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Two More Weeks…

Actually if you don’t count today it’s thirteen days before my white clothes and most importantly, white shoes must retire to the back of the closet.

Yes, I live in the south and yes, people will wear white year round. Me? Not so much. I grew up with the, you-never-wear-white until Easter Sunday morning. You then wore white through the summer until Labor Day.

What am I wearing today? White Capri’s, red and white top, and white sandals.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll never break down, because the white pants can happen once in a while, they’re usually more of an eggshell white though.

Does this make me weird or old? I’m not sure. People don’t feel the same way about those types of “rules” anymore. So should I say, screw it, I’m wearing my cute white sandals and any other white outfit I want to? Maybe even wearing it a week or two after Labor Day?

Hmmm…probably not. I’d hear my mother in the back of my mind reminding she raised me better than that. I don’t know about you, but I not so fond of the mother guilt of any sort running a muck in my brain.

So, what about you? Do you wear white anytime of the year? Or are you like me and put it away once Labor Day passes? And really, who decided it was Labor Day as the end of the season anyway?




11 Responses

  1. It just doesn’t feel right. Especially the shoes. Summer’s got dibs on the white so I just don’t carry it over, though I will still wear linen, just not white linen pants. I still do white summer shirts in the fall, however. Louisiana’s just too hot to put that away just yet.

    Heck, who am I kidding? We can’t put summer clothes away at all. Sometimes it’s a balmy 78 degrees on Christmas!

  2. I usually wear light clothes during this season because it is so hot outside. Darker clothes are worn in the fall and winter for me. I ususally start wearing my dark, warm clothes at the end of October. That is usually when the temp starts to cool during the day, but sometimes, the heat lasts until after Thanksgiving!

  3. Amy – Florida’s the same way. We’ve had Christmas’s where we were in shorts and tank tops.

  4. Jamie – I wear black at any given time. Heehee, I love the color. It’s so funny to people at work who are from up north and now live down here, because give us a good 50 – 60 degree day and we’re pulling out the sweaters and gloves.

  5. Okay, I read that again and thought I should explain. We don’t pull out sweaters and gloves because we’re freezing at 50 – 60 (although we do feel pretty cold), it’s because most of us that have lived here forever want to dress in the pretty winter clothes. 🙂

  6. I’ll wear white any time of the year. I however frown when I go to put on white shoes–aside from tennis shoes.

    shirts I never think about, but I have a white pair of pants that are so dosh gone comfortable, i don’t give a frig if it’s the middle of winter or not!

  7. I wear white anytime of the year, but don’t wear that color that often.

  8. AHEM. Speaking as I do from what is comparatively the far North, let me say that I still feel uncomfortable wearing white shoes or pants winter side of either Easter or Memorial Day, depending on what authority I’ve last listened to. Of course that doesn’t take into consideration winter white, which I am sometimes tempted by. Particularly winter white pants with my favorite raspberry sweater.

    Come Labor Day I’m tired of the heat and ready to go back to my fall clothes. This year I can hardly wait for winter to wear my authentic Irish wools. Sigh. I have a wonderful cobalt blue Aran knit cardigan as well as one in the traditional ivory wool. But then, unlike most of you, I really have two separate wardrobes — one for spring/summer and the other for fall/winter. And we’re about to slide downhill into the cold one.

  9. Keri – I think it’s really more the white shoes more than anything else. Well, the white pants are hard for me as well. Not that I don’t still wear them once in a while. 😉

  10. Jane – I wear black a lot. I love color, all of them, but I have tons of black. In fact, I bought two new black shirts today.

  11. Beppie – I wish we had two wardrobes. Ours is more a few sweaters and heavy coat (that you wear once or twice a winter), and light sweaters. Even those don’t get worn the entire winter. It’s switching back and forth all the time.

    I do tend to change to fall colors though. It makes me feel a little like I’ve got a season change.

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