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The Soundtrack of My Life

9781420108460We’re supper happy to welcome debut author, Kit Donner to the blog today! Her first book, The Notorious Bridegroom was released just this month! Awesome excerpt that’s sure to leave you drooling for more.

Have you ever thought over the years about the songs that have influenced your life in some way?  Those songs that will always have a special significance when you hear them on the radio or IPOD?  Most of the time, we are so “in the moment,” our favorite song is what we just downloaded.  I thought for my blog today, I would discuss some of my favorite songs as well as other songs that offer some kind of meaning to me.  Many of them are romantic in nature because I tend to love ballads.  Maybe some of these songs will spark your own memories.  (Not in any particular order.)

-The first 45 my parents bought for us was David Cassidy’s “I Think I Love You.”  We played it over and over again on our record player.  (We didn’t yet have a stereo.)

-Anything by the Carpenters.  I wanted to be Karen Carpenter when I grew up.  (We were both altos.)  “Close To You,” “For All We Know,” “Top of the World.” The list goes on and on.

-Olivia Newtown-John’s “Let Me Be There,” “I Honestly Love You,” “Please, Mr. Please.”  When I first heard the song, “Let Me Be There,” I thought the guy who did some of the vocals was John.  You know, Olivia Newtown and John.  (I was only about 8 years old.)

-Helen Reddy’s song “I Am Woman.”   Great songs on her album, and then she faded out of sight. Like so many artists that had a great first song and nothing to follow it up with.

-Barbra Streisand.  We had the “Wet” album and “Stony Run,” among others.  I never thought I heard a more romantic song than “Kiss Me in the Rain.”

-Nat King Cole.  Where do I begin?  Mom introduced me to him.  I memorized every song on his greatest hits album.  My brother even sang “Unforgettable” at my wedding.  Some of my favorites are “Mona Lisa,” “When I Fall in Love,” and “Smile.”

-Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  Who can forget that song?  And who wants to forget “The Muskrat Song?”

-Chicago:  “25 or 6 to 4” -who knew it was about someone doing drugs?  We just played the song in band. Once our band director was listing songs to practice, and he said “25 or 6 to 4.”   I remember looking at the clock and was going to yell out the time.  (I didn’t.)

-Queen: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – I wouldn’t be surprised if this song was everyone’s favorite.  I was never so surprised to learn that there were no women singing, only all men.  Queen was huge in high school along with Fleetwood Mac.  There isn’t anything cooler than listening to “Flash,” even if there aren’t many lyrics.

-Prom Songs:  “Precious and Few” and “Stairway to Heaven”

-Johnny Rivers:  “Slow Dancing.” I was seventeen when I heard this song and thought not only was it the most romantic song I had ever heard, but I wanted to have it played at my wedding.  Twenty-five years later, my dream finally came true!

-Songs we sang in chorus that were never meant to be song by a high school chorus:  Anything by Barry Manilow and ABBA

-Songs we played in band that were never meant to be played by a high school band: “Tie a Yellow Ribbon,” theme from “The Pink Panther,” and “Send in the Clowns.”

-Songs you heard way too often:  “Mandy” by Barry Manilow; “Up Where We Belong” by Cocker and Warens; “Against All Odds,” by Phil Collins, “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” by Medley and Warens; and “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston

-One of the most romantic songs ever:  Madonna’s “Crazy for You.”

Finally, over the last few years, I’ve been listening to a lot of country music singers like Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift.  If my Dad only knew.  He’s probably laughing at me in heaven. I hated C&W music when I was growing up, but Dad governed the radio and had it tuned to stations playing Loretta Lynn, or Dolly Parton, or Charlie Rich, or Barbara Mandrell, or Willie Nelson.

Of course there were many other artists and songs, but it would take more time and space than I have here.  It was fun going down memory lane revisiting the memories and the music. 

Is there one song that has a special memory for you, besides the first dance song they played at your wedding?

 Watch the video below to learn more about Kit’s release. The video’s a lot fun, so do check it out!


4 Responses

  1. Welcome to the blog today, Kit! Fun list. Songs just have away of taking you back. I love that song When you fall in love. his deep voice is what makes it.

    How ashamed am I? I can’t remember my prom theme songs. I haven’t been out of school THAT long.

    Oh, i know, BillyRayCyrus’s AchyBreakyHeart. We did a little singing at our last family reunion and I totally rocked that song. And let me tell you, it is possible to wreck that song.

  2. Congrats on your debut release. The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” was sort of my anthem when I was about to graduate and enter the job market. It was an exciting and also confusing time.

  3. Hi Keri,
    Sorry, I had problems with my computer and a family emergency, which took me away from any a computer. Well, I can’t actually say I went to the proms, somebody told me. And do I remember Achy Breaky. They played it like forever. Thanks for my time on your blog!

  4. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for leaving a note. My apologies for the delay, computer problems, family stuff etc. Thank you also for your wishes. I can’t say I’ve ever heard the “Bittersweet Symphony” but I’ll look it up out of curiosity. I hope things have calmed down for you. Thanks again for your comment.

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