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Come on — let’s get serious here

It’s All About Autumn Week! Leave a comment all week for your chance to win a $15.00 Gift Certificate to Amazon!

All you Southerners do not understand what autumn is all about.  Autumn is about crispness in the air after all that summer heat, trees gradually turning spectacular colors, kids going back to school in their fresh new denim and sweaters, going out to the cider mills to buy freshly squashed apples-turned-into-cider, which goes best with greasy donuts that they happen to sell as well, chilly mornings, and locating what exactly it was you did with the winter clothes back in May or June or whenever you put them away.

Autumn is not what the insane Michigan weather is doing now, which is temps in the 80s, humidity about the same (or higher), and off and on rain.  Black clouds overhead while I write, although at this point they’re only sulking rather than dropping anything.

Which makes it even more difficult for me to figure out what I’m taking with me to fly to Boston this weekend, for the wedding of my daughter’s roommate.  The wedding is outdoors, and providentially they are not predicting rain, but the temperature is supposed to reach a high of 65 degrees on Saturday, the day of the wedding, which means it’s going to be chilly in the late afternoon when we are gathered in the Boston Public Gardens for the ceremony.  I had the whole thing worked out, based on this weird summer we’ve been having that’s been dawdling around instead of wandering off on cue.  Floaty skirt, gauzy top, a light sweater to throw over my shoulders — when it’s about 60 and I’m used to summer heat?  I don’t think so.  Listen to the sound of gears shifting.

So I guess I’m going to Boston in search of autumn.  It’s sure not happening here.  I stare moodily out of the window at green grass, green trees (even considering the storm clouds overhead) and the air conditioning rumbling happily away. What’s the point of having September when it doesn’t behave like September?  I love living in a climate with four seasons. Four! she shouted at the disinterested sky.  I’m prepared for spring being brief, although we had a lovely one this year.  But autumn?  I always thought there were some things you could count on.

So, those of you in semi-tropical climates, what do you count on?  And what do you do when it doesn’t happen?


10 Responses

  1. I’m sensing an opportunity to buy a new outfit in Boston.

    That’s how this Southern girl thinks 🙂

    Have fun and enjoy the chill. It’s still warm here and the sky is spitting at me right now. I’m sick of it.

  2. Unfortunately not! From the latest update I got from my daughter (roommate and maid of honor to the bride) every available moment is programmed with what has to be done here or there.

    Picture me porting decorations, soothing frayed tempers, and keeping track of 3 new kittens, which for some irrational purpose the girls have acquired this week.

    This week!

  3. the only thing you count on here lately is rain. we’ve had about 3weeks of it, wouldn’t you say so, Amy? A storm ploppled it’s big gray butt over us and won’t get off. Seriously cannot take son outside because the grass is too tall, nevermind the off/on rain.

    I’m surrounded mostly by pine trees, so depending on beautiful foliage is not really in my expecting column. I do look forward to running the heater during the day and having windows open at night.

  4. Yes, I’ve gathered the southland is having problems with rain. We’ve had quite a lot of rain this summer — fortunately I’ve been away during the worst of it. But I see from the weather forecast today that our long-anticipated fall might actually be making an appearance next week.

    So maybe I should have held off moaning until then . . .

  5. Well, here in the south, its cloudy and rainy. But still hot. And sticky. So I’m looking for Autumn too!

  6. I like having four seasons, too. We’re actually in the 80s today, but the norm is low 70s.

  7. The weather has been unusual here, too. In August, we had a month of rain and usually it’s our driest month. Our trees are still green because of all that rain, but it has cooled down and the humidity isn’t so high.

    Go buy that new outfit you’re dying for and go enjoy the autumn weather in Boston.


  8. Still raining here too! But the temps have dropped and it’s less humid, at least for a few days. One thing is for sure around this area. You can’t count on the weather for anything. LOL

    Have fun in Boston and enjoy the wedding!! 🙂

  9. I wish I lived in semi-tropical climes!
    Maybe one day I’ll move south, I’d love to have a shorter winter plus perhaps I could go bike riding year round!

  10. Have fun in Boston! This is the first day of sunshine we have had here in LA, and I am SO glad. I think it has been raining now for three weeks straight.

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