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I Know It’s Here Somewhere

People have many reasons for writing blogs.  Let me be honest about my purpose on this one:  I am writing because I would rather write than excavate my desk.  Usually it’s the little housekeeping tasks that seem more seductive than writing when finding new words is like pulling teeth.  I have discovered to my chagrin that some days I would rather clean the refrigerator than write.  I would rather iron a blouse or two than write.  I would a whole lot rather read and send emails than write.

But the moment of truth has arrived.  I’ve just finished my WIP:  I’m getting crits back on it and making subtle changes (and trying to race ahead of critiquers to insert their suggestions into later chapters so that they don’t get the feeling that their virtuous work is making no difference whatsoever).  Various versions are out being submitted to agents, editors, and contests.  What is stacked up on either side of (and under) the laptop is no longer in constant use.  In fact, the pile to the right has shown a distressing tendency to suddenly slide off onto the floor, which is creating a new generalized pile there.  It is past the ignorable stage.

Something has to be done.  Even beyond the convenience factor (and for a frightening couple of hours I thought I’d lost my plane reservation for a weekend in Boston to attend daughter’s roommate’s wedding  — found it on the floor), there is the pride issue.  My critique group is coming here tomorrow night and I simply cannot leave my desk the way it is, since it’s in our workroom, in full view of the living room.

Sigh.  So instead of actually organizing the mess, I’m writing about it!

No, I’m not.  I’m going to ask if all of you work in spots of perfect order, or at least reasonable tidiness, or there are other oinking pigs like me during the completion stages of a MS?  And how do you spur yourself into action?  And then I’m going to stop, and clean.


5 Responses

  1. Messy mind+ messy desk = superior creativity in my book.
    Nothing shuts down my muse like too much order. Gotta let the ideas find their own shape, style and place to inhabit.

    You neat and orderly folks out there–how DO you get your ideas?

  2. Connie, you are my kind of people. Although I do have to say that the point does come when trying to find things takes up a disproportionate amount of time. I know when I do get myself organized I am always so pleased that I can put my hands on something without the extravagant search!

    Which doesn’t mean that a week or so later we’re not back to the shuffling through the papers exercise . . .

  3. oink oink, where’s the slop?

    I’m a clutter person. can’t help it. I think, hm. I might need that. so I don’t throw it away until I’m certain I don’t. which can be months or years from now.

    but I do like working in a clean place, on the few times it is clean.

  4. Keri, you have completely astonished me! You’re such an organized person that I had visions of your desk being utterly clear and everything neatly filed where it belongs — a place for everything and everything in its place.

    Which goes to show the disadvantages of mental pictures! Anyhow, welcome to the piggery with the rest of us.

  5. My desk becomes a total mess as I’m working on my book. However, once I’ve done my edits (which I always save under a new date), I do shred the paper. Well, after a few weeks. 🙂

    That’s the reason for always saving under a new date, so if I need to go back and find what I changed I can. That and I have a cut file (inside the edit file), and anything that I completely cut from the wip goes there. It helps me to stay a little organized. But trust me, Science Guy would tell you that at any given time there are tons of papers on and around my desk.

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