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Did Someone Say SNOW?

It’s not often we get snow in our forecast here in the Houston area, but Friday there was an 80 percent chance.  I for one was very excited and couldn’t wait for those light and fluffy snowflakes to start falling.  Born in Texas and raised along the coastline, we didn’t get to see a lot of snow when I was younger.  A few stray flurries might pop up once every five years or so, but if you blinked too fast you’d miss them.

A few years back in my hometown, they actually had a record snowfall of 11 to 13 inches on Christmas day.  Unbelievable!  And wouldn’t you know that was the one year we decided not to go down for Christmas day.  I don’t even remember the reason, but it was a big mistake.  My mom sent some of the most beautiful pictures from around town, but it just wasn’t the same.

So this time, when our chances were so good, I was hoping we’d get a few inches on the ground.  At least enough for the kids to make a snowman.  Not much luck here at our house on that one.  At times, the snow came down thick but the ground was just too warm and it melted on contact.  My oldest daughter managed to scrape enough off the fence and trampoline to make a little four-inch snowman. LOL Some areas closer to downtown Houston and further south received enough to stick to the ground and blanket everything in glittery white.  I was so jealous.

But it was pretty while it lasted and really made it feel like the Christmas season.  We have been known around these parts to actually wear shorts over the Christmas holidays.  Crazy weather! LOL  That’s why our family tries to go skiing every year.  We just have to get our snow fix.  🙂

How often do you get to see snow?  Is it something you look forward to?


8 Responses

  1. How exciting for you. We do often see snow here in the Northeast. We had snow on Saturday, but it didn’t stick. I’m hoping for a white Christmas.

  2. It really was, Jane! 🙂 If it’s going to get that cold around here, it can at least snow. LOL Hope you get your white Christmas!

  3. Melissa – that is so cool! I bet this might have been the first snow some kids down there have ever seen! Usually in Arkansas, we get ice, which is AWFUL.

    I love snow when I don’t have to go anywhere and sit at home and just enjoy looking at the piles of white.

  4. I agree with Cyndi. I only like it when I don’t have much to do. When we get snow around here, people act crazy and things start shutting down. Not good when you’ve got gifts to buy or parties to plan.

    We got flurries here in North Louisiana – no problems for the roads and it did put me in the spirit of the holidays.

    My kids are dying for it to stick. They don’t care about making a snowman as much as they want to have a snowball fight. Then again, they are boys so making a cute snowman can’t compare to destroying each other in a snow war.

  5. Cyndi, we usually get the ice here as well and I think most kids around here think that is what snow is. LOL I drove by my son’s school and they were letting the kids out for recess to play in it. Good thing because it had pretty much stopped by the time school was out.

  6. LOL, Amy! Yeah, people are pretty crazy around here too. Just not used to it I guess. I’m always extra cautious if I have to get out and drive in it. Maniac drivers don’t have an ounce of common sense.

    Snow war! Now that does sound fun! LOL Girls are definitely different than boys. I only have the one and let me tell you, that’s enough. I love him to death! Really I do. He just keeps me on my toes. Every second of every day. 🙂

  7. Snow! I love snow. and we don’t get enough of it. We get it. Ice that blankets everything that weighs down the powerlines. When you live as far out as we do, this is not a cool thing as it can be days before the lights are back.

    I do love snow. for the honeymoon we REALLY wanted to go somewhere snowy, but the travel agent said our pretty much only guarenteed option was to book a trip for the Alps!

    One of the days I will spend a week on a snowy hillside in a cabin though.

  8. Ah yes. Snow. Here in Michigan it’s no novelty, although this year all we’ve had are miscellaneous flakes from time to time. We’re due for snow tonight, last I checked, but it’s supposed to turn to rain. Since I have to teach tomorrow I’m hoping a) it doesn’t happen, or b) it turns to rain before I have to drive in it. The temperatures have been in the high 20s, low 30s so the ground should be cold enough for it to stick, unfortunately.

    Actually I love the snow, but only in December (and not when I’m driving out to the college). I want great heaps and piles of it until January 2. At that point they can turn it off. Unfortunately here in southern Michigan it goes on snowing in January, February, March, and sometimes April — although by then when snow falls you know it’s going to be gone in a day or two.

    At least almost everybody here knows how to drive in it, although the first day the roads are covered you wouldn’t know that. We all slip and slide around like amateurs, snarling under our breath, “Hate snow on roads, hate snow.”

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