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Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

Disclaimer: Just a reminder folks that I do not talk plot. I’ll get started and then won’t be able to stop and trust me here when I say the authors can tell the stories way better than I can, so I won’t even try. What I do is try to make you fall in love with the characters. And with such fabulous material to work with, it’s not even hard!

Keri’s Top Five Reasons She Loves Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl

1—The Cover. OMG, How Sexy Awesome is that cover? The shoes, the outfit, the pose—I want to be her! (I can be talked into settling for her legs, but either way, I still want to be her!)

2—Heroine, Lori Love. Her name for starters is adorable, especially in this way that Quinn says it (but that’s really not about Lori, is it?). The thing to love about Lori Love is that she totally and completely for the most part gets Quinn Jennings. And she likes him because he becomes so absorbed in his work that he forgets to call, forgets to show up on time for their dates. She brings a book, prepared to wait the few extra minutes. As she tells him, he’s been that way since Junior High, she gets him. And she admires him because he has that passion. A strive for something that she’s lacking in her own life.

3—Quinn Jennings. The man himself. Let’s just get real here, shall we? The man is smoking hot and he’s open to doing research to see that Lori’s happy. Research, folks. Re-Search. It’s some seriously enjoyable research, too. Each time he admits to stepping out of his comfort zone to make Lori happy, you’re heart just trips all over him. Plus, there’s a lot to be said about a man who’s utter focus goes into his passion and nothing else. Whether that passion is architecture or Lori Love, the subject has his complete focus.

4—Lori and Quinn together. Just when you think she’s too coarse for him, he proves you wrong. For me, Quinn is a beta on steriods. Seriously. An animal in the sheets, but this loveable man out of them. Fantisic addition to Lori’s insecurities. Oh, and we’ll keep this one short by saying a few words. He speaks Spanish. She doesn’t. There’s an alley involved and I swear to you by the end of, you’ll be consider a few illegal acts yourself (unless you’ve already been there, then I guess you’ll be thinking of doing them again).

5—This one is kind of cheating, since it should officially fall under number three, but really, this kind of announcement deserves a number all its own. When you’ve just had the best sex of your life (been having it for the past couple days), what’s not to love about the guy shouting that he’s a “sex ninja!”?

So there you are. Keri’s Top Five Reasons to Love Victoria Dahl’s Start Me Up.  I expect to see comments about runs to the bookstore folks. It will be so very much worth your trip.

Have you ever had a guy do research for you? Or guys, have you ever had a girl do research do make you happy? Let’s all see just how special and delicious Quinn Jennings really is.


8 Responses

  1. Don’t have rush to bookstore. Have the book. Read the book. LOVED the book.

    Ms. Dahl was a new author to me, having “discovered” her via twitter. Since then, I grab her books the DAY the come out. I enjoy the humor she injects in her stories.

    like you, I can recommend START ME UP without hesitation.

  2. You’ve got to clue me in to the type of research. My husbands loves to research stuff. It’s usually not the most exciting stuff – saltwater pool systems, installing a French drain…that kind of stuff.

    If it’s of a sexual nature…well, he’s been adventurous once and it was all for me. But I can’t go any further or y’all will know me better than you want to 😉

    And, yes, I will be picking up one of Victoria’s books. She’s been on my list for a while. Guiltily, I just haven’t been to the bookstore in a while and then while I’m there, I forget what I’m looking for. Can you say kid in candy store? I lose all reason.

  3. Same for Cyndi. Discovered her on Twitter–marketing at work at it’s finest, folks!

    Liz–No! NOPE! I’ll never tell! My lips are sealed. I won’t ruin it! You must read it to find out!

  4. Did you read my comment from yesterday’s post?! LOL 🙂

    I loved “Start Me Up.” Beta male + “sex ninja” comment = why I heart Quinn so much. Smart & not too hard on the eyes. What more can a gal want in truth or fiction?

    I never had a guy do “research” on me at least not to my knowledge but my HS sweetheart knew of my love for romance novels and never made fun and even tried to relate. Does that count?

    Victoria’s contemps are awesome (haven’t read her historicals yet, although I own them all…why must we go to work ???). The Tumble Creek series just got better with each successive book. Billy Chase. Absolutely scrumptious. I liked ALL of Victoria’s heroines as well, that’s usual for me.

    Buy the books, ladies! You are all in for a treat.

  5. oops…meant to say that liking all the heroines is UNUSUAL for me.

  6. Scorpio I did see your comment yesterday! I’d forgotten about that and I fell out laughing. And then as I was reading, I fell out laughing all over again. It just pops out of him and is so funny.

  7. Like most of the commenters here, I own the series and love it! I also follow Ms. Dahl on twitter – great fun and entertainment there! See her photo of her curling, sometime. 🙂

    Liz – I believe the “research” was Quinn reading from erotic romance novels and using the stories that the book fell open to, to understand the stories Lori loved and to fulfill her desires. You need to read the series!

  8. Lol, loved the “sex ninja” comment! Sounds like an AWESOME book, Keri! I would love to read it.

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