It’s A Coming!

What’s a coming? Christmas, that’s what. And I know, don’t start in on me about, but you’re skipping Thanksgiving! don’t worry, I’m not. I swear. I’m doing a huge Thanksgiving cake project that I’ll blog about later to prove it.

But back to Christmas. I need help. I’ve got 16 little ones to buy for. No that’s not a typo. Yes, I do mean 16. And this 16 does not include my own son. ACK! right?

So it’s a pretty good mix of boys and girls. 4 of those little ones include my niece and three nephews, so I’ll spend more on them.

But for the other 12….got any suggestions? Yeah, you knew where this was going. Here’s the deal. Twelve kids. At ten bucks a pop, that’s a $120.00 into my dismal Christmas budget. We’ve got a pretty good even mix between boys and girls. They’re all under seven (with the exception of one who is 10-11’ish). A lot of them are brothers and sisters, so if you’ve got ideas for something that would entertain a brother/sister set that’s a little more than 10, I could do that.

Hit me with your best shot.

Keri Ford


6 Responses

  1. LOL, Keri! We used to go through this years ago. Now all those little ones aren’t so little anymore and are starting to have their own little ones. 🙂 I used to give Disney movies as gifts, or whatever was the newest kid movie out. Throw in a lolly pop or something like that for each one to hold in their little hands and voila.

  2. Hello? Books? LOL

    Or you can buy some inexpensive wallets for the boys and little coin purses for the girls and put some dollar bills in it. Little kids love a wallet.

    My kids liked anything that made them feel bigger – those little fake shaving kits with foam shaving cream or a watch (cheap plastic from the dollar store). Can’t go wrong with a cute bracelet for the girls or some makeup/fingernail polish. You can stretch ten dollars. Come on…you can do it!

  3. LOL, Melissa we were ALL raised on Disney movies, so all of our kids have them. Fun how things like that continue down the line.

    Suckers though–noted!

  4. I did books last year!

    Fingernail polish and jewerly would be perfect the girls in my family though!

    Great ideas!

  5. Sorry, no help here. I am gift impaired. And after years of no kids in my family, we’ve suddenly expanded to include six boys one solitary girl. Could we maybe just fast forward to New Year’s?

  6. LOL–yes! let’s fastforward, if to only avoid putting up the tree so that it doesn’t have to be taken down.

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