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Spring Break is Calling!

Boy do my kids need a break.  And so do I.  For some reason this school year, it seems like a few of our usually scheduled days off have disappeared.  The Indians are getting restless I tell you! And it’s not pretty!  LOL

As you read this, I will probably be in panic mode, hoping to remember how to get off the dang ski lift without falling and causing the dreaded domino effect.  The worst thing in the world is hearing your kids groan as they ski off over the horizon like they don’t know you.  Little stinkers.  No matter how many times we go and or many times I manage to succeed, the anxiety always gets the best of me.

My kids have never had a problem with this and it’s just not fair.  “It’s easy, Mom.  Just stand up.”  Grrr.  Yeah, I know that.  But keeping the darn skis from crossing over each other and the poles out of the way is a whole other story.  That snow is hard and oh so cold too!

At least tubing should be easier on the old muscles this year.  They are supposed to have a “magic carpet.” I like the sound of that.  It does all the leg work for you, taking you to the top of the hill.  I love tubing, but hauling those tubes up more than twice gets old real fast.  Kids are so smart too.  Mine are usually full of more energy than any kid should ever be allowed to have, but it becomes non existent at times like this.  They will look at me with those sad little eyes and say please, please, please and I’ll cave every time.  What’s a mom to do?

Hope taking all those vitamins every morning does the trick. LOL  The last time we went skiing was back in December of 2007.  Yikes, two years is a long time in mommy years.  I’m just hoping I will be able to keep up with the family.  Now that they are older, for some reason, I don’t picture them looking back to check on old mom.  There is always the warm lodge with the cinnamon cider and roaring fire at the bottom.  Throw in a couple of good books from my TBR pile and hmmm… sounds like I have a plan.  Shhh… Don’t tell. LOL

My motto for this week:  “There is nothing to fear but fear itself!”  🙂
Maybe I should start that romantic comedy I’ve always wanted to write.   Lord knows I’ll have more than enough material after this trip.

Any plans for spring break?  How about a nagging apprehension that gets the best of you?


6 Responses

  1. You’re going someplace COLD?
    Jeez girl. I thought we were trying to get away from the frigid temps. LOL! It’s finally starting to feel like spring and off you go.

    No big plans here. I think I’ll take the kiddos to the zoo. That will be the highlight of our Spring Break.

    Have fun Missy. And for Pete’s sake don’t go and break something!


  2. FUN! I’ve always wanted to try downhill skiing, but haven’t gone yet. maybe in another 10 years when the kid isn’t so young and I can talk my husband into going!

  3. went skiing ONCE. That was enough. One day on the mountain and the rest of the week, I sat at the bottom on the ski runs, drank wine, and watched everyone else ski in.

    Spring Break – That is such a foreign concept to me. We didn’t have such a thing when I was growing up and since I don’t have kids, I’ve never had to worry about where to go. But the last place I would be traveling is to cold and snow. Thanks but no thanks. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten older I don’t tolerate the cold like I used to. My hand hurt. My toes get numb then start to tingle. And I start to bitch like…well, a real nag! 🙂

    Have fun! Don’t break anything. Take pictures for the rest of us.

  4. I’ve never been skiing. I’ve always been to scared to do it. But I like that quote “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”. I’ve conquered a lot of other fears. Maybe someday I will conquer that one-just not yet.. LOL

    As far as spring goes, my spring has already started since it grew warm. Let’s see…my friend has a tanning bed where she works, and I am going to do that for the first time. I’m going to a animal costume dance with my date 🙂 having movie night with my girlfriends, writing my butt off, and …my spring season is busy …. and fun- 😉

  5. Have fun. No plans yet, but I’ve been thinking about a trip to Vegas for a few days.

  6. have never been skiing either. I agree though, I would be headed somewhere warm not somewhere cold. I hate the cold weather.

    Our spring break for our Pharmacy Students is this week but my spring break is not until next week. We have no plans for that week though.

    We are planning a trip to Dallas in May with friends. They are going to Jimmy Buffett and we are not. Been there, done that, have the t-shirt. Once was enough!! Am looking forward to the trip though.

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