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Welcome Louisa Edwards!

Congrats to

Scorpio M.! You won a copy of On The Steamy Side!

And Maria Geraci, you picked up the apron and spatula set!

email your address to Louisa at: Louisa @ LouisaEdwards .com

Congrats and stay tuned for more fun and prizes!

So today’s my birthday! Yay me! Cyndi had this idea that I should do a little celebrating, so here we are and Louisa’s with me kicking off a great month long party! (Devon did make me a cake, right? And it’s got some awesome filling and icing? I’ll watch for a delivery truck) For the rest of this month I have some treats for you. More book reviews and Jennifer Haymore is popping in at the end of the month—so do drop by! Hint: There will be more book giveaways! (you can follow me on Twitter for the lastest: @KeriFord)

Hi, Louisa, and welcome to Everybody Needs A Little Romance! Thanks for sharing in with my birthday celebration this month on the blog. I completely enjoyed your debut release, Can’t Stand The Heat and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with On The Steamy Side—and I wasn’t!

Keri: If you were here yesterday, then you found out a little about Devon and Lilah and how much I adored them during my review, but you really can’t get enough of these two. So tell me, Louisa, where did you get the idea of mixing in the fast lane Devon Sparks with trying to break out of Small Town USA Lilah?

Louisa: I had Devon as a character, almost an antagonist, in Can’t Stand the Heat, and I thought about what woman would be his perfect, diametrically opposed opposite. I wanted a heroine who could shake jaded, cynical Devon out of his rut. Lilah is a character who is very close to my heart; as soon as I thought of her, I knew her mix of Southern charm and down-to-earth practicality was exactly what Devon needed.

Keri: Lilah was raised by her Aunt Bertie and Uncle Roy. These two were never on page, Lilah never even spoke with them on the phone, but I know them just as well as the other cast members we did meet. Aunt Bertie doesn’t approve of Lilah’s move to New York City, but then Auntie better is one of those old birds that wouldn’t approve of much of anything that was a lot of fun. And Uncle Roy, we got to know him even less, but I pictured my Grandpa. Solid, honest, faithful, but would teach you to drive the tractor even though Aunt Bertie said that wasn’t for a little lady to learn. Are they modeled after anyone in your life?

Louisa: Oh, I love Bertie and Roy! They’re not really modeled on anyone in my own life, but Bertie’s earthy little sayings are cobbled together from many sources: my mother, her friends, some relatives…my editor actually had to rein me in a little! I love Aunt Bertie.

Keri: Frankie and Jess. What, you thought I might let you out of an interview without mentioning these two? Not a chance, babe. We learned a lot about Jess during Can’t Stand The Heat but it was so Frankie’s turn for attention in On The Steamy Side. And did he ever deliver! He thinks he’s so tough, but is rough exterior is about as thick as a piece of paper. When will you put us out of our misery with these two and tell us what’s holding Frankie back? And are these two ever going to get their happily ever after?

Louisa: Oh, Frankie and Jess! They’re my favorites. It was a great challenge to write the next chapter of their story from Frankie’s point of view. I loved getting into his head. Fans of Frankie and Jess don’t have too long to worry about them–their story arc will come to a wonderful climax in JUST ONE TASTE, on sale August 31, 2010. I promise, it’s worth the wait! 

Keri: There’s a little teaser (and when I say little folks, I mean little. *cuts eyes at Louisa for not giving enough*) at the end of One The Steamy Side of the next story up in the Recipe For Love Series, Just One Taste. It features Wes and a new character, Rosemary. Now from what I’ve seen in these precious few pages is, there are hundreds of side splitting laughter moments ahead. Can you give us anything on this story?

Louisa: Because I love you, Keri, I’m going to give you a sneak preview of the cover copy for Just One Taste. Enjoy!


Bad-boy chef Wes Murphy is dreading his final-semester cooking class—Food Chemistry 101—until he meets the new substitute teacher. Dr. Rosemary Wilkins is a feast for the eyes, though her approach to food is strictly academic. So Wes decides to rattle her test tubes by asking for her hands-on advice—on aphrodisiacs


Rosemary is a little wary about working with Wes, whose casual flirtations make her hot around the collar. But once they begin testing the love-enhancing power of chocolate, oysters, and strawberries, it becomes scientifically evident that the brainy science nerd and the boyish chef have some major chemistry together—and it’s delicious…  

Keri: And bonus question (and because my husband can use all the help he can get), what would Devon buy Lilah for her birthday?

Louisa: Hmm…it depends on where Lilah’s birthday falls in the story. At the beginning of On the Steamy Side, he’d definitely spring for something pricey and ostentatious–something that visibly proves he cares. By the end of the book, after Devon’s learned a few things about love, family, and how to let himself be vulnerable–I think he’d buy her something like…a first edition, signed copy of the first cookbook by Virginia cooking legend Edna Lewis. Lewis was the first cook/food writer who brought traditional Southern foodways to national attention; she would’ve been a huge influence on Aunt Bertie and Lilah’s cooking.

Keri: Thanks for hanging with us for the day, Louisa! And THANK YOU so much for offering up a copy of On The Steamy Side to a lucky commenter and an apron and spatula set to someone else (are those not adorable?? I want that set!).

Louisa will be popping in through the day answering questions! Leave a comment for a chance to win!


25 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Keri!

    Great interview. I wanted to read the book yesterday after Keri’s review, but having read this I’m now desperate to 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday, Keri!

    And welcome, Louisa! I’ll be honest, I haven’t read your books yet, but you can bet I’ll be rushing out to pick them up soon.

    Food + writing = Liz’s idea of heaven.

    Thanks for being our guest – we love guests!

  3. Happy Birthday, Keri (yano, this is the third place I’ve wished you HB today! LOL )

    Louisa – Loved meeting you at STAR meeting, but yano hanging with your two co-presenters makes me wonder how many times I’m gonna run into you in the bar at National! 🙂

    Love your characters and love the settings. I hate the “rumor” that romantic comedy is dead. Of course it isn’t. I adore books that can make me smile, chuckle, laugh. Thank you for taking on that challenge.

  4. Thank you Newtowritinggirl! And yes, do pick this up! you won’t be disappointed!

    Thank you Liz! And yes, food+writing=a whole lotta heaven!

    Cyndi, I love birthdays so if you want to wish it to me at a 4th place–I’m totally okay with that! 😀 And yes, I too love romantic comedies!

  5. Happy Birthday, Miss Keri, and thank you so much for having me! I’m thrilled to be here, loved every word of your review (thank you!) and enjoyed your interview questions quite a bit. If anyone has any other questions they’d like to ask me, I’m ready to dish!

  6. Thank you Louisa! Glad to have you hanging with us for the day!

  7. Happy Birthday Keri!

    Louisa, adored Can’t Stand The Heat and can’t wait to start On The Steamy Side!

  8. Happy Birthday, Keri & Welcome, Louisa!

    I am new to Louisa’s work but read the review from yesterday and think Devon & Lilah are my type of couple. I generally don’t watch much tv but if it’s on, it’s on the Food Network! Thx for visting.

  9. Happy Birthday, Keri! I can’t wait to read Steamy – I just have a pile of stuff to get through first.

  10. Happy Birthday Keri and welcome Louisa.

    I haven’t picked up one of her books yet but based on your interview questions yesterday Keri, it definitely sounds like one I would enjoy.

    I love good romantic comedies and read them in between the paranormals for a break.

    will definitely have to pick up your books Louisa.

    thanks again for stopping by and visiting with us.

  11. Okay, question-

    Louisa, did you start with this series? Or did you write in another genre before you tackled romcom?

    And, Keri, weirdly enough it’s Ms. Sue’s, Joanna Wayne’s, and Jennifer Blake’s birthday today, too. Odd to have 4 people in our chapter born on the same day. I’m thinking March 9th is the day writers are born 🙂

  12. Have a fabulous Birthday Keri !

    I’m soooooo want to read Louisa’s book. it’s so steamy 🙂

  13. Happy birthday Keri, It’s mine today also!

  14. Thanks so much for all the welcoming and buzzing about the books!

    Liz – The first book I ever tried to write was a contemporary, although not very funny. I got about halfway through, then got distracted by landing a job in an editorial dept. of a big publishing house! When I got married, moved to Ohio, and got back to writing, I tried…paranormal. I know. But I loved reading it, and it was selling well, so I thought it was the smart thing. Not so much, as it turned out! After a lot of polishing and revising, I landed a brilliant agent whose first task was to sit me down and very kindly tell me she didn’t think she could sell that paranormal. It was hard to hear, but when she told me to write something I felt truly connected to, it really freed me up. I started Can’t Stand the Heat thinking no one would ever buy it, I was just writing it for me. And the minute I stopped worrying about the market, or trends, or rules, I sold.

    Maybe more than you wanted to know! But I think my story has a good lesson for aspiring authors–don’t write to a trend! Write for yourself first. If you love it and feel passionate about it, chances are other people will, too.

    More questions, come on, people! LOL

  15. Happy Birthday Keri!
    On the Steamy side sounds like a fun read!

  16. Great interview. it sounds like a fantastic new series. I am looking forward to starting it. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. […] Go here to see the original:  Welcome Louisa Edwards! « Everybody Needs A Little Romance […]

  18. Happy Birthday, Keri!
    I just finished reading On The Steamy Side last night. It’s absolutely fantastic! A fun, sexy, warm, romantic read!

  19. Happy Birthday, Keri.

    Congrats on the new release, Louisa. Looking forward to your Recipe For Love series.

  20. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Keri! 🙂

    And Welcome, Louisa!! Great advice on writing to trends!

  21. Happy Birthday, Keri.

    I enjoyed Louisa’s first book , Can’t Stand the Heat, and the new book sounds great. I’m happy that I will get to ‘visit’ with some of the characters from the previous book.

  22. Happy Birthday Keri! Hope it’s a good one!

    Welcome, Louisa! Your book sounds awesome!

  23. […] Welcome Louisa Edwards! « Everybody Needs A Little Romance […]

  24. Congrats to the winners!! And I had a great time chatting with all of you.

    Get steamy,


  25. Oh wow! Thank you Louisa & Keri. Just checked back today and saw my name. Will make this rainy day brighter! 🙂

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