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Review: Lord of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle


*Contest for free book closes on Monday Midnight!*

It’s funny! It’s serious. You’ll be grinning! You’ll be aww’ing. Yes, you’ll be doing all these things as you read Delilah Marvelle’s Lord of Pleasure

There once was a man named Alexander. Alexander was also known as Lord of Pleasure, a fitting title for his rakish days. But Alexander is known by another name, too—Earl of Hawskford. Hawskford is supposed to be responsible. Hawskford is supposed to be setting a good example. Hawskford is supposed to be in charge of his many younger sisters. To be Hawskford, Alexander will have to leave Lord of Pleasure and Alexander behind. Not so big of a deal, he thinks, he does need to grow up, after all. But the shoes he picks out to wear as Hawskford just doesn’t quite fit him or his family, no matter how hard he tries, a part of him will always be fun-loving Alexander and wicked Lord of Pleasure.

His first task to leave his past behind and become the head of his family? Give up women until all his sisters are married off. That’s working out for him all right, until he’s walking along and beautiful woman sticks her head out the window and asks him how much he’d give for her. He turns away, but he can’t completely. The gentleman in him, the romantic that’s buried calls out for the hackney and takes this virgin home.

Try as she did to tell him, Charlotte is no virgin. She just has the terrible guidance of her fooled heart to have married an ass and then have him die on her, leaving her destitute while her funds are tied up in courts. With no money and bill collectors after her, she resorts to putting herself on the market, only to be mistaken for a virgin and humiliated by Hawskford as he tried to school her on proper behavior.

Throw in a school made for teaching men to please and women, lots of sibling rivalry and wicked ancestors on both the hero and heroine’s tree lines and what we’ve got our hands on is a whole lot of fun wrapped up in one sexy red book cover.

I was unsure about Alexander at first. He was introduced in Mistress of Pleasure and while he was likeable, I wasn’t sure I’d find him as hero material. He quickly showed me the error of my ways. He’s charming ladyofpleasurewithout being annoying. Smart without being bothersome. In charge, but not overtaking the story. Charlotte is fascinating in that she’s at her ends, but strong. She knows her mind, but isn’t overly proud. Spunky without being spunky. This is not a girl who wrings her wrists and worries over what could have happened—she knows thinking if only is only a waste of time.    

This was such an enjoyable read and oh—LOOK! What is that over there on my desk? Could it be…why yes, yes it is a copy of the out-of-print and sold-out, can-only-find-it used Mistress of Pleasure. Drop me a comment and somebody is taking this baby home.

Alexander does a lot of things through Lord of Pleasure to nab Charlotte’s attention. What lengths have you gone through before to get noticed? Or, I supposed, if you’re too ashamed to admit it, you can just tell me you want the darn book!


18 Responses

  1. Hi 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this great review of LORD OF PLEASURE by Delilah Marvelle. The characters sound very developed, like they could walk off the page! (The best kind of characters).
    All the best,

  2. New author to me. New books too. Sounds cute. I shall never tell all the embarrassing things I’ve done to attract a guy’s attention. NO, I’ve never left a note of the car of guy. No, I’ve never sent a drink to a guy in a bar. No, I’ve never sucked on my finger while looking at a guy. Do not accuse me of these things. I shall never tell.

  3. RKCharron, they were great. I laughed out loud so many times through this story because of the fun banter between the two.

  4. This sounds great — I can’t wait to read it. (Yes, I am too embarrassed to answer the question. And what is the statute of limitations for stalking, anyway?)

  5. Cyndi, a girl left a note on my then-boyfriend’s (now husband) truck while we were dating. 🙂 I would send a drink to guy and depending on how much I had to drink, I would also suck my finger. 😉

    I met the husband while I was still in high school, so i was not of age to do these things.

  6. LOL, RomanceMama. I think we all would go back and want to bang some sense in our heads. you know all these guys were prolly thinking annoying girls. I remember going places that I knew a guy would be at in hopes I would finally be noticed for the gem that I was!

  7. I want the book. lol

  8. LOL–Valona–THANK YOU! As I’m responding to these comments, and revealing my humiliating attempts, i realized I didn’t pick the best question I could have!

  9. I have read both and they are a hoot. Both are excellent examples of victorian romps. It brings to mind a bit of Tom Jones and a lot of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. You want to laugh, cry, and root for the Hero to win her heart. I am a Marvelle fan for life!

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything TO crazy to get noticed LOL But we all do things. Even if you dont know your doing it, your doing it 😉

    And hey: I WANT THE DARN BOOK!! LOL:)

  11. Nancy, they really are great! I just laughed and laughed as I read both of them.

  12. Chelsea, that is so true and is the worst! It’s one thing to be aware, but man, a year or so later when it hits you, Hey, Dummy, you made a full of yourself…just ack!

  13. Well, I’ve always preferred a bit of subtlety in pursuing men. But then again, I’ve not had a great deal of experience. I nabbed my hubby in high school. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t practice my wiles a time or two.

    A well-placed hand on the arm or a flirty comment got me attention when I needed it. Liquid encouragement always helped too. I’m ever so much more brazen with a bit of tequila in me. 🙂

    I don’t think I would stick my head out a window and see how much a dude would be willing to pay for me though. I might not get any takers 🙂

  14. HA! Love it, Amy. Poor Charlotte was rather desperate…and quite surprised when Alexander turned her away!

  15. Delilah, I am so happy for you! I am very excited to read your books, as soon as I can find the time! Best of luck in all your endeavors. See you in Nashville! Sharon

  16. Going to try again – the first post didn’t show up!! The book sounds wonderful and I’d love a chance to win!!

  17. Sorry about that Martha. I don’t know what happened and am not tech enough to figure it out! Glad you tried back though!

  18. I would love to have this book! I have just bought Lord of Pleasure and am looking forward to reading it.

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