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The Gift that Keeps On Giving

I know that we are on to focusing on the New Year and all those shining goals and resolutions, but I’m not ready to give up on the holidays just yet. After all they don’t really end until today, right? Isn’t tonight Twelfth Night?


Last week Karilynn shared her desire for a longer shower (God love her for making do with 7 gallons of hot water!) and it got me to thinking about the gift that keeps on giving.

Over my thirty-seven years I’ve had some truly wonderful gifts…and some not so great. After I responded to Karilynn’s blog, I stepped into my deliciously hot tub of bathwater, sank back and started to think about the gifts I’ve received and how truly blessed I am in life. Now I don’t get philosophical often, but there’s nothing like a good soak to sooth and turn me contemplative.

So I started thinking about past gifts and which one meant the most to me (and I’m gonna talk physical gifts here – not like my kids being born or the day I married hubs). My first best Christmas gift was my silver ten speed bicycle. I’ll never foget the way it looked in the light of the multi-colored Christmas tree that Christmas morning. Oh, I loved that thing. I rode all over town – to the library to check out my Nancy Drew’s, to my cousin’s house, to the swimming pool. Man, I was a free-wheeling eleven year old with no thoughts of boys or shirts with little polo guys on them. It was that truly terrific time for a girl – all confidence and curiousity.

The next best gift I recieved was a beautiful diamond ring my grandfather gave me when I graduated from high school. I still love it, mostly because he chose it for me all on his own. He’s no longer with me, but that ring is. And last Christmas my parents took my grandmother’s wedding band and had beautiful diamond earrings made for me. I have a piece of each of them.

I bought a gift for myself that proved to be the best thing ever – my black and silver minature Schnauzer Gatsby. I’ve written about him before. Nothing like scholarship money burning a hole in my pocket. Last quarter of college and I didn’t need a text book for student teaching. But I really needed that dog.

In the last couple of years my husband has really come through with the good presents. In 2007, he switched out my engagement diamond with a cubic zarconia and had it reset in a band of diamonds. He also snagged us two tickets to the National Championship to see LSU play Ohio State. Don’t know which made me cry harder. For my birthday this year, he gave me my iphone. Now that’s the bomb. I LOVE that thing. Can check my email anywhere and my kids love all the apps. This Christmas I got a Kindle. I had my doubts about it, I won’t lie. But I’m really enjoying it.

I know I could think of lots more good gifts. I know, you’re thinking “She’s spoiled.” I am. I freely admit to it. But, jeez, I can’t help it. I was the only girl granddaughter  on both paternal and maternal sides. So, yeah, I was a bit spoiled. But not rotten.

So I’ve been blessed with lots of great gifts over the last four decades. I could write about the worst gifts I’ve received, but we’ll just focus on the positive. So what have been the best presents you’ve recieved?


14 Responses

  1. Wow. You’ve had some fantastic gifts over the years.

    Hubby surprised me one year with a diamond necklace. That was fun. and a swiss army knife, which I have used SO MUCH.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve had a surprise gift. I usually end up picking out my stuff.

  2. The year my daughter was born (almost 22 yrs ago) my grandmother gave me one of her diamond rings for Christmas.

    The year I turned 16 my grandparents/parents gave me a 64 1/2 mustang. It was red with a white top. They totally restored it and it rocked!! That same year my grandfather gave me a diamond ring (that I still have too).

    I also have a special diamond necklace from them I got when I was a baby. I want to be able to pass it down to my daughter/granddaughter. I lost my grandfather 13 yrs ago and my grandmother 3 years ago.

    Hubs does well too. He always gets something to surprise me, last year he really spoiled me. He got me a digital camera, a kindle and a new wedding ring. This year I got the band to go with my ring (but I had to pick it out). For my b-day he got me a digital pix frame. So yeah, I’m kinda spoiled too.

    • Glad to see some one is as spoiled as I am. Of course, I’m not complaining about it. Sometimes it just feels good to be taken care of even if I can buy it for myself.

      And, Cyndi, I’ve never recieved a diamond necklace before. That must have really been special.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Over the years my favorite presents have been a plane ticket, cashmere sweater and scarf, Coach purse and jewelry.

  4. I’ve been thinking over this all day. My first christmas with my husband (my then boyfriend) he got me a promise ring. I was a Senior high school and we’d been together for about 3months.

    As you can imagine, my little 17year old heart was tickled pink. I want to SO BAD take that setting and have it mounted to a slide for my slide braclet, but husband got so stinking mad when I mentioned doing that one time. He got me a ring and doesn’t understand why I would want to change it (nevermind that I never wear it, but if it was on my braclet, I’d ‘wear’ it often)

  5. And that is me above! I thought I was signed (all my info was there)

  6. Jane –

    I have no cashmere. Maybe I should put that on my list. Well, I don’t really make a list. I just start telling my husband things I like. I usually just say pajamas. I really do love new jammies.

    I had a Coach purse when my kids were small. Let’s just say between spit-up, suckers and leaking bottles that I decided it was a waste of money. I could use one of those now 🙂

  7. Keri –

    My husband was my first and only. I still have the little gold hoop earrings he gave me when I turned 14. He still has the football player ornament I gave him when he turned 15. I put it on our tree every Christmas.

    I think it would be neat to make it into a slide. Awesome idea – that way you wear it everytime you put that special bracelet on. And I get you on the promise ring. I always wanted one of those. Gotta love marrying your high school sweetheart. Great memories.

  8. Does “stop by the western store and pick yourself out a pair of boots” count? No? Well, then, I guess I have to go with my KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve had it for two thirds of my marriage and it has fed us well. In fact, it just whipped up a cream cheese blueberry pie.

    No, my hubby didn’t pick it out all by himself. As he was standing in line to pay, the woman behind him gushed, “Oh, I wish my husband would buy me one of those for Christmas!”

    Hubby asked, “Did you stuff him in the pickup, drive him to this store, drag him by the hand to the proper aisle, point at the mixer and say, BUY ME THIS ONE?”

    “Well, no,” she said.

    “That’s why you’re not getting one.”

  9. Now, Karilynn, that made me laugh! 🙂

    Your husband sounds like a hoot – you must have lots of fun together. And blueberries and cream cheese? Sounds really good right now.

  10. It’s not a bad thing to be spoiled. LOL I know I have been. My hubby tries hard to suprise me with gifts, but I usually end up picking out the things I want. My favorite so far is the writing desk he bought for me this year. It means a lot to know he has faith in me. 🙂

  11. That’s a terrific gift, Melissa. It must be wonderful to know how much he believes in you. That’s like an ultimate gift – the desk and his support. Sweet.

  12. Someday I’ll tell y’all about the chain saw.

  13. Wow, Liz you have gotten some great gifts. 🙂 The greatest gift I have ever gotten wasn’t really at Christmas. The greatest gift I have ever received was what I was born with…lol. A very vivid and wild imagination! And I use that for my writing! I have been blessed with a WONDERFUL gift, and I LOVE having a creative mind to come up with stories!

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