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WINTER!….or not.

It’s prize week on the blog! We’re talking about All Things Wintery. Leave a comment all week for a chance to win a Snuggie blanket! Perfect for keeping warm while reading a book on these cold days and nights.

FIRST UP—The winner of the anthology The Heart Of Christmas is…..Martha Lawson!!! Email me— keriford @ hotmail. com (no spaces) with your snail addy.


Keri: I’m in South Arkansas and we don’t have fun snow filled winters. The norm calls for cold and drizzly and miserable and just cold enough that we have to leave our water dripping at night. On occasion we get a nice dusting of sleet and ice that knocks out our power (YAY!). Just one night of it shuts the whole town down. One year it was so bad we were with out power for a solid 7 days. But once every ten or fifteen years, we’re blessed with actual, real snow so we can make ice cream! It’s just enough to throw a few snowballs or slide down a hill. What’s the winter like for you?

Vicki: OMG, ice cream made from snow. 🙂 My grandmother used to do that when I was a little girl and we would go visit in the winter. It was sooo good! For us down in Sunny Florida we have a sort of winter. It’s not unusual for us to be in shorts and sandals during most of the winter with a few days sprinkled in here or there with cold weather. Case in point: It’s in the high 70’s today and in a couple of days it will be in the mid 40’s. Of course that won’t last long. But when it does we pull out the winter gear complete with jackets, gloves, hats, and boots. You gotta wear when you can. So what’s your favorite part? Decorating for the holiday? Shopping? Baking?

Keri: My dad lives in Florida, so I’ve spent a couple Christmas’s down there. Not quite warm enough for the beach though 😉 I love baking. Not so good for the diet, but I do enjoy it. The mixing, the creating, the actually cooking–the smells, omg, the smells. Next favorite is digging in my winter closet. After a full wardrobe of summer clothes, I’m ready for the long sleeves. That enthusiasm lasts about a week and I’m ready for my shorts again. When I was a little girl, and I do mean little (ages 1-3?) we lived in the Ozark Mountains and we got all that fluffy white snow. I was young, but I do remember playing in it. Where’s your grandma at that you visited? Do you ever make your way up north anymore?

Vicki: My grandmother lived in Alabama, outside of Huntsville. It was so cool to go visit there when I was young, but that’s another post all together. 🙂 A couple of years ago Science Guy and I went to Buffalo, NY to visit his family for the holidays. We went sledding at Chestnut Ridge (the first I’d ever done that), built a snowman (that is really hard work), had snowball fights (I won, or he let me win), and I did snow angels. I loved every minute of it. Of course I wasn’t having to get ready for work so it was all fun. So when do you open presents at your house? Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Keri: My dad took us cross-country skiing when I was a young teenager (wow—the work, but I enjoyed it!). It was probably the last time since I was a toddler that I made a snow angle. Okay—goal for next year’s Christmas, go somewhere wintery. Since I’m married and also belong to a divorced family where BOTH parents have remarried, holidays can sometimes get a little buck-wild. For the most part, we start Christmas Eve afternoon/evening and that runs until about midnight covering husband’s extended family, extended family on my step-dad’s side and also my immediate family with my mom. Next morning, we’re up and going to my grandma’s for a mid-morning breakfast. Somewhere in there we fit in seeing my husband’s immediate family. Two of them are on shift work, so it’s different every year. Also squeeze in some time to open our gifts at home. After it’s all said and done, that’s usually when we see my dad and step-mom. I haven’t made it up to my step-mom’s extended family in a long time, but I would to try and go. It’s just time! And this year son has strep and will be on antibiotics the whole time. Oh, the joy! What are you holidays like? 

Vicki:  I love everything about the holiday season and we pretty much start the day after Thanksgiving. This year in the new house it’s been a little different, trying to figure out where to put the tree and other decorations. And with the economy I haven’t spent as much money on presents this year either which is very odd for me. I love to shop for Christmas presents. We usually leave our lights up till January 5th or whatever the date is the first weekend after New Years. By then I’m ready to get everything put away and it always amazes me at how clean and uncluttered my house feels once everything is down and the regular stuff is back in place.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and peace and joy flows through your lives. Merry Christmas!!

Keri: I second that wish! I’ve got a Snuggie to give away to one lucky commenter this week! Your choice of color (assuming they’re not out of stock!) so it’ll make a great gift or one to keep for yourself. I’ll announce a winner tomorrow morning, so check-in. If I can, I’ll try to have it to you by Christmas (no promises though!). For my international peeps, it looks like Target will not ship to you. But I can’t stand leaving folks out, so if you live out of the States, I’ll ship to you, but it is unlikey to be by Christmas.

Keri and Vicki


7 Responses

  1. Those Snuggie things are pretty cool! My grandmother had one when I visited recently (not that I used it since she keeps her house at 80) but I’d use it at home.

    Merry Christmas Keri!

  2. Since we’ve been in the drought part of the cycle for the past 20 years, we haven’t had much snow. Not that we ever had mounds of it; but we used to get one decent snowfall every year. Mostly, we get ice. Black, white and eventually grey & broken ice. Makes driving an adventure.

  3. I have been wanting a Snuggie. I freeze in the winter. 🙂 The weather forecast is for snow this evening through the weekend.

  4. I have to admit, I’ve always secretly wanted a snuggie 😀 I wrap myself in blankets anyway, and the mobility would be nice.

    Great giveaway, ladies! Thanks! And have a terrific weekend, everyone!

  5. The snuggie sounds great for reading a book and keeping warm!

  6. The Snuggie is wonderful.

    Chey–I use mine for two things. When I’m reading or writing. I love having my arms covered

  7. A big snow storm is rolling in tomorrow and the Snuggie would definitely keep us warm. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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