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Be Careful What You Say

A wise adage passed down from mother to child in every generation. Heck, even Eve probably warned Able to be careful what he said. He might not have listened…probably wrote a blog about how Cain wore too much rabbit fur or something and then BAM…knife in the back. Or was it a stone?

Anywho, this kinda happened to me with my brother. It involves a post I made wwwaaaaayyyyy back in July about the drama in my family induced by a silly squabble. It was really no big deal. Just me ranting about something pretty insignificant that was worked out within hours of my post.

BUT….I should have remembered what my mother always told me. Be careful what you say. It might come back to haunt you.

And it did.

Wednesday I sat on the porch of my camp watching the salvina grow ever thicker and my intelligent husband and his friend trying to push it out of the bayou. Birds chirped. Kids laughed. Turkeys awaited the frying vat. Altogether, it was very pleasant. Until I check my phone for messages. Man, did I have a lot. AND they were from ENALR? What the heck?

So I started scrolling through, and each one got worse and worse. And they all came from a sports message board. I was confused. Then I checked my messages. Four of them. All from my brother. While I stood there looking at the phone, it rang. It was my brother.

My first words – “What the hell?”

He started apologizing before I could utter another word. Seems he’d gotten his feelings hurt when I complained about his whining on my blog (For whatever reason, he’d been bored at work and decided to go back and read my posts) so he posted about it on a sports board both he and I frequent. It seems those guys (and there are LOTS of them) thought it was hilarious. They googled my name, found the blog and posted really AWFUL comments. Those comments made me blush and I write pretty hot sex scenes. To them, it was all in good fun. They posted over 200 comments about it on the sports board and I think there were around 30 on ours.  Their comments were hurtful. I felt violated. Betrayed. Just depressed that people who didn’t know me would make such callous comments regarding me personally.

I should have listened to my mother. (How many times have I said that?) 🙂

Because what you say in passing online can be just as detrimental as it would out in the real world. You can’t really hide behind your computer…there are ways to find people. Especially with a court order. Which is something that actually happened with a model in New York and a woman who vowed to besmirch her name online. The person who thought she hid behind the computer lost. The world of blogs, facebook and Twitter is the new backyard fence where neighbors meet to swap gossip.

So learn from me and heed your mother’s advice. Be. Careful. What. You. Say.

So what about you? Have you had any experiences with something you said coming back to haunt you? Or have you seen people think they can hide behind their keyboards?


6 Responses

  1. That kind of thing gives me cold chills. It’s the easy anonymity of the internet etc. that’s scary. I’m sure most of those pranksters (to give them the benefit of the doubt) would never dream of saying any of those things to your face. I even feel sorry for your brother — I’m sure he had no idea what a Pandora’s box he was opening. But most of all, I feel sorry for you! What a miserable and above all UNNECESSARY experience it was for you!

  2. Yes, the internet is scary at times. I guess because it is such a powerful tool. And many feel free to misuse that power.

    It was unecessary, but I learned my lesson well.

  3. Hmm…I think the last time my mouth got flack back on this sort of magnitude was when I was in HS. Now I can see the wrong in saying something, but what I’m seeing now that I didn’t then, wasn’t what she’d gotten so pissed off about. I still don’t get that part. Prolly never will.

  4. This is a really scary thought, that someone, anyone could find you without too much effort on their part. The internet is a great tool and a nightmare all rolled up into one. Sorry you had to go through this and your brother must feel just awful as well.

    As far as things coming back to haunt me? With my kids listening to every word I say on a daily basis, its just a given that something I say in passing to my husband in the privacy of our home will come out of one of their mouths at the most inappropriate time. I think there is a commercial about having something, a candy bar or nutrigrain bar or something like that, to stick in their mouths when this happens. LOL Love it~!

  5. Isn’t funny how we can say one thing, and a person takes it the total wrong way? I hate when that happens. Especially when I was teasing or said something in a droll manner.

    I guess it pays to know which friends are sensitive and which have thicker hides.

  6. Oh, yeah, Melissa…the things my kids have said. I do remember that commercial. Something about the kid saying something about his mom talking about a bride who shouldn’t wear white. LOL.

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