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Spring Where are YOU?

Sunday was supposed to be the first day of Spring.  I don’t think waking up to 30 degree weather is what spring was meant to feel like.  I was hoping to return to warmer temperatures after our ski trip, but it looks like we may have brought back the cooler air with us.  Brrrrrr.

It is so deceiving as I sit bundled up looking out my front window.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  The flowers are finally starting to bloom.  But step one foot outside and you’re chilled to the bone by the blasted wind.  Now I’m afraid we might just skip spring all together and rush right into the hot humid summer months.  Please say it isn’t so!

 At least I have some great memories from our vacation.  I’m still a bit exhausted from the 14 hour drive back and mounds of laundry that don’t seem to be getting any smaller.  But although the trip is long and the kids get rowdy at times, I love driving.  You get to see so much more than you do if you fly, especially if your eyes are closed.  🙂  And there is that little phobia I have about flying anyway. LOL 

 On the way we saw a herd of buffalo, their thick coats dusted with snow and on the opposite side of the road camels.  Yep, I said camels.  I have no idea what they are raising them for, but it was a cool site to see.  Tumbleweeds, outcroppings in the middle of open ranges, pumpjacks and miles and miles of farm land.  All that and we hadn’t even left Texas yet!

 It was a much needed break and I was able to work through some issues and plot holes in my WIP as we drove.  Car trips are a great way to keep me focused and motivated.  Lock me in a car with the family and my IPOD and it works every time. LOL  Now I can’t wait to get back to work. 

 Fly or drive?  What’s your preference?


9 Responses

  1. Honestly, I’d rather fly. BUT, the airline industry is so crazy presently that driving seems like a better idea. We just arrived back from Florida after a fourteen hour drive. We pulled in to our house and it started snowing. Yes. Snow in March. In Louisiana. Brrrr…. what the heck is going on?

    Our drive wasn’t all that bad. We left Orlando at 7:30 and pulled into our drive at 8:30 (gained an hour for central time). Kids were pretty good and we were in control of our own destinies, unlike at the airport where they could give a flying fig whether you reach your destination on time or not. Seriously, the airlines are about to have a big problem on their hands. I’m seriously hating on them.

  2. I would love to fly at least once but as of right now, I have never flown. We take the car when we go on trips.

    We are taking a few days off in May to go to Dallas for a long weekend around my b-day. Not sure how the baby granddaughter will do with a 5 hr drive – we’ll see.

  3. I’m not laughing at all you easterners and southerners with all your snow while mine has all but disappeared. Honest, I’m not. *snicker*

  4. LOL Liz! Another great point for driving! 🙂 I love being in control. Hope you guys had lots of fun on your trip.

  5. Heather, what ever you do don’t fly on a small plane first! That was my mistake. And it was during a bad storm too. I still have nightmares! LOL As for your long trip with the little one, invest in a few movies for her to watch in the car. Still works perfect for my three and they are all over 10 years old. 🙂

  6. I can hear you, KariLynn!! LOL

  7. This weather DOES need to make up its mind. I’m SO ready for spring to come…and stay!!

    I’m not sure which I would prefer, Melissa. Being in a car with the IPOD for a long time sounds nice, but I also like flying. I suppose it depends on how soon I would like to get to my destination.

  8. That’s not funny, KariLynn 🙂

    It wasn’t much snow – just a dusting. But still. Snow in late March in Louisiana? Really?

  9. yep, snow here in south arkansas too. couldn’t believe it. I suntanned in my swimsuit about 4days ago, got a tan line and then it’s snowing. Next day? back outside with the kid and we’re both in short sleeves. *crazy*

    I’d rather fly if I didn’t have the airport hassle of security and ever thing that goes with it.

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