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Stealing Inspiration

Wednesday is like my youngest when he’s barefoot…kinda sneaks up on me and surprises me. I nearly forgot I needed to blog today 🙂

But, don’t fear. I made it.

My topic for today is inspiration. Just the word builds something within, doesn’t it? A sort of expectation of something not so impossible in your future. Or at least it does for me.

As I write this, I am listening to the incredibly talented Scottish singer, Susan Boyle. Ah, talk about inspiration. Remember when you saw her on Youtube singing “I Dreamed A Dream”? Did you get chills like I did? It was incredible. Indescribable. Inspirational.  A ruddy-cheeked nobody with a voice like that? Wow.

Makes you think. If someone so plain, so humble, can get out on the stage in front of millions in a simple housedress with flyaway hair, just what are you afraid of? Looking stupid? Or in our case – sounding stupid. Are you afraid of someone ripping you? Laughing at you? Or are you simply afraid you might actually find out you’re not just that good? Because sometimes I feel exactly this way. I feel like maybe I’m not worthy.

And here’s where I need inspiration the most…or a drink. But let’s face it, one of those you need lots of and the other just leads to rehab.

Where do I find my inspiration?

In people like Susan Boyle. People like the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson. The people who risk their lives every day for others. People like our military, firefighters, police…and others who willingly face danger every day.  I take inspiration from my fellow writers. The ones who have suitcases full of rejection letters but still keep going. The ones who have three releases (or more) a year because they put their butts in the chair and write those brilliant stories. The writers who refuse to surrender their dreams.

But I also find inspiration in the stillness of the lake. The coo of a dove on a brisk morning. The curve of my son’s cheek. The dew on the petals of my roses. Such simpleness to take such purpose from. 

Each day I take inspiration, pulling it from lyrics, heartwarming vignettes from the morning news, celebrations on the loops, for I need it nearly as much as I need that whole pot of coffee each morning. It stirs me, challenges me and pushes me toward my goal. I dare to dream big because there are others like me daring to dream along with me.


You gotta have it.

So, where do you get your inspiration from?


7 Responses

  1. I get inspiration from all of those places. And it’s vital that we must draw the strength to keep writing from within. Even if it is another person’s struggles or triumphs that nudges us, it is our ability to take those things and internalized them that makes the difference.

    However, I don’t think many of us would continue for very long without some kind of positive feedback. It’s especially powerful when it comes from a stranger, a person who stumbled across one of my blog posts and took the time to tell me that it made them laugh, or reminded them of their own family, or touched them. Most of them probably didn’t think twice when they dashed off a line or two in a comment just like this one. They have no idea that they’ve given me a wonderful gift, a talisman I can take out and hold close to my heart on the days when I sit down at the keyboard and think, “Why am I doing this?”

  2. Oh, that is so true, KariLynn. I love when I can touch someone in some way with my writing. It’s good to know that something I am doing is right.

    And, yes, we’ve got to have that pat on the back or “that’ s a girl” to keep pursuing this tough dream of publication. Sometimes that well placed word is what keeps people pecking away at their keyboard.

  3. I just wanted to pipe in and say I LOVE Susan Boyle! I bought her CD and I love it. She is an inspiration to me. I love the fact that the naysayers have been shut up, you don’t have to be young or beautiful to be successful.
    I hope she goes on tour so I can see her.

  4. I am listening to it right now. It is really good. Even my hubbie who is a rock and roll snob said, “No matter what anyone says about her, that lady can sing.”

    It was way worth the money…and I rarely spend ten bucks on a CD. I usually buy a book.


  5. Susan is such an inspiration. If you want to know more about her story, tv guide network has her exclusive story, I hope they talk about her faith on it!

    I found a link if anyone’s interested:


  6. Thanks for the link. I thinks she’s fascinating!

  7. I find inspiration in such little things too, Liz. Certain people inspire me too, and other writers inspire me. I could name a WHOLE variety of things! 😉

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