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Dancing Cowboys

Western Week! Leave a comment on the blog for your chance to win a free book!

Cowboys, cowboys, cowboys!  schroeder hallGosh, I go weak in the knees just thinking about them. LOL  It’s the nature of the cowboy that I fell in love with as a young girl.  You know, the idea of what they stand for.  Growing up in South Texas, you never had to go far to run into a real cowboy or even a cowboy wan a be.  They went out of their way to open doors, give up their spot in line and tip their hat in a greeting when walking past a lady.  They were rugged and strong, yet sensitive and passionate.  And the best part of all?  They knew how to dance.  Two step that is.schroederhall

We had several dance halls where I grew up and every weekend there was a great local band playing at one of them.  There is nothing like being in that atmosphere.  Most were just barn-like buildings thrown up in the middle of nowhere but once you walked through the front door it was magically.  A lot of people made it a family affair and kids were included.  I know that probably sounds kind of weird, but it really was a fun place for all ages.  Nightclubs just don’t compare with their tiny little dance floor and every pick up line in the book coming at you from every angle.  No, you went to these halls to get together with friends and family and find you a good-looking cowboy to dance the night away with.  At least I did anyway. And there were plenty to go around.  🙂

My all time favorite place was Schroeder Hall.  It is the second oldest danschroeder hall2ce hall in Texas and has never lost its charm.  Lots of hats, boots, western shirts and tight jeans swaying across the wooden dance floor beneath the wooden rafters decorated with glittery streamers and lights.  Two steps, polkas, Cotton-eyed Joe and don’t you worry a bit of rock and roll as well.  What else could you ask for on a perfect Saturday night?

Times have changed and a lot of this wonderful history and fun is being forgotten in today’s generation of cell phones and video games.  But it will live on in my memory for a lifetime and those dancing cowboys will always have a special place in my heart.

Did you have dance halls growing up?  What is your idea of the perfect cowboy?


16 Responses

  1. Looked all over, couldn’t find a video of this one, but it was a favorite of mine back in the early 80’s:


    Actually “rode the bull” at Gilley’s in Pasadena once. Got thrown on the count of six. Got up, felt fine; next morning, couldn’t get out of bed.

    Never could find a hat that fit, but I sure had my jeans and boots! There are vague memories of a lot of tequila…. a LOT. Looking back at some of the Friday/Saturday nights that occurred, an attempt to duplicate them today, and I’d end up on oxygen in an ICU somewhere….:)

  2. Okay, Will. I would have loved to see this. 🙂 Count of six is not too bad. I’m impressed! And I agree on the trying to pull off one of those nights now. Not gonna happen, but it sure is fun to reminisce.

  3. Oh, I do love me some honky-tonks. Get a good buzz going and head out to the dance floor and sweat that tequila out!

    Used to be a great little honky-tonk outside of Shreveport close to my home town of Minden called the Whispering Pines. Big names got their start there. Even George Strait played it. Little rough around the edges with good ol’ boys celebrating the end of the work week. Lots of fun…and real cowboys. But not on the ranch cowboys (though some were) but wildcatters and tool pushers and farm boys.

    Sadly, it closed about ten years or so ago after a fire. Glad I got to go there before it did.

  4. I have very fond memories of a place on 59 North called (I think) The Bullwhip or something like that. First time I walked in, I’d been in Houston all of two weeks, was wearing a three piece suit, tie, French cuffs. It took about 3.9 seconds for me to realize I was not dressed correctly, so I fixed that QUICK!

    And of course, a moment of silence for Johnny B. Dalton’s in NW Houston. And their shot glass girls. And Anne Murray’s “Can I Have This Dance?” also from Urban Cowboy….

  5. I love Urban Cowboy. My hubs and I do lines from that movie all the time. My husband loves to quote the one where Bud says, “What were you gonna fix me for dinner tongiht?”

    Sissy says, “I don’t know. I figured we’d go to McDonalds?”

    GD! McDonald again?”

    “My aunt came by and couldn’t find anything to eat around here. She says we live like pigs. All a man asks is for a woman to cook him some meals, clean up the house a little and make good love to him. Okay, well, you do that.”

    LOL! Okay, I know I probably totally misquoted it, but you get the picture. 🙂

    And I love the music. Still love that Boz Scaggs tune.

  6. What Texas girl hasn’t Honky-Tonked? Though I’m a Rock N’ Roll kind of girl, I’m a sucker for great country music, cold beer, and tight cowboy jeans. But, I’m not too good with the dancing. I’ve stepped on more than a few boots trying. LOL!
    I have, btw, ridden a bull. A mechanical bull, that is. 🙂

  7. I’m a Northerner, but I remember when I was growing up in Hawaii square dancing was my favorite thing. There was the old falling-apart community hall in Kailua where we had square dances — I remember being told not to stamp too hard or the floor might fall through.

    We didn’t stamp hard and went right on dancing.

  8. I’m not familiar with dance halls, but they look like fun.

  9. Ah, Liz. Tequila. No need to say anymore. 🙂 That stuff is good and bad in so many ways. LOL

    I don’t think most people realize just how some of the most famous country western singers got their start.

  10. LOL Will! My husband was raised in Houston and before we got married he came to a friend’s wedding wearing a double breasted suit. Just a wee bit out of place with the cowboy hats and freshly pressed blue jeans, but we laugh about it now. 🙂

  11. Great movie. I think you got all the main points in there. LOL I can almost picture you too.

  12. Hey, Jenn! You’d be surprised how many people I’ve come across living here in Houston that don’t have a clue. I was shocked! LOL

    Dang, I’ve never done the bull thing. And now I’m afraid I’m just too old for that. Not sure I should regret not having the experience though. 🙂

  13. Beppie, I think it is a requirement that they all be a little run down. It makes it more exciting! It must have been awesome in Hawaii!!

  14. Jane, if you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend it. It’s so much fun.

  15. always, always, always wanted to do this. maybe in nashville we can find a good honky-tonk?

  16. I reckon, I’ve been to a Hall or two in my life. There’s a CW Hall down yonder by the old movie house just a few minute horse ride from my house. I like sitting there a spell with a cold drink in my hand watching couples floating on their toes and twirling like a tornado.

    Kidding aside, CW are fun. Good music, drinks and CW outfits … can’t beat that.

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