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Tuesday Ten – All About Things


Tuesday Ten

 Sorry I’m late posting today. The week is busy and it’s only Tuesday. We have a new OVP starting this week, which means I’m setting her up, taking care of training, and making sure she’s meeting the people she’ll need to meet right off the bat.

So…in lieu of a regular post, how about a Tuesday Ten. Ten random things to share.

1. Reading a great book – you know, the one that you can’t put down even though it’s now 3:00AM and you’ve got to get ready for the day job in a few hours.

2. Before the rain – you walk outside and sniff the air. The sweat aroma of moisture tickles your senses as the clouds begin gathering from some distant place.

3. Watching the babies sleep – For me this is my dogs. After they’ve played, torn up the new toy we bought them and aggravated each other to no end. Now you watch as they curl up next to each other, the littlest ones head on the side of the other, sleeping without a care in the world.

4. Flowers on the dinning room table – the day jobs been rough, all you want is to go home and sulk. Then you walk into your house and there they are. Standing proud in your favorite vase. Greeting you with sunshine to your tired soul.

5. Surprises – You’re trying to figure out what to do with the mishmash of food you have left at the end of the week to make dinner. Standing with the freezer door open, you stare at the lone package of frozen chicken. The cool air washing over your face and still nothing comes to mind to cook. That’s when you hear his/her voice. “Honey, let’s go out tonight.” The freezer door closes on its own accord and out the door you go. Fun!!!

6. The best scene in the book kind of writing – Your fingers fly across the keys, words hitting the screen so fast in front of you that you’re not truly sure if you’re doing it or some magical force is sending it through you. Gotta love those scenes. 🙂

7. The worst scene in the book kind of writing – You sit, stare at the blank page, and wait. Nothing. You knew the scene early in the day but didn’t have time to sit down. Now it’s become pulling words from your muse who’s decided she no longer likes this scene. (had to throw that one in since I had the best scene, they usually go hand in hand)

8. Birthdays – You either love them or hate them. Me, I love them. I figured out a long time ago that I couldn’t stop them. Besides the alternative is not so great. I celebrate them to the fullest. It may be simple or it may be huge but celebrate them nonetheless.

9. Spring cleaning – the time to throw away or give away the stuff you really don’t need. It’s also the time you revisit old memories as you open that box sitting in the back of the closest. The pictures you’ve not looked at in forever quickly take you back to the moment in time when they were taken. A part of your life frozen to remember with joy.

10. Sunrise, Sunsets, and Moonrises – Any of these works for me. The crisp morning air as the sun begins to peak its sleepy head, the late afternoon sun dipping off the horizon its warmth tucking away for the night, or the moon, bold and bright, shinning the way across the waters a beacon of light brighten the path for ships and giving the outer edges of the sea its nightglow for the rest of us.

There you have it. Ten things I like. What about you? Is there anything on the list above ou like or how about something that’s not there, but it’s your favorite. And what about that picture. I love this artist work. It always makes me smile.

WW’s and PD’s,



7 Responses

  1. You like spring cleaning?

    LOL. I don’t like anything that ends in cleaning.

    I like the way my boys get excited when they can see their breath in the cool air. The oldest rushed out this morning and huffed his morning breath into the outside air.

    “MOM! I can see it!” he screeched.

    Now the neighbors know too.

  2. Well, I don’t like the dusting and polishing and scrubbing part of cleaning, but I do like looking at the things I’ve tucked away. Sometimes after a fond memory they’re tucked back away and sometimes it’s time to get rid of that size 2 dress that honestly will never fit me again. 😀

    Ah…I love that about your boys.

  3. Number 10 is one of my favorites. It’s hard to choose which is more beautiful, the sunrise or sunet. I don’t like spring cleaning. I’m always dragging my feet when it comes time to clean up and clear out the junk.

  4. I am in sync with your top ten!
    One I would add to my list would be watching thunderstorms. I love when the windows are open and the wind is blowing. It feels primevil.

  5. Jane, I’m with you. I love watching the sun rise or set. Either way, I feel connected with myself during that time.

  6. Ooh Mari – that’s a good one. Thurnderstorms are amazing. The power of the wind and rain, combined with the lightning and thunder is awesome. 🙂

  7. Listening to thunderstorms at night while I am in my bed is calming as the rain hits the tin roof. Then, there is sunshine the next day. That is awesome. That would be another thing I would add to my top ten. 😉

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