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What are Little Boys Made of?

“What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails,
And that is what little boys are made of.”

(They forgot to add the line about rocks in their brains.) LOL

I had a younger brother and he was always in to something or trying something he shouldn’t, but having a little boy of my own has really opened my eyes to their imaginative and perilous nature.  Boys are so different from girls and it starts from the time they are conceived.  The doctor told me I was having another girl.  You see, my son was uncooperative even before he was born.  At no point during my pregnancy did he give the doctor a clear view.  I didn’t need the doctor’s prediction though.  Everything from the way I carried him to his rambunctious activity told me what I needed to know.

At eight pounds six ounces, he was ready to take on the world.  And nothing has changed.  In everything he does, there is no hesitation or idea that he might not be able to and no fear.

Case in point.  Monday afternoon.  School’s out.  Homework’s done.  Time for the neighborhood boys to get together and do what boys do.  Only this time, my little dare devil learned a lesson in what might not be such a great idea to do in a pair of roller blades.  What happens to that voice we girls have?  You know, the one that keeps us out of trouble.   It should have kicked in before he placed that first roller blade on the bottom step of the slide in the park.  It didn’t.  Okay, how about the second or third step?  Nope.  (heavy sigh)  Well, what about seconds before the idea of how he intends to get down filters through that thick skull?  Nope.

I can see him now.  Big smile on his face.  Wind in his hair.  King of the world at the top of that slide.  And then…  A bundle of shock and horror at the bottom as he lifts his right arm to try and figure out why the heck the darn thing is pounding like a pair of bongo drums.

Two broken bones later and three cast to deal with before we are done and he’s telling me how he probably shouldn’t have tried to slide down but just jumped off like he first thought.  What!?  Are you kidding me?  Can’t he see his first mistake was wearing the roller blades to the park and then climbing up the ladder?  I’m dying here!

There is a bright side.  It could have been so much worse.  My daughter told me his guardian angel must have taken a break for a few minutes to catch his breath. LOL  If you knew my son, you’d see the humor in this.  🙂

Boys will be boys, right?!

So, if you have sons who made it to adulthood without permanent damage I salute you!  And if you have any stories to make my insides cringe at what my precious boy might try next I’d love to hear them.


18 Responses

  1. Well…. I can’t really say much of anything. I clearly recall a similar incident from my youth involving a skateboard, a very large playground slide, and, uh, well… like Mt. Everest, it was THERE. These things happen, Melissa. In retrospect, I see how incredibly lucky I was to simply sail off and land on my rear in a pile of sand. This was back in the days of the Mom Communication System; one mother saw me, she told another, who told another, and by the time I got home, my mother was, um, ‘prepared’ to talk to me. So to speak. Man, was I ever in trouble…:)

    The hypocrisy of it is, if I had a son who pulled such a stunt as I did, he might get off restriction right around the time he graduated from Harvard Law…:)

    The fact your son fears nothing is a good thing, and will stand him well in his life. Full-bore, chew it up, get out there and savor every moment!

    Conversely, the fact your son fears nothing is, as we’ve discussed, why Moms have Valium and Dads have Scotch….:) Sadly, this will not change simply because he reaches adulthood….

  2. I hope Kari Lynn Dell stops by today with her little boy stories. Having no children and having not really been around little boys much, I (in all my wisdom) decided to write a 5y/o into my current WIP. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I keep bouncing things off parents with boys (would a boy do this? say this?)

    What I have discovered is…Little boys are different than little girls. LOL

  3. Boys…I can’t figure them out.

    My problem is not so much with the dare-devil stuff. That I can handle. It’s the farting and burping, the absolute fascination with bodily functions, the socks all over the house, the nasty stuff they keep in their drawers – do you know how many dirty rocks I’ve pulled out of there? Why? They keep everything. Every baseball card, old watch that doesn’t work, and old baseball jersey.

    Boys are just yucky. I realize that more now than ever now that I’m surrounded by them.

    But they have a great sense of humor and don’t squeal all the time like girls. There’s the upside.

  4. I agree with everything Liz just said. Boys are yucky, but they have a WONDERFUL sense of humor. Especially the guys I know….and sometimes….they can tell the nastiest jokes! LOL! But hey…that’s a guy for you! 😉 You gotta love them!

  5. Thanks, Will! That’s just what I wanted to hear. LOL I’ve been hoping he’ll grow out of it!

  6. LOL Cyndi! This made me giggle. “(would a boy do this? say this?) ” The answer is a whopping “YES” to anything you can dream up. 🙂

  7. Liz, I’ll never figure them out, I just want to be a few steps ahead that’s all. 🙂 And my son will kill me for saying this, but boy can he squeal! His two older sisters have taught him well. LOL

  8. Jamie, my son is hilarious. If it weren’t for his humor and affectionate nature I think I might have traded him in already. LOL Just Kidding!!! I love him to death. 🙂

  9. yeah Melissa. I’m figuring how they will say and do anything.

    Kari Lynn told me that she found her son and his cousin looking through the refrigerator for ketchup. They wanted to put it on their stomachs. WHAT??? LOL

  10. Thank goodness I have girls. But for the record, that little voice that supposed to keep us out of trouble isn’t always loud and clear in little girls’ heads, either. 😉

  11. Oh, Melissa, this is too funny. My sister has the most perfect, quite well behaved daughter. And then there’s my boy. She’s of the opinion of, “my boy will never act that way” (not that mine is bad, he’s just BUSY)

    Yeah, she has a boy. and he’s just learned to walk. And he’s following right along in my son’s busy-body path.

  12. Oh, Lord. Where do I start? Actually, for all his climbing and running and jumping, my kid is careful in his own way. He gives most everything a ‘test drive’ before going all out. What baffles me is how much fun he can have doing stuff like crashing his Big Wheel bike into the front of the old recliner at full speed. Repeatedly. (I have concrete floors and plywood walls. Essential raising a boy decor IMO.)

    Case in point: We have a huge snowpile by the barn where my husband scooped all the snow off the road and out of the way. Logan sleds down it. Except he went down the wrong chute the other day, hit a bump halfway down and rolled head over heels to the bottom. Spent the rest of the day trying to stop him from doing it again.

    “But Mommy! I WANT to fall on my head!” Sheesh.

  13. I was lucky and had a girl but when we were growing up, my little brother would run head first into our pool table, fall down and get up and do it all over again. He would only stop if a commercial came on TV.

    He fell off the top of the slide at a campground pool once and split his head open. Fortunately that’s the worse of his bumps and bruises (unless you want to count the head trauma from the pool table). He will be 30 this year.

  14. Ketchup!!! Oh, dear! I can see where that’s going. LOL It’s worse when there is more than one of those little boy brains working. LOL I’ll be watching my frig alot closer, Cyndi!

  15. I hear ya, Jenn! 🙂

  16. Keri, you’ve nailed it. Busy! That’s the word that says it all. Your poor sister! He’s just getting started isn’t he? 🙂

  17. Ouch, KariLynn. Watch him close! We made it to the ripe old age of ten before breaking anything. But it was not for the lack of trying! LOL Full speed ahead! That’s my son’s moto. 🙂

  18. Heather, you’ve given me hope! LOL Maybe bumping heads and just being down right senseless is all part of their growing up process. I just hope I can hold on until then. 🙂

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