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Well, it is one exciting night!  Super Bowl 44, is that right?  Man, that’s along time.  I went into it kind of neutral.  I wanted to the Saints to will because they’ve never had the opportunity before, but I’ve always like the Colts.  My immediate family was split on who they wanted to win, so I decided to just play referee and make sure no one got hurt. 🙂  We used to watch pro football all the time when I was younger.  As things changed and teams switched all over the place, I lost interest.  This year it has been really exciting to see the Saints make it all the way.

Every year I’m amazed and maybe even shocked at times by the commercials.  Where do people come up with this stuff?  This year my favorite was the Doritos commercial where the little boy slaps the guy about to take his mother out on a date and tells him about his two rules.  “One, stay away from my momma.  Two, stay away from my Doritos.” LOL

All these commercials got me to thinking about promotion.  The how, where and especially when to start making a name for yourself.  I’ve read a lot about getting started before you sell.  It makes sense.  Get your name out there and recognized.  A good brand is one of the most important things an author has to sell her books.

We aspiring authors can get a jump on our PR and make our life a little easier when we finally do get “the call.”  Google is great resource to check and see if your tagline, slogan or name is unique.  Go ahead and take that next step and at least lock in your domain name, especially those of you with common names.  I really didn’t think I’d have a problem since mine is so different, but I did find one other person with my “exact” name living in Czechoslovakia.  Now, wouldn’t I have been shocked if I had waited, only to find my name unavailable when I went to set up my website?  I shudder to think. LOL

Golden Heart winner Jenn Stark has some helpful tips on her site about branding. (http://www.JennStark.com/).

Well, halftime is over!!! Back to the game.  The score is 10 to 6 at the moment.  A real nail bitter. 🙂

Any tips or experiences with promotion you’d like to share?


10 Responses


    As a gal, who is Louisiana through and through (and who lived for 7 years in the Crescent City), I’ve got to say I am proud. And Drew Brees holding his son with tears in his eyes? Wasn’t a woman in my house who wasn’t wiping her face.

    It was just a fantastic night for us – red beans and rice, kingcake, good friends, and a Saints win! Nothing better!

    As to promotion, well, I think it can be good if you have the time to twitter, blog, facebook, etc. And promo takes money. For me, I’m willing to do a little on my first one. I’m thinking of doing little heart tattoos (kinds fits with a theme in my book) and I think people will like them. If they don’t their kids will.

    BTW, I have a brand new website! I’d love some traffic and links, so if you’re willing to help a chick out, stop by and tell me what you think. It’s http://www.liztalleybooks.com.

    How’s that for promo?

  2. Who Dat!
    Congrats, Saints!

  3. I love both teams and would have been happy for either to win.

    But I rooted for the Saints. They were the underdog. I love New Orleans. And they are in the same conference as the Texans. Nuff said.

    Now, when I saw Drew Brees holding his son with those tears in his eyes – at that very moment – no one, NO ONE deserved that win more than he. Damn – I’m misting up again!


  4. I confess..we watched the first quarter and went to bed! we had to get up at midnight to go park and wait for the shuttle launch at 4:14 this morning. (Pictures and videos for Wednesday’s blog)

    Promo…I’m better at promoing someone else that I am myself. Guys don’t have this problem. Maybe it’s only here in the south, but girls were always told not to brag, not to show off, be humble, demure, etc. I have trouble overcoming that.

  5. Brees holding his son and tears…right there with ya, Liz!! 🙂 Chokes me up just thinking about it. LOL

    And Great Website, girl!! You’re on your way!

  6. I’ve always been a sucker for the underdog. It was a really great game! Go Saints!!!!

  7. I was raised the same way, Cyndi. And I have to admit the mere idea of Promotion scares me a little.

    Wednesday’s blog sound interesting! Can’t wait! 🙂

  8. Yes, town was pretty much dead while the game was on television.

    I use a lot of things for promotion. Business cards, my own website, facebook, and telling everyone about my book. There can also be booksignings held. Those are very good ways to get your name out there.

  9. Game – yep, great game. I liked both team, but betted on the Colts, and lost. Oh well, it was a good game that’s what was important to me.

    Promo- Funny how you can tell what commercials/promotions are geared toward men. We know men need to stare and be visually entertained while women are generally the opposite.

  10. Husband and I weren’t concerned too much with who won. We were more worried about the scores at the end of the qrts to see if we’d win any money. 🙂

    And we did, so we were happy.

    Best commericial I saw (not counting the horses), was the Doritos w/ the dog slapping the barking collar on that guy.

    For promotion…weeeeel. I don’t think of it as promotion. I think of it as, I’m having fun, I’m meeting a lot fantastic people and have tons of laughs along the way.

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