Well Hello Friday

Just got home from town and thought, duh, today is Friday and I have no blog up. so here I am…late and all!

I’ve been treating myself today. You see after today I will be through with the toughest part of coordinating The Suzannah Contest. Entries will be on their way to judges and I’ll have a several week break without worrying about something.

So I treated myself today. I got a haircut (which was already scheduled, it was just good timing). I got new lipstick (haven’t bought myself a new shade in YEARS). I got books! Four, actually. On an unepected whim, I also bought a new outfit. not sure about the skirt yet, but loving the shirts I paired up. Wanted a new purse, but couldn’t find one I liked.

When was the last time you treated yourself? What for and what’d you get?

Keri Ford


8 Responses

  1. I love to treat myself. Bought a t-shirt yesterday, but it was on sale.

    I love to have my hair cut, my pedicure and a nice lunch. Throw in some shopping and we’re in business.

    Looking forward to taking some “me” time with you in a couple of weeks, Keri. I’m sure we can find some stores to raid!

  2. I treat myself more than I should! My BF’s mother is a wonderful cook and every week she brings over some goodies for us…she brought over toffee brownies and they were yummy.
    Not great for my waistline though!

  3. I treated myself last week. I bought some eye makeup.

  4. I haven’t treated myself in awhile. The last time I treated myself was when I got 8K words written in my book. Those are the only times I treat myself, and I haven’t been able to write for a while. I will go buy a new outfit or something I want to reward myself. Most of the time, it is a new outfit. 😉 It’s getting about time for some more jeans and heels because of the weather changing.

  5. Amy, I am so ready for our retreat! We could be trapped in the B&B the whole time due to rain and I would be one happy gal. Cannot wait to get a weekend away.

  6. Oh, Mari. That’s the kind of treat a girl likes to have!

  7. Jane, woman after my own heart. Love buying eyeshadow, but had to make myself stop until I used up some of what I’ve got! Lipstick though…I don’t have much lipstick and I’m already wanting another tube.

  8. Jamie, I wore jeans and heels on Friday! I had forgotten how good they feel to walk in it’s been so long since my jeans FIT for me to even wear them!

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