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All About The Candy

It’s prize week on the blog! Leave a comment all week to be entered to win our super Halloween prize! hint…hint…look for candy! It’s is trick-o-treating season after all!

I’m going to cut right in the thick of it. The Candy. That’s right. The Candy. That is what we trick-or-treated for as kids and that is why we dress our kids up in costumes. Free Candy.

Dots. You cannot go wrong with Dots for this girl. Love me some Dots. Wanted to buy some to give out this year, but husband is not a Dots fan and I didn’t want to be eating all the leftovers alone.

Chocolate. Chocolate is good whether it comes wrapped around a Snicker bar or a foil wrapped Kiss.

Starbursts and Skittles. Yummy, yum yum.

You would think it’s pretty easy to get the candy part right, but sadly, so many screw it up.

That taffy whatever in the orange and black wrappers? No, just freaking do not even go there. Think about it. You’re a kid (or the parent of one) and you’ve got this big ‘ol bowl of candy. Do you reach in for the Milky Way or the something wrapped up in orange/black paper?

Other wrongs? Homemade items such as popcorn balls. Seriously folks. Stop. Just stop it. I’ve never eaten these though I was treated with them often. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what your kitchen looks like and neither does the FDA [I am a dork] Health Department. And yes, if you’re wondering, this was a concern of mine as a kid fresh off the Free Candy Train Express.

The healthy options. Don’t be handing out apples, ya hear? I do not want to see an apple thumped in the bottom of my son’s candy basket. Um…hello! I’ve got three words for you. Thin skinned fruit. One minute you’ve got a good stash of candy, and the next it’s all rotten apple smell. I think we all know every kid does the, swing the bucked around and the candy magically stays in the bucket. And well, there’s the possiblity of tampering. Yes, I know my apples can be tampered with at the store just as easy. And so can those mini Reese Cups–but here’s the deal, it’s a Snow White complex. So no apples.

Toothbrushes. Strangely enough, I’m okay with this treating, but it’s in the no list because I don’t want more than one. And to be honest, I’m not going to brush with your cheap toothbrush when mine at home is battery operated.

What’s on your buy or don’t go there list of candy?

Keri Ford

10 Responses

  1. Candy corn–the real, traditional, Brach’s candy corn is my fave.

    Oh, also those frootie tootsie roll things. Love those.

    Not a fan of those Dots actually. They get stuck in my teeth too easily.

  2. I don’t buy candy anymore. We never have Tot Ter’s. When I did, I always bought stuff I wanted to eat…twix, snickers, peanut butter cups, etc.

  3. My favorites are peanut butter cups but I’m not crazy about candy corn!

  4. I like to stock up on Snickers, Reese’s, Twix, Spree and Jolly Ranchers.

  5. I love Almond Joy’s. Wait I love Butterfingers. No, I love Heath bars.

    See, that’s the problem, I love chocolate way too much.

    We’ve bought plenty of candy since this is our first year for Halloween in the new house and I’m hoping there are lots of kids, otherwise I’ll be taking the candy to the day job (along with everyone else bringing in their candy) 🙂

  6. Kait, the candy corn is a come and go thing for me. Have to be in the mood for them. Unlike say, a Snicker bar that I can eat at any time.

    Cydni, your former candy bowl sounds about like mine now…only I’m missing the Reese!

    Teresa, I am just ashamed of myself that I don’t have peanut butter cups. what was I thinking at the store???

    Jane!–Spree, omg, Sprees! Have not had a spree in forever! Love to suck on those. well, not the purples. I trash those or pass em to the nearest person. yuck.

    Vicki, I don’t think I’ve ever had a Heath. But I am all about some Almond Joys and Butterfingers. Good luck with your treaters this year! did yall go all out with the decorations?

  7. Ah, memories, memories. All the children saved at least one Reese peanut butter cup for me. I liked pixy sticks, too. And all the chocolate bars — Snickers, Butterfingers, Baby Ruth, Almond Joys, Mounds — am I prepared to wash in guilt because of overindulging?



  8. Too funny, Keri!! I’m with you. Give me candy please! I mean, give my kids candy please! 🙂 Here, anything chocolate goes!! LOL

  9. Do you ever find yourself going to the grocery store the day after a holiday just to get 50% off candy? LOL it gets addictive, now that candy’s gotten so expensive.

  10. Okay, late to the party.

    I like caramel apples. I know…nobody hands them out, but an older lady on our street used to make them for the kids who lived on our block. Only us. And they were so good.

    I like candy corn best. Only Brachs. I like the chocolate, but I always dig out the bubble gum from my kids buckets.

    My hubs is a dentist and we never give out brushes. Your cavities mean my kids will have shoes!

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