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A Touch Of Scandal by Jennifer Haymore

So here we go. Keri’s Top 5 Things she loves about Jennifer Haymore’s A Touch Of Scandal. (Excerpt!)

1—Garrett: We first meet Garrett in A Hint of Wicked. He is as much of a complex character as that whole story. Which makes him incredibly fascinating. In that story, you see him fighting with the man he is and the man he should be.

When A Touch Of Scandal starts, Garrett has completely settled in his skin. He describes himself as “jaded and cold” and he very much is. Everything he looks at he calculates and looks for the evil in. Not that I blame him. He was betrayed by those closest to him, so he should. So when Kate comes into his life, he’s very confused by her. Kate is as simple, polite, sweet and interested in him as she looks and says. Basically Kate befuddles him because he doesn’t know what drives her to take an interest in him, an opposite of her. So when Kate is with him, he instinctly softens which makes for endearing conversation between the two.

2—Kate: Thing to love about Kate is her logical thinking. She has her loyalties to her Mistress, but she also sees what needs to be done, even if it feels like betrayal to her Mistress. Kate has a single thrill going in her life right now. Peeping at a handsome stranger bathing in a pool. And what I love about it, is she’s looked before. And she likes looking. She’s not ashamed of it. It doesn’t scare her sensibilities. She sees something she likes and that’s the end of it. Not something you find a lot of in historicals and in this context. When she thinks she’s been spotting staring, she still isn’t embarrassed so much as she’s worried that if she was seen, she won’t be able to watch him anymore!

3—Garrett and Kate together: In the opening, they don’t know who each other is. He’s an intriguing stranger in the woods and she’s a sweet country girl looking for a little spice in her tired life. As you read, a romance blooms in the pages that comes directly from their attraction together. Nothing else is keeping them together. There’s not some outside obstacle forcing their hands in which they realize along the way, hey, he kind of fun to hang around with. No. Opposite, in fact. They fall for each and then their situations hit the fan and dump everything upside-down.

4—I really enjoyed A Touch of Scandal and while the story is completely all on its own, for those who’ve read Jennifer’s first book, A Hint of Wicked, it will nearly feel like an extension of that story. A second act, so to speak, since we had Garrett’s point of view in the first book. It’s very unique. I’m anxious for Rebecca’s story because I bet I’m going to have that same feeling since we had Rebecca’s point of view in Touch.

5—The bad guy. William Fisk. I’m not normally into the bad guys of a story, but Fisk was a little different. I’m not going to go into a lot about him because I don’t want to ruin him for anyone, but as I read, I wasn’t always sure why he made the actions and choices that he did. I had to keep reading to find out why. I don’t normally look forward to knowing more about the villain, but in this case, I did. It was a new experience for me.

Have any of you read A Hint Of Wicked? The story was quite controversial, so I’d love to know if you liked it or not and why! Be sure to stop back by tomorrow! Jennifer is going to be here and I’ve got a copy of Touch to give away!


4 Responses

  1. I bought A Hint of Wicked after you told me too. Very interesting and different. Can’t wait to get A Touch of Scandal too.

  2. Haven’t read either one, but now they are on my radar. Gosh, so many books to read and so little time…especialy when you’re supposed to be writing one of your own.

    I’m just now reading oneof Nancy Martin’s – very cute. Just finished Joanne Bourne who won the Rita last year in historical (I now know why) and I still haven’t finished Victoria Dahl’s. We are going to have to stop inviting guests. I can’t them all read. Just kidding. Bring ’em on. I love guests…and their books!

  3. Cyndi it was so fascinating and different.

    Liz, you have some reading to catch up on!

  4. […] Jennifer Haymore! Posted on March 31, 2010 by Keri Ford Yesterday I posted my review of A Touch Of Scandal and today Jennifer Haymore is here with us (welcome Jennifer!) for the day, telling us a little more […]

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