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TP and Me

I have a slight bone to pick. And it’s a big problem that has grown into a bigger problem. My dilemma? Toilet Paper. Yes, that’s right, I’ve some beef with Toilet Paper.

My normal brand is Charmin in the blue. Not Charmin in the red, but Charmin in the blue. There is a difference. I would think Blue is somewhat more costly for it’s extra softness, but I’m not certain. What I am certain of, is Charmin is slipping some Red rolls in my Blue package. This has been an ongoing problem with my behind. Not only am I likely getting cheated, but my bottom was on the verge of a bit of rawness.

When I ran out last time, I was in a different store, didn’t take the time to look, so grabbed Angle Soft. Cute baby, I thought. He looks like he’s enjoying that bathroom tissue wrapped around him. Enough for me. I’m here to tell you what, I wouldn’t staunch blood on my toddler’s leg with this stuff. I kid you not, I’ve found softer tissue in a school cafeteria bathroom.

I recently bought Cottonelle. I admit, I was somewhat swayed by the lab puppy. He’s all soft and cuddly, surely that carries over to the paper. Though I’m not sure why I’m putting my behind in the hands of these mascots. After all, Charmin uses a bear and what in all that is common sense makes you want to snuggle your cheeks (heh) against a freaking bear???

If Cottonelle doesn’ t live up to my standards, I’m going to try Quilted Northern next. Surely those quilting ladies know what they’re doing.

What’s your brand of choice? Any purchasing mistakes you’ve made?


10 Responses

  1. I can’t believe I’m talking about my fave TP in public!! I’m a Charmin Blue girl. But we’ve had no problems w/the red sneaking in. Do let me know if you find something better, though. 😉

  2. Wow. TP. The last major public discussion of TP that comes to mind was Ann Landers or something many years ago, and I think it had to do with which way the TP was to be hung — tissue coming from the top or the bottom of the roll. Major issue, anyway.

    I use Charmin and I have no idea whether it’s red or blue. It’s whatever Costco sells in vast quantities — 5 or 6 6-roll packs shrink wrapped together.

  3. Tricia Blue is the best I’ve ever had, but am quite tired of those red rolls sneaking it. I can tell right when I pull it off the roll. so rough…not as rough as Angle Soft, but still rough.

  4. Oh, gosh, Beppie, if I had just gripped the roll, I could have told you which way it’s supposed to go. i think though, it depends on rather you flick your wrist on the toss. 🙂

  5. Hmmm…never thought about what kind I get. It’s pretty much whatever I can buy at Sam’s (Costco’s cousin) in bulk. I don’t really care. We just need lots of it.

    So….when you were at my house, did you notice what kind I use? 🙂

  6. Amy I remember the first time I was there I thought somewhat soft, but not thick. But it was fine.

    The crazy thing with tp, i think in different places you’re more acceptable to different brands. It’s like, when I’m home, I expect extra softness and thickness. The in-laws, not as thick or soft, but it’s okay, because that’s what my bottom expects.

  7. I prefer Cottonelle, but we’ve been buying a lot of Scott and Marcal because they’re cheaper.

  8. I’m definitely a Scott’s girl! The regular kind, not the extra soft! I have to watch all the perfumes & dyes.

  9. Jane, Martha–I’ve heard of Scott, but I don’t know that I’ve used/seen it beyond the tv. will have to see if I see that there.

    they should do a softness area on the packages like with blankets. though if they did that, I probably wouldn’t buy–too afraid of who all had been touching my paper.

  10. Red! Blue! Okay, I was thinking color. But I’ve never seen colored TP so it must be a way to distinguish texture and quality. LOL Sorry!

    I use the Quilted Northern Brand. 🙂

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