Can’t imagine I didn’t fight my way out after I fell asleep, or I have smothered myself and would be probably wandering around doing visitations on my dear relatives and scaring them to death.

  8. We played Bloody Mary as kids too, Keri! Have you ever heard of Baby Blue? You say his name in the dark, look into the toilet, and the water is supposed to turn blue. I forgot the story behind that one. We also played Candyman numerous times. We got that one from the movie! Lol!

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