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Protect Yourself!

Now I’m not talking about self defense for you, but for your computer.  As some of you know, I’ve had some major issues over the past few months.  I hate those sneaky, stinking computer virus and am now on a mission to help as many people as I can avoid what I’ve had to go through.

Here is a little of what I’ve learned from the experience.   If at anytime you are on the internet, minding your own business and a little box pops up telling you that a virus has been detected and you need to run a spyware scan immediately, stop!  Don’t pass go, Don’t collect 200 dollars and whatever you do Don’t click anything!  Even if the message appears to come from your trusted spyware program.  Turn off your computer immediately!  Hopefully you’ve saved what you were working on, but even if you didn’t the consequences of trying to will be worse.  Trust me.  Mine came up saying it was from AVG.  And yes, I clicked the X to get it off my screen so I could continue with what I was doing.  Little did I know that is all it would take to download the virus from H-e-double hockey sticks!

Most of you have a great anti-virus program installed on your computer.  For those of you who don’t or would like to add a few more, I had two recommended that are safe and best of all have a free version.   I’m using them both now along with the AVG.  I was amazed at how one would catch something the other two did not.

Malwarebytes http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10896905.html


SuperAnti Spyware http://www.superantispyware.com/download.html

According to my trusted computer technician, these viruses are on the rise and getting trickery by the second.  Rules for internet use I will now live by to save my precious information and my sanity:

  • Be very weary of links included in emails no matter who they say they are from.
  • Never click on those annoying pop up ads.
  • Run my anti-virus programs regularly and install those updates!
  • And BACK UP everything, EVERY single day!

I’m clean now and plan on staying that way!  And a huge “Thank You” to all my very understanding friends and family!!  🙂


13 Responses

  1. Or, you could Go Mac…:) Macs are not invulnerable (sadly, nothing is) but there is nowhere near the nonsense one has with Windows. I switched to Macs two years ago now, and the only time I ever had a problem was when (Geek that I am) I was poking around in System Folders where I should not have been, and deleted a file I should not have deleted. Even after that, with Mac, I was fully restored and back in action in a little less than three hours. As opposed to three days on Windows.

    Yes, I’ve turned into one of those “You’ll take my Mac when you pry it from my cold dead fingers” kind of people, but after years of frustration with Windows systems, viruses, Trojans, etc., well…. I cannot sing the praises of Macs enough….

  2. LOL, William! Curiosity will get you into trouble every time. 🙂 And I’m saving my pennies!! 🙂

  3. Melissa – I got that same virus two years ago. I worked on it for days and was unable to get rid of it. (I even had McAfee as my anti-virus) I finally had to hire McAfee technicians to get rid of it. And that took over three hours and three different technicians. It was awful. I did not know that shutting the balloon would trigger the virus. ARGH

    Mac – not that I don’t want one but they are so expensive. It’s been years since I’ve been on a Mac.

    But thanks for the reminder not to follow links.

  4. Thanks for sharing your virus with me, Missy. What are friends for, right? LOL!
    And double thanks for the malwarebytes and spyware links.

  5. glad you’re running again! I got slammed about a month or so ago. I worked steady at it nearly all day, had some fab help from my beautiful twitter followers (thank goodness for husband’s computer that I stole for the afternoon!) and finally got rid of it.

    I too now run Malwarebytes about once a week and have added the free Avest in addition to my McAfee.

  6. I picked up one from Facebook. They turned facebook back on during the day at work and I had gotten on it to check something and that stupid thing popped up. I closed it and kept working. but it kept coming back up. Our computer guy had me turn the computer off (I called to verify it was a virus because it said my computer didn’t have anti virus software). When I tried to reboot it locked me out of everything.

    It took our computer tech all day to unencrypt (work at UAMS and all files are encrypted) the computer, remove the virus (had to run 3 scans) and then re-encrypt it.

    He said that since they allowed facebook during working hours they have done nothing but clean computers of viruses.

  7. I’m so afraid of these viruses that I don’t click on any links anymore.

  8. I am glad my computer hasn’t gotten a virus yet. Facebook is full of them I have discovered. They have these messages in your inbox that say they have you on hidden camera. Whatever you do…if the message doesn’t seem to make sense…DON’T CLICK IT!

  9. Gotta go get new virus software. Mine is about to expire in two weeks….or maybe it’s just a trick to get me to download a virus! Who knows. I’m so clueless to all this. My hubs is the protection guy.

    Maybe I need to know more than what I do. Thanks for the lesson, Mel!

  10. Ack! The dang virus has been around along time and it is still causing trouble. That’s not good at all is it, Cyndi? 😦 Hopefully I’m better equipped for any future ones that try to envade my space.

  11. And, Jenn! No problem. 🙂 But I will try not to pass the nasty ones around anymore. LOL

  12. Sorry to hear that so many of you have already gone through something similiar. I had no idea Facebook could be to blame. Thanks for that one, ladies!

    Keri, the worst part about the whole thing is, it’s going to take time to get rid of them. And time is one thing I don’t have enough of already.

  13. Liz! Get that software updated, girl!! Today!!! LOL I plan to learn as much as I can. This really makes me mad!!

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