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The Temple of…Sexual Doom?

lordofpleasureHelp me give a big welcome to Delilah Marvelle! Her latest release, Lord of Pleasure was just put on the shelves! And let me tell you, if it has any of the humor and heat (oh lala, yummy good!) as her first story, Mistress of Pleasure, then this will be one story you won’t be able to put down! Welcome…Delilah!

Indiana Jones would have had QUITE the erotic adventure if he had decided to treasure hunt in the Babylonian temple known as the temple of Mylitta. Mylitta was a very fascinating Babylonian version of Aphrodite. There were many rules and laws surrounding the worship of Mylitta. By law, Mylitta, the goddess of love, wanted every woman in the kingdom of Babylon to go into her temple once in her lifetime for a specific purpose. To prostitute herself. 

I give you a version of Herodotus that best explains (mind you I intend to comment between these texts…how can I resist!): “Many women, proud of their great wealth and desirous of keeping themselves apart from the vulgar (even though they were about to become vulgar themselves…ehm) traveled in a closed and covered carriage (so that the men on the street wouldn’t come running to flip up their togas the moment Lady X drove up to make her sexual sacrifice).

She was followed by a number of maidservants into the temple. (Though maids they were not for long…). When a woman became seated she could not return home (can you imagine?!) until one of the men (milling about the temple looking for a good frig) threw down a gold piece into her lap and said, “I demand you in the name of Mylitta.'” The woman would then have no choice but to follow the stranger outside the temple and have intercourse with the man.

Sadly, this was expected from every woman once in her lifetime be she married or not, be she old or not, be she sick or not. Mylitta would be waiting. As would all the men…ladyofpleasure

 If you’re curious about naughty history (and I know you are…), I invite you to not only pick up my latest release, LORD OF PLEASURE, but to visit my blog, A BIT O’MUSLIN where every first of the month I post a new topic relating to the history of sex.   

Keri here…drop back in on SUNDAY! I just happen to have a copy of the out-of-print-can-only-find-it-used Mistress of Pleasure!


9 Responses

  1. Sounds…titillating! Glad I wasn’t brought up Babylonian. Being a Southern Baptist was bad enough 🙂 Oh the sacrifices I made!

    Just kidding, Baptists! 🙂

    Sounds very intriguing, Delilah, and from the Beaumonde loop, I know you know your stuff so I am sure the reader learns all kinds of historical knowledge. Looking forward to checking it out.

  2. Welcome Delilah! This crazy, I’m with amy and glad i didn’t come up in Babylonian.

    Delilah’s books are so much fun because I know she knows her sex and I’m not questioning any scenes that i might have otherwised wondered, did that exist it the regency?

  3. My dearest Amy,
    I’m glad you weren’t brought up then either, LOL. And hello fellow Beaumonder!!! I don’t know everything but I sure try to know everything. Grin. Thanks for checking it out!

    My dearest Keri,
    Thank you so much for having me on your blog!!! And I agree, there’s no way any of us girls would have wanted to have been put in that situation… As far as the sort of sex that existed in Regency? People then had a lot of time on their hands and there isn’t anything they didn’t do. They may have had to ‘sneak’ it in but they knew their sex.

  4. Welcome Delilah! The books sound great even though I can’t win. Which just means I’ve added them to my list to buy this weekend. Okay, the out of print one may be a bit harder to find, but I love a good hunt. 🙂

  5. WOW, that is….interesting. SO glad I wasn’t brought up in that time LOL;)

    I’ve been hearing really good thing about your book, Delilah! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  6. Hi Delilah,
    I loved “Mistress of Pleasure” and look forward to reading Hawksford’s story. I hope you get to write Brayton’s book.

  7. Welcome, Delilah!! 🙂 History can be so shocking sometimes. LOL Thanking my lucky stars I missed that time period!!

  8. Hi Delilah, I just wanted to drop by and tell you I really enjoyed Lord of Pleasure.

  9. Frikking AWESOME! I want these books.

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