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Wintery Magic

It’s prize week on the blog! We’re talking about All Things Wintery. Leave a comment all week for a chance to win some wintery fun! And I’ll let you know what that is when I figure it out!

I’m sitting here wearing a sweater, teeth chattering, fingers not wanting to move because they are ice cold, trying to write a post about my favorite wintery things.  Now why aren’t the ideas just spilling out faster than I can type them?  LOL

I do love this season.  There is something magical in the air at this time and if you pay attention you can feel it, see it, hear it.  It might be difficult at times to overlook the chaotic shoppers or manic drivers, but the magic is still there waiting to be noticed.  It might come in the form of a simple smile or polite nod.  Maybe the extra effort made by a sales clerk to find that one last pair of shoes in the back.  Heck it might even be the thoughtful act of a driver letting you actually pull out in front of them at a red light or the mall parking lot as they wave and smile.  Honest.  This really happened.  🙂

Then there is the sound of the Salvation army bells ringing outside the stores and the Angel trees set up around town to remind me that most people have a caring nature and given the opportunity won’t hesitate to help out those in need.  I can see the smiles on the faces of those children who wouldn’t have a Christmas at all if it weren’t for the kindness of others.  It truly is better to give than receive.

Getting together with family members you haven’t seen in a while is great too.  Although at times it makes me feel old.  I don’t think I’ve aged and then I see little ones who aren’t so little anymore and I realize just how much time has gone by.  I guess I need to get me that pair of glasses I’ve been putting off.  LOL  But the catching up with loved ones is priceless.

Oh, and I must not forget how my family loves to drive around and ooow and awwwe as we check out the Christmas lights and decorations.  I’m amazed by the amount of effort and planning that goes into some of these.  How do they get all those lights up and extension cords run in such a manner it doesn’t blow their circuit breakers.   I’m still trying to find the string of lights that is tripping our GFCI plug when it rains, which has been pretty often these past few days.  I must say the stomping back and forth out to the garage to reset the button is getting old, but I’ll find the culprit eventually and we will be in business again.   We don’t have that many lights up.   I’ve decided I just need to plan better next year so I can cut the number of extension cords needed to pull it off.  Do they a make a universal plug?  You know, so it doesn’t matter which end you end up with after reaching that last string of lights only to find you have no prong to plug anything into?  🙂

(love this!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that my favorite wintery thing, at least around Christmas time, is the joy and generosity it brings out in people.  Have you experienced any acts of kindness you might not normally see?  What feelings, if any, bubble to the surface at this time of year for you?


7 Responses

  1. Last week when I was in the grocery store, I walked out behind a family who looked a bit destitute. Imagine my surprise when every member of the family dug into a pocket and brought out several dollars to put into the salvation army pot. Even the kids put a dollar or two in. It delighted my soul to see such generosity. I don’t know if the family had been recipients at one time or just felt strongly about giving. Either way, it reminded me of the reason for this season and the perfect gift He gave for all people no matter what their situation.

  2. Right there with you, Amy. 🙂 The real reason for “Christ”mas seems to get lost in all the craziness. What a wonderful reminder.

  3. You bring up some good points. Sometimes we don’t see acts of kindness because we are so wrapped in our lives that we forget to look for them. It’s like miracles. They’re around everywhere – we just have to look for them.

    Thanks for reminding me to not only do act of kindness but to look for them too.

  4. we have toy dirve here and we did a sock drive too here at work
    so that is cool

  5. Definitely feeling nostalgic about past Christmases and the toys we got as kids.

  6. I let someone go in front of me at the grocery store last week. I had a buggy full, he only had 2 items. I’ve had someone do that for me in the past. I had a buggy full then too, but my then 1year old was overly restless, so the woman backed up, smiled at me and told me to go ahead. she then talked to my boy the whole time to entertain him. Was so thankful.

    A few weeks ago, while also in the grocery store, the son had been sick, then the hubby got sick, then I got sick. I was coming over it, but obviously the effects were still on my face. An older woman stopped me, patted me on the wrist, looked to my son and back to me and told me when I got home to be sure to take some time to myself and get some rest.

  7. During the shopping season, I try to have the patience of a saint when it comes to crowded stores and long lines (as long as Wal-Mart has plenty of checkouts open!!). Instead of exchanging gifts at the library where I work, we all donated to our local homeless shelter. Toys, a book cart filled with books, personal care items, things like that. I also want to buy something for everyone, even tho I can’t afford to!!

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