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A New Outlook!

Out with the old and in with the new!  2009 didn’t end with the usual bang or sparks from a multitude of fireworks for me.  A trip to visit family in Louisiana is a tradition for us.  The cold and nasty rain that followed us up there is not. 🙂

 We did get to take a brief shopping trip along the Cane River in Natchitoches and at least see the Christmas lights at dusk.  They even had cool 3-D glasses you could wear, which allowed you to see special messages and pictures when you looked at the lights.  Something new I’d never heard of.  All in all, the entire trip turned out great and left us with memories of eating great barbeque, riding four wheelers and motorcycles in the mud, and laughing over the silly things kids do.

Now back home, I’m reminiscing over 2009.  Looking at pictures of my kids and our family get togethers over the past year, I have to admit it was a really good year.  Most of those things I worried about early on in the year never happened or turned out better than I’d imagined and we even made it through the unexpected with a better outlook on life itself.  I won’t bore you with all the details of the twist and turns but I will share a few of the lessons I learned along the way. 

  •  Take it one day at a time.  Make each day count and don’t sweat the small stuff or take for granted a single moment.  No one is promised another day.
  • Look forward to each new task or step as an adventure or challenge.  Don’t relive those things in your past that get you down, make you feel unworthy or, as far as the writing goes, make you feel like your wasting time.  What makes you happy is never a waste of time.
  • Find others who enjoy the things you do and then carve out some time in your busy schedule to spend that time with them.  There is nothing better to boost your self-confidence or mood than good friends who get you.
  • And last but not least, take that risk.  What ever it is that you dread the most or scares you the most “Just do it!”  (As long as it’s not illegal.) LOL

 It has been one wild and crazy ride for me, but I’m looking forward to all 2010 has to offer.  I’m setting goals, but with the understanding that having to change or alter them in no way means I failed.  Just changed course a little.   No fireworks on New Year’s Eve?  No problem.  We came home and had our own little celebration on Jan. 1 instead.  It was still fun because we were surrounded by those we loved.  What?  Another rejection?  No problem.  I’ll call or email my buds and they’ll assure me the person who read my stuff was just having a bad day or signed another author with a similar story, or heck, has totally lost their mind and I must send out more queries.  It all boils down to how you decide to look at it.  For me, the being positive option sounds so much better than the negative.

 What challenges or adventures are you looking to conquer? I’d love to add more life lessons to my list, so fire away!

9 Responses

  1. Getting thin in two thousand ten. Not sure if this is a Motto or Resolution. As Melissa stated, “Just Do It” and take legal risk. Be careful world, here I come. Thanks Melissa, I making my list now.

  2. Love the rhyme, Terri! 🙂 Good luck with that list and accomplishing all your goals! I do hope the world is ready! LOL

  3. Seeing that picture of Nach. (sp?) Louisiana makes me want to go back to our chapter writing retreat! …what do you think Liz? Jamie?

  4. Oh, I bet that was a blast, Keri. It’s such a neat little town with so much history. 🙂

  5. Oh, absolutely. Love Natchitoches. Such a great litttle town. And I love the attitudes so many of you have about the new year. Such determination. I’m in a weird mood right now. I don’t feel as focused as I usually do. Feeling ambivilent about 2010. Strange.

  6. A wise woman, you are. I’ll try to set an example this year. Oh, and I’ll try not to do anything illegal. 😉


  7. I go through stages, Liz. I’m excited about the possiblities and then have to fight off the doubts and what if’s. I think it will always just be part of what we do. 🙂 Hang in there and I hope it turns around for you soon!

  8. LOL Jenn! Now I know that the illegal is probably more fun and exciting, but we all have to grow up sometime. 🙂 At least that’s what someone told me. But I really don’t like the idea either.

  9. Oh Melissa! I have SO goals to conquer this year! Weight loss, moving, being single again, having TONS of fun this year with friends, and turning in my book to the editor!

    I went to Natchitoches too last year! The Christmas lights were beautiful, weren’t they? 😉

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