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Takin’ a Little Trip

It could be I’m still looped up on the nitrous from the two root canals I just underwent, but I’m feeling reflective. I know that they say the effects of  nitrous go away quickly, but I swear I’m still feeling weird. Tingly and enlightened. Maybe I should hook that stuff up while I write. I could write some really good stuff….or some really bad 🙂

I’ve been thinking  a lot about journeys. Probably because we’re going to have to drive to Disney World this year. It’s something we’ve never had to do, but airfare is so gosh dang ridiculous at present that I can’t see shelling out $2500.00 for the fam to fly this time. So we’re driving. A loooooong way. But I’m actually okay with it. My husband isn’t.

But here’s the difference between us. As a kid, my vacation began when we backed out of the driveway. Part of the fun was getting there. We usually vacationed with my grandparents (God Bless ’em!) while my parents sank down on the couch and sighed. Three kids on a shoe string budget means very little time alone. I can still see the grin on my mom’s face as we pulled away. My grandparent’s were champs (or seriously deranged). They stocked the car with sweets and set out for the hills of Arkansas. And they taught me that getting to our destination (Branson) was half the fun.

See that zoo with animals that talk? Let’s stop there!

Ooooh, caverns with crystals! Let’s stop there!

Wait, did that just say Booger Hollow? Let’s stop there!

Took us two days to get to Branson. We stopped at Hot Springs, the Buffalo River, Dogpatch and whatever else tickled our fancy. For a kid, it was fantastic! We bought more bull whips and glistening crystals at roadside gift shops than you could shake a stick at.

But I’m thinking my husband grew up in a family that battened down the suitcases, gave the kids a dose of Benadryll, and set out to beat the record for shortest time to get there.

Just to solidify this hunch, my husband just called to say he bought a GPS system that will mount right next to our radar detector. Sigh. I’m wondering if I might need a cathater ’cause if I’m a betting woman, we ain’t stopping much.

But it’s kinda of sad to view travel as a race to get to the destination. We rush around so much in life, that’s it nice to think of meandering around a bit, rather than making the countryside a blur. And so this leads me to my analogy. Ha Ha, I’ve always got an analogy.

Enjoy the ride to publication. Stop and stare in wonder at talking animals (crazy contest judges), savor those stagmalites (contest wins) and enjoy nutsy rest stops (conferences). It’s okay to enjoy the scenery. After all, you do have a destination. And you will get there someday 🙂


6 Responses

  1. I grew up in a middle class home. Money was tight. Vacations were always by car. Most of them were to Six Flags over Texas, or down to the Florida beaches. Once we went to see family in Oregon and California but those were some long trips.

    The set-up was always the same. Dad would take a sleeping pill and go to bed early. Mom would pack the car and get everything ready to go. My sister & I would go to bed. Parents would get us up early (about 4), put us in the car and take off. Dad was rested and would drive. The rest of us would sleep. We would stop about 7 for cold milk and dunkin’ sticks (donuts).

    My husband & I travel by RV now. We drive a lot. But I still have to fly often, usually for Board Meetings. But I don’t really like to fly anymore. It’s such a cattle call.

    And for getting there (i.e. published) someday…from your mouth to publishing’s ears. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I wondered about that analogy. But, hey, regardless, I still felt kinda loopy from the dental procedure. I figured everyone would think it a stretch 🙂

    Sounds much like my childhood. We left at 4:30 or 5:00. My grandfather got up early and so did we!

  3. Yeah, I wondered about that analogy. But, hey, regardless, I still felt kinda loopy from the dental procedure. I figured everyone would think it a stretch 🙂

    Sounds much like my childhood. We left at 4:30 or 5:00. My grandfather got up early and so did we!

    Have a good Wednesday!

  4. ohh…the memories of being shoved in a minivan with 5 other folks for hours at a time! Make it stop! Make it stop!

    Unless it was plotted on the trip, we wernn’t stopping. And yeah, get your bathroom brakes while you could because having to ask seems like you got a sigh for an answer. Lots of time playing Nintendo GameBoy (that’s the first version of the DS, for any youngsters among us). That was traveling with my Dad.

    On the few trips with my mom and step-dad it was…”did that sign just say wax museum ??”

  5. My favorite road trip as a kid was the one we took to Yellowstone National Park. We went to Carlsbad Caverns, panned for gold in Utah and waited forever in line to get into the park. Very long road trip, but also very memorable.

  6. I’ve been to Branson, Liz. Fun place to go! I went bungee jumping there. It was a thrill! The wine they have at the Stone Hill is tasty too. 😉

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