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Cake Anyone?

Well after a night of so much excitement and energy I could barely stand it our weekend ended with one last surprise.  My middle daughter turned 13 and of course we had to have the party and sleepover Saturday night.  I’ve always enjoyed making the cake for the kids.  As the years go by though, the cakes are getting less and less colorful and ornate.  I’ve made castles with motes, Barbie cakes with a real Barbie doll in the middle and dresses any little princess would love, trains, Power Puff girls and Spiderman.  Buttercream icing is the best there is and I must admit I eat almost as much as I decorate with. LOL IMG_3297

This year I decided to try my hand with fondant icing.  Less stress on the old fingers and the possibilities are endless.  It wasn’t perfect but I was happy with the end result.  Especially when my birthday girl came in and couldn’t believe I had made it.  😉 

The night started off with a movie, then it was home for a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood followed by cake and ice cream and then decorating shirts.  I was exhausted!  They on the other hand had enough energy to keep going well into the night.  I think it quieted down around 3:30, but I can’t be sure.  By that time I was too tired to even lift my head to look at the clock. 

By 11:00 the next morning we said our farewells and thank yous and got ready for one last celebration at Grandma’s house.  My kids learned really young how to milk their birthdays for as long as they possibly could. LOL  We finished up there and drove back, our tummies full, with just enough room for one last slice of that moist and delicious chocolate birthday cake.  Imagine our surprise when we opened the back door, walked into the kitchen and found the cake GONE.  That’s right.


It appears our sweet 70 pound golden retriever, you know the animal that is supposed to be man’s best friend, had the same idea about that cake.  She’s a smart one that dog.  All she had to do was wait till we left the house and it was all hers.  LOL  Not a crumb on the floor.  Only a few on the cardboard circle the cake rested on left behind on the counter.  Unbelievable!  At least the birthday girl thought it was funny and we all had a good laugh. IMG_3316

Anyone else have animals smarter than you are? LOL

Gotta love’m!

12 Responses

  1. LOL.

    This happened to me on the first day of school. Got home and lovely mother that I am, I proceeded to bake homemade oatmeal cookies. Oh, they smelled so good!

    Kids went out to play and let the lab inside. Soon she was at my feet at the computer. I go into kitchen to put away the cookies that were cooling. Hmmm….no cookies. They were ALL gone.

    Georgia entered the kitchen behind me and that’s when I noticed how full her belly looked. I even found an empty ziplock bag on her bed (it had two bran muffins left in it).

    Needless to say, after all that fiber, we had to leave her in the backyard for quite a while.

  2. LOL, Amy!! It’s funny how they know they’ve done something wrong, but it never stops them. 🙂 Brandy made a beeline for the back door the minute we got home. Hmmm. Maybe it wasn’t guilt after all!

  3. LOL. My dog weighs all of 15lbs and no way could he reach the counter.

    Melissa did you use marshmallow fondunt? I made my son’s cake this year. Did the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. OMG, hard, but so much fun. I don’t think anyone expected it to turn out–I know my mother was quite worried everytime I mentioned it. But it was wonderful!

  4. LOL! At least you got SOME of that delicious cake. It looked beautiful – BTW. No doubt Brandy thought so, too.

  5. OMG, that is too funny. My dogs aren’t big enough to get to the counters, but don’t leave something on the coffee table.

    The cake looked beautiful. I so wish I new how to decorate cakes. I tried once (only once) when my daughter was little. Bought the tin and everything. Yeah, didn’t look anywhere close to Winne The Pooh.

  6. Not sure what it was made of. It was the prepacked kind. LOL More work than I thought though. I usually make the buttercream icing and decorate with that, but my hands and fingers are not what they used to be so I was trying to find an easy alternative. I bet the Mickey Mouse clubhouse was adorable!!!

  7. Thanks, Jenn! I didn’t get a piece before Cugo attacked, but the girls at the party did. Thank goodness!! See it could have been even worse! LOL

  8. LOL, Vicki! Cake decorating looks so darn easy on TV. 🙂 How do they pull that off? The next time we get a dog, I’m putting my foot down. No more big dogs with attitude.

  9. Okay, you didn’t use Marshmallow! I needed to use quite a bit (if you know MM’s clubhouse, i had a the pants, shoe door and glove to cover. the ears I spray painted), and fondunt is fairly expensive. You can make your own with marshmallows. It’s not hard, and can’t remember off the top of my head, but all that went into making it was marshmallows, powdered sugar, bit of water, cornstarch and crisco!

  10. Lol! My shih tzu, Dusty, is the same way! But he begs for our food. He will bark very loud until you give him a bite. We had another shih tzu who was the same way. It makes me wonder if all shih tzus bark for food.

  11. Aw, those are so cute, Jamie! I always wanted one, but my husband is a hunter and he’s always had to have the hunting dog. I think it’s about time I put my foot down! LOL Sounds like yours is pretty smart too. 🙂

  12. I had no idea how to make it, Keri! That’s what I get for not checking it out first. LOL I bet yours tasted better too! 🙂 Off to search for the recipe!!

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