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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

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Well, not really. I’ve had some earls and some city-slickers. But I do like to think they all have a piece of cowboy in them. An earnestness, a steel-tinged strength of character, some gruff tenderness and a willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.

I’ve always liked a cowboy. Sun-streaked hair, worn jeans, a sort of knowledge about life in his eyes. I’ve had a fascination with them since I was young. Of course, I grew up on country music, and when you hear enough, “Coca-cola Cowboy” and “Rhinestone Cowboy,” you get fantasies. So perhaps you might say, I fell in love with cowboys through music.

I got my first record player when I was 8 years old. Santa brought it and I loved it. Ironically enough “Santa” didn’t bring me pop music. Nope, I got Haggard. Seriously. And I think Charlie Pride. I remember being fascinated with the record player because I could touch the records myself. They were mine. So I grew up on being “country when country wasn’t cool.” I even had a Western belt with my name on the back.

As I grew, my music tastes changed, but I never left country music. I liked Hank, Jr. because “I say grace and I say m’am” and I liked the Judds because I loved the “good old days.” But there was one cowboy I just plain fell in love with.

George Strait.

Oh, man. Did I have it bad for him. And the way his music made me feel. I must have played that first album over and over a million times (of course, it was a cassette tape). “Amarillo by Morning,” “Marina Del Rey” and “The Chair” – oh, over and over. Not to mention my favorite “Fool-hearted Memory.” Oh, I could go on and on. Because I really loved him. Still do. I went to see him in concert about six or seven times. And sang along with him like a thirteen year old sings along with Taylor Swift today.

Forget New Kids on the Block. They did nothing for me. But George Strait in his Wranglers and straw cowboy hat. Pitter-patter. So I’ve always loved cowboys, especially singing cowboys. Nothing better in my opinion. It’s a wonder I don’t write Western romance. I guess writing about Texas in my upcoming book is good enough. Hey, there’s even a tractor and barn in there 🙂 But, unfortunately, no singing cowboy.

Hey, an idea’s stirring…I might get my singing cowboy yet. (And, yes, I saw Pure County – an actor George Strait ain’t) So how about you? Every listen to country music? Who’s your favorite singing cowboy or cowgirl?

13 Responses

  1. New Kids on the WHO?? LOL!
    Honestly, I grew up all Rock N’ Roll. 80’s Hair bands, Def Leppard, Metallica, Bon Jovi, GnR…you get the idea.
    But I also had an appreciation for country music. My first 45 record (yeah…45 – and I’m only still in my 30’s) was Kenny Rogers’ The Coward of the County. I also had The Gambler. Love Kenny Rogers. Love Gearge, too. Love Garth, Reba, Dolly, Shania, Conway, Merle, Etc.
    Love the classics, too. LOVE Patsy Cline and Marty Robbins. “Down in the West Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican Girrrrrlllll.” HA! Now that song will be stuck in my head all day!


  2. And now it’s in mine too! Yeah, I love all the classic country tunes. I’m a big Loretta Lynn fan. I had her and I think it was Johnny Cash doing “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man…we get together evey time we can…” I had 45s too. I think my parents thought I couldn’t break them as easily.

    And I heard one of the songs on a classic country station that had been one of the ones my dad bought me when I was 8. It was about a man talking a woman into cheating on her husband with him. Good going, Dad.

  3. George. *heart palpitations* I got to see him in concert in a high school gym in Dillon, Montana in the early days, sat in the third row of folding chair from the stage. Spent the whole time wishing he’d turn around and look at the band more often. LOL.

    I also pulled into a truck stop in East Helena, MT once and his bus was there. I walked into the convenience store and nearly died on the spot because he was actually in there, buying a six pack of Coke. I am pleased to report I was struck too dumb to even make a total ass of myself. But I did trail along to the check out to um, check out his.

  4. I really didn’t think George was all that bad in Pure Country. Bit of trivia for you. According to my husband (I’ll let you decide whether or not to believe the trivia from here out), George doesn’t kiss the girl in the movie cause he told the movie making people that the only woman he kisses is his wife! How sweet is that?

    I grew up on country music. Besides that and oldies (the good 50’s kinds) it’s all my parents listened to. it’s only natural that it fell down on me. I had heard of New kids on the block, but I didn’t know what they were.

    I grew up on a farm, so the whole country/western life is really strong on me. Best looking thing I’ve seen walking in a pair of wranglers? Has to go to my son. oh, yeah. 1yr old and we had him in wranglers. you know how babies walk anyway, right? Put him in those tight jeans and the ‘strut’ (that’s what we’ll call it) was even more pronounced.

  5. Ah, Kari Lynn, a woman after my own heart. I would have died to have seen him just buying a coke. I really had it bad for him.

    I watched the CMAs last week (very good btw) and saw him. He looked so much older. Then I realized so did I.

    Me and George aging together 🙂

  6. I’m afraid it was pretty bad, but, hey, I’m a fan I went to see it at the movies and saw it on DVD. Hubs likes to quote the line where he kicks the imposter out all the time. “Go on. Get the hell out of here.” He does it in his best Dusty voice.

    But, you know I liked the plot of the movie.

    I’m kicking around something similar as an idea for a book down the road. I like the idea of a hackneyed, worndown rocker finding himself among simple people. I’ve got a scene with kids and sloppy joes up my sleeve 🙂

  7. Oh, and, Keri, I agree that B has got to look pretty good in his wranglers. But the hottest?….is he potty-trained yet? LOL

  8. I didn’t say the hottest, I said the best looking thing!

  9. I don’t listen to country music much. I have heard a few of songs from Faith Hill and Patsy Cline.

  10. Hi! Don’t listen to any of the new country stars! Strictly a rock-n-roller (which surprises a lot of people at my age – 53)!! I do like the older country stars, Willie, Waylon, Kris, Johnny and let’s not forget Merle!! I do like George Strait and Randy Travis, tho.

  11. Well, then, Jane, may I recommend a new group that I just started listening to – Lady Antebellum. They are really terrific. I’m pretty choosy about my music, so I recommend them with some parameters in mind. The lead singers are a man and woman and the music is modern without being edgy.

    I really like them 🙂

  12. Oh, Martha, I do love rock music. I like almost any kind of music. I especially love jazz. But then again, I like ACDC too.

    Music is not my favorite medium, as books are, but I do find inspiration there.

  13. Loved the country music way back when. George Strait will forever be my favorite. His was the first song my husband and I ever danced to. 🙂 Nowdays, I like Kelly Clarkson, and songs like Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

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