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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Please Let it Snow!

It’s prize week on the blog! We’re talking about All Things Wintery. Leave a comment all week for a chance to win some wintery fun! And I’ll let you know what that is when I figure it out!

Wintery fun? Ummmm….doesn’t really exist here.

So far in Northern Louisiana, it’s been almost 9 years since we’ve had snow that stuck to the ground and gave enough to make a snow angel.  The last great snow fell on New Year’s Eve 2000.

Can you sense my disappointment? Well, it’s there somewhere. Mostly because of my kids.

We lived in New Orleans for seven years. Before we moved there, I spent all my life (except for four in college and my intial birth year) in Minden, Louisiana. It was a scrumptious childhood with blackberries, adventure, homecooking and, of course, a snow at least every winter.

I can remember each snowfall like it was yesterday. The sting on my cheeks, the crunch beneath my breadbag-clad tennis shoes (my mom never bought golashes), and the exhileration of coasting down a hill on a pizza pan or cardboard box or whatever we kids could get our hands on to make a sled. I loved making a snowman, rolling that little ball all over the yard and topping him with one of my dad’s fishing hats. Of course, my grandmother lived right next door. We couldn’t even traipse across her yard, much less make a snow angel. She enjoyed the pristine whiteness, smooth as a piece of good fabric, stretching across her yard.

My mother often made snow ice cream…can’t even fathom eating that now (even though it was just as polluted back in the ’70s, no doubt) And I can remember tomato soup or chicken noodle bubbling on the stove when we wandered in to shouts of, “Don’t get water all over the floor!”

I built such memories in my mind of catching snowflakes on my tongue and snowball wars with neighborhood kids. Not to mention breaking off icicles to suck on while I contemplated a snow fort.

And I so want that for my boys. But I’m afraid I’ll have to rent a chalet in Colorado to get it. So far, Mother Nature is not accomodating the snow memories I want to make for my kids.

How about you…what are you’re favorite memories of a snow day?


14 Responses

  1. How in the heck did you get snow in Minden every year when I’m an hour and half north of there and we don’t! 🙂

  2. Oh, and by the way, on snow ice cream. You don’t make it out of the first snow. It seems the first snow comes down and brings all that dirty air stuff with it and the second snow is the good stuff.

    And yes, I do know how absurb that sounds–so no one ruin it for me with some stats somewhere, k?

  3. Well, when I was growing up, we got it almost every year. But then again, I’m older than you 😉

    I won’t ruin your theory that you wait for the second snow. But here that means, you wait a long time 🙂

  4. My kid would trade his winter memories for your kids’ memories right now. Last weekend he was staring out the window at four foot drifts and fifteen below temps and he looked at me and said, “Mommy, boys love grass.”

  5. LOL, Liz. See this is why we try to take a trip every year where it does snow. 🙂 My favorite memory so far is digging snow tunnels with my kids. So cool!!

  6. yeah Keri. I’ll stay about from your “clean snow” theory. But….

    Seems like in Hot Springs (Arkansas) we get more ice than snow. I love the way ice looks when it glitters in the sun. Had that cr*p when I have to drive anywhere!

    I can drive in snow. You have SOME traction in snow.

    But in the point in my life, give me some warm weather!

  7. awww….KariLynn, that is the cutest thing I’ve heard.

  8. We usually had to go to school when it snowed, but one time the snow was so heavy that school was canceled. We were so excited we went out to play in the fresh snow and had a snowball fight.

  9. Melissa – I think that is a good idea. We’ve been waiting on a ski trip. Neither Doug and I are familiar with skiing, so we’ve been nervous about booking something we don’t know much about. But both boys are demanding it, so it might be on the radar for next year.

    I’m a Blizzard Beach at Disney kind a gal.

  10. KariLynn – that’s a great visual. I can’t complain too much. My boys love to play outside in the yard.

    But, hey, a dusting would be nice.

  11. We get ice upon occasion too, Cyndi. I’ve never really driven in snow, so I’m not sure I could do even that. But we’ve had our share of ice storms and the worst thing about them is they down trees and we have no power. We had a bad one back in 1998. No heat for Christmas which meant no turkey or dressing. It stunk.

  12. Snowball fight! Now, Jane, that’s what my boys are begging for. They’ve got plans if we ever get enough snow.

  13. Ah. Snow. So far we’ve had a dusting twice and although it’s cold enough so that it doesn’t melt (how does 22 strike you? That’s what was registering in the car last time I noticed it) it’s all blown up against curbs and by the sides of buildings. Not enough to be atmospheric.

    I had to laugh about your son, KariLynn — my grandsons know exactly what he means. Grass sure beats snow for playing on day after day. After you’ve done snow angels and skidded up and down the sidewalk and built a couple of snowmen, you can’t help noticing (even if you’re a kid) that you’re cold and probably wet. Now if you have a ski slope in your backyard that might be different, but we were never so gifted.

    Oh yes — and thrown snowballs at each other. That lasts a bit longer.

  14. I remember one year as a kid when we got snowed in. It was so deep that when my dad shoveled the show it looked like a path though white mountains. He also had to go in the backyard to shovel a path for the dog, which from the upper porch looked like a maze in the snow. It was so cool, since at that time it was really taller than I was. Its really the one that sticks the most. I remember another snowfall just out of college that was probably just as bad but because I was older and well bigger it didnt make quite the same impression.

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