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Scientific Experiment of the Writing Variety

Wednesday sneaks up on me sometimes…I just remembered it was Wednesday, like, ten minutes ago. 🙂 But like many of you I just meet myself coming and going. Didn’t make it home last night until after 9:00 and then I had to get the kids in bed. By that time I was exhausted – took bath, slipped into bed, and stared at ceiling.  I couldn’t sleep.

So you know what I feel like this morning.

But I wanted to talk today about a little experiment I’ve undertaken with my writing. And really, the idea came from Keri. You see, I’ve been sluggish with my writing. It’s been tough to pull it from inside my head and put it on the paper. I have no idea why. Just is. So Keri tells me about this chat room thing she’s been doing where they chat for a little bit and then write then go back and chat about what they wrote.

So I thought, “Hey, that’s a good idea!”

I call my friend who I often lunch with on my Thursday Lunch Bunch (members of my chapter meet up and have lunch together and talk writing). She and I had made a pact about being really serious about writing this year, but thus far, neither one of us had enough of a fire lit under our butts to move forward. So in the call I tell her I have an idea.

We’re going to try the chat room thing, but we’re gonna move it to Starbucks. We’ll bring our laptops, we’ll chat about what we’re writing and trying to accomplish in the scene, and then we’ll write for twenty minute. Break for ten, chat, write for twenty.

Know what? I ‘m on chapter seven of my wip that I started on January 4th. I average about 1200 new words at Starbucks. And we’re doing it on Monday, so it’s like a kickstart to our week. And she’s been about the same in her productivity. We’re soooooo making progress. Plus, who doesn’t love Starbucks? The coffee, the funky music, all those twenty-somethings mulling over their college textbooks. It’s a recipe for inspiration. Experiment successful!

So what about you? Are you up for trying new routines or a new experiment in writing? Have you been productive so far this new year?


9 Responses

  1. I love the chat room writing (I’m not with Keri) We call them “Writing Sprints.” 45-50 minutes of writing and 10 minutes of blah blah blah and then back to writing. We use AOL and you’re welcome to join anytime. These are usually set up by Delilah Devlin. Various writers join sometime for one sprint, sometimes for two or more. Holler if you want to.

    But like you, I need a fire lit under my butt. I have two requests for fulls and need to get those polished and out the door.

  2. Love my get togethers on Fridays with my writing buds! You just can’t beat accountability to keep you going strong. 🙂 I’ve never done the writing sprints, but they sound like fun.

  3. I may have to try that, Cyndi. I think the accountability thing works for me. And when I’m not at home, there are way fewer distractions.

    Here, the m&ms call me, the washing machine says, “take the clothes out.” You know, stuff like that that tears me from my chair.


  4. Yeah, I do love meeting up with a friend and having someone keep my accountable.

  5. Great Amy! I’m glad it’s working for you.

    For anyone wondering, I do my writing sprints at Romance Divas. Since I don’t have a set for sure schedule of when I can write for long periods, the Divas chat room is really awesome for me. I can pop in at any time throughout the day and there’s usually several people there. With this set up, I can easily come and go, or start a sprint and stop mid-way to tend to the kid. I can do this every day if I want.

    except for those rare occasions when chat is down. 😉

  6. Yep, it’s working well. I’m going to keep it up. Wasn’t a good week for me this week, but I do like it.

  7. Wish I lived near enough for the Starbuck’s Challenge, Liz. As it is, I only challenge myself, which isn’t a lot of fun. I’ve been doing that since Jan. 4, with a goal of 10,000 wds per wk. So far, I have about 44,000 (hey, love scenes take longer!) and hope to get the rough done by the first week in March for a June 1 deadline. I’ve been posting progress on Facebook as a way to keep myself accountable. Last year, I took the motor home to a nearby RV park for Jan. & Feb., using it as an office with daily visits, and managed a rough in 7 weeks. Writers live in the land of Whatever Works.

  8. You seriously amaze me, Jennifer! But then again you always have.

    I’ve always said I need to sit at your feet and learn from the master. 10,000 a week? Now that’s a professional writer. I think the most I’ve managed is 6000 in a week – maybe I’m putting in too many love scenes 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, first lady of romance!

  9. That is a GREAT idea, Liz! Wish I lived close enough to join you all. Jennifer amazes me-10,000 words a week! Since I saw her post on FB, I have been trying to meet that goal.

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