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Autumn Means Family

It’s All About Autumn Week! Leave a comment on the blog for your chance to win a Gift Certificate to Amazon!

Autumn to me means family. At the coming of fall is the coming of all times family. Let me start a few years ago:

I started dating my husband September 21, 2000.
We got married September 20, 2003.
Our first Ford Family reunion was on September 19, 2004
Our first anniversary was the next day, September 20…you get the idea, right? Halloween is just around the corner, followed shortly by Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So anyway, Last Sunday was our 6th Wedding Anniversary, the day before it was our 6th Ford Family Reunion. Now I don’t know about you guys, but the Ford Reunion is one hopping place to be. For starters, it’s a three day event. Yep, three.

img027Friday night we cook a big meal for those coming in from out of town. Saturday is the *big* day. We smoke a hog, fry fish, bring desserts and have a good time through the day just hanging out and talking. (that’s my pumpkin cake, I worked super hard all week to avoid my rewrites, that is the result of that:)

We’re pretty close in our family. Us cousins are like siblings and my cousin’s kids (that would be my second cousins) are like my very own nieces and nephews. This year we got stuff for them to img051paint pumpkins.(white t-shirt is mine)

Saturday night is when the fun begins. The first year the jukebox was going and grandpa was feeling pretty good on his grapefruit juice and what he mixes with it and he’s up doing the Jitterbug. Before you know it, us girls (and by girls, I mean 5 of the girl cousins) are up doing the electric slide and thus, a tradition was born.

Every year since, it is *THE* thing to look forward to. We’ve add in several new dances, ChaCha, Srokin’, and new this year: Cupid Shuffle, which was so much fun. We started in a bit of karaoke and one that is always done is Summer Lovin’ from Grease.img060 Picture a group of girls after a few tequila shots and shouting the song from the top of our lungs. Yeah, it gets a little buck wild at the Ford Reunion. It was after midnight before I got home this year. And yes, we drag our toddlers through it (not through the margaritas). This year they were cute, up trying to do the line dances with us (the oldest I believe is 7). By the way, that’s my sister, Sandy, in the black t-shirt there in front. She posted this terrible picture of me on a poster board from last years reunion where it looks like I’m spanking my big rear-end.

Sunday morning rolls around and grandpa cooks a nice breakfast spread of biscuits and gravy, bacon, fried ham and eggs. By noon, the last of the out-of-towners have pulled out and we’re left looking forward to next year and already anxious to tackle that dance floor again and just have fun like we did as kids.

Is Autumn a sign of remembrance for you? Or is it all about change? Do you have any traditions?


15 Responses

  1. Keri – I love that! My family used to all live within easy driving distance of each other so we always shared holidays. In the last six or so years people have moved away and now it very rare that we all get together.

  2. I grew up where we were both sides of the family all the time, so no, there were no big family reunions.

    Where’s the picture of you and your carefully chosen outfit for the day?

  3. Vicki when we were younger, we were all together, now two of my cousins live about 6hrs away. we only see them at holidays in the reunion.

  4. Cyndi, I guess it was so poor, the camera didn’t think it was worth capturing. I’m the one all washed out in the background.

    for those who don’t know: I wore an outfit to the reunion. got there about noon and didn’t leave until about midnight. I get home, strip it off and the husband then tells me he hated that outfit, that it made me look “poor”.

    so yes, the love of my life let me walk around ALL DAY, we’re talking 12hours here, in front of all of my family, at the peek of the day probaby about 50-60 people were there, and waited until I got home to tell me I looked terrible. Gee thanks. You couldn’t have told me the moment I got there so I could have borrowed something from my mom or sister??? No.

    Now I have an outfit I doubt I ever wear again. Except to maybe paint in. Or, does anyone want an outfit? Matching set. Can cause wearer to appear “poor”

  5. Fall does mean family to me because of college football season. Most of us are alumni of this college, and we are huge football fans. We gather every Sat. in front of the TV with our food and drinks. Sometimes we are even able to travel the distance and actually go to the game. One way or the other we are always together during the Sat. game. There is no other time of the year that we have weekly “dates” so it is a special tradition for our family.

  6. Oh, Keri…looks like you had a blast!

    I love getting together with family. We don’t do reunions anymore 😦 but my fav is the Christmas party at my house Christmas eve. We make martinis and sing karaoke. Rule is, when midnight strikes, everybody goes home so Santa can pass by our house.

    Love it.

  7. Oh, but I forgot football (one of my favorite subjects)

    That’s my favorite thing about fall. Could spend all day eating and watching college football on Saturdays. And then going to the LSU games…. total blast. Nothing like partying all day and watching the Tigers play with about 92,000 friends.


  8. Cheryl that’s so much fun that ya’ll get together every saturday. I would love to have a group of close friends to just hang out with and enjoy good food every saturday like that.

  9. Amy that sounds great! Martinis–never had one of those. 😦 maybe we can remedy at the retreate?–and fun!

    I like have a good time with a large group, but I think going to a game with 92K other folks would wear me out fast!

  10. We don’t have any traditions except maybe apple picking. I do get excited during this time because I love shopping for Halloween decorations and candy.

  11. Oh, Amy, we are playing your team very soon. I’m pretty sure that we are going to lose, too. 😦

    Hint…we have the best college mascot. He has 4 legs and says “woof, woof.”

  12. When I was a kid I couldn’t stand autumn because it meant it would get darker earlier and I couldn’t stay out and play as much!
    But now I appreciate the changing colors of the leaves and the scenery.

  13. No traditions. But my family is pretty tight, so we do almost everything together anyway!:)

  14. Jane, I would love to do something like go pick apples. i’ve never done that kind of thing before!

    Mari, I think we would have gotten along just fine as kids 😉 I used to pray it would rain only at night so I could always play outside.

    Chelsea, that’s awesome! Some of my family that moved far off is working on coming back now, so maybe we’ll have that soon.

  15. This sounds like so much fun! 🙂 I remember some great family reunions on my dad’s side as a kid, but we don’t have them anymore. Now Christmas is the time for our family get togethers and as the kids, cousins and the rest of us get older, even this is getting harder to keep up. Treasure these reunions and hang on tight to them!

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