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Why daughters drive you crazy

It’s prize week on the blog! Leave a comment all week to be entered to win our super Halloween prize! hint…hint…look for candy! It’s is trick-o-treating season after all!

Daughters are a challenge all year through, but in my memory, Halloween was the worst.

I was blessed with three daughters and one son.  Finding a Halloween costume for the one son was relatively easy.  I don’t remember what all he was, except for his first Halloween, when he was 14 months old.  He was walking then, and I had ghost costumes for all four of them, and the girls were relatively happy (a miracle in itself).  James didn’t think much of the ghost costume, made with loving hands from old sheets.  He took one look at himself in the mirror, apparently scared himself to death, and refused to participate at any level.  Except eating the candy, which I took exception to after the first two pieces.  He was, after all, only 14 months old.  After that he was quite content to be a cowboy, a Ninja warrior, a Stars Wars storm trooper — that’s all that comes to mind.

Ah, but the girls.  First of all, this was Michigan.  Michigan in late October, which is seldom a warm and wonderful playground.  Yes, the trees are beautiful colors, but bear in mind that the trees turn color because it is COLD.  Therefore, your little girl’s desire to be a ballerina, a fairy princess, a Hawaiian hula dancer, or any of the other wonderful things she dreams up has to be tempered with the necessity to wear heavy tights (“Mom, have you ever seen a fairy princess with big fat tights on?”) and probably a coat over the whole thing.  (“Mom, how can anybody see my hula skirt if I have a coat on?”)  That’s if they want to be anything you’ve ever heard of.  My second daughter was the champion at this.  She wanted to be a kite, sailing through the sky.  She wanted to be a glittery fish, and no, fish do not wear boots.  They don’t have feet at all.  She wanted to be an ice cream cone, and no, ice cream cones don’t have feet either.

But this Halloween I am smiling.  I was talking to my second daughter, who now is the mother of five little dumplings of her own — four boys and one girl.  We were talking about costumes, and she’s going to have a fireman, a cowboy, a Ninja warrior (some things go on and on), and the youngest is going to be an elephant, because that’s what they all were when they were right around two, and that’s the costume that fits two-year-olds.  I started telling my daughter the funny stories about her desires for costumes, and said (with relish), “Just wait until Lucy gets a little older.”

My daughter looked at me with desperation.  “Mom,” she said, “it’s happening now.  Lucy wants to be a vampire ghost.”

I looked at her blankly.  “What does a vampire ghost look like?”

My daughter said, “That’s what I asked her, and she said it looks just like a vampire but you can’t see it.”

Revenge is sweet.  I’m still smiling.


7 Responses

  1. LOL. That’s great. some years it’s freezing here, other’s it’s hot. You know what this means, right? You buy the warm costumes and you can wear short sleeves. Or you get the light weight/hula dancer and it’s freezing.

    I’m hoping it’ll cool off for us cause son is going as scooby doo and that is one warm costume.

  2. We might hit 70 on Halloween, so no fat tights this year.

  3. We’re due for the 50s, but at least it’s not supposed to be raining, although there is some possibility. But what do I care? I’m the grandmother. I get to sit inside where it’s warm and admire the costumes (don’t have to produce any of them) and maybe even eat some of the candy.

    If you hang in long enough, life is good.

  4. Cute story…can’t wait till I can say “You did the same thing! Ha Ha!” Because I know they will pay for their raisin’

    I have boys. No weird costumes. Jake refuses to wear one this year because at 10 he proclaims it’s “too baby.” The youngest is being Snake Eyes – something to do with GI Joe. He just looks like a Ninja. Whatever floats his boat.

    But I did make some cute Halloween trreats for our tailgate – monsters claws, eyeballs, and bones. I love cute candy ideas – it makes up for not having daughters.

  5. Oldest grandchild just turned 9, so we’re still in the thick of it, and since he has 4 (count ’em, four) younger siblings I figure he’ll still be in the costume mode for another year or two.

    I’m just waiting (heh, heh, heh) to see what darling daughter did with sweet little vampire ghost Lucy.

  6. Love it, Beppie!! I totally understand. Have two girls of my own. Halloween and drama, yeah they go together in this house. LOL Thanks for giving me something to look forward to. The Revenge part sounds cool!! 🙂

  7. Oh, Melissa, it’s wonderful. You can sympathize with your daughter’s desperation and all the while be yukking silently in some dark corner of your memory. The trick is not to make her life more miserable by laughing out loud.

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