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The Origin of the Easter Bunny

Melissa Ohnoutka

Hope everyone had a Wonderful and Blessed Easter yesterday!  It was a beautiful day here in Spring, Texas and we took full advantage of the entire weekend, sharing joyful moments with family and friends.

I don’t know about you, but we usually have several Easter egg hunts over the span of about three days.  This year was a quite a bit different now that my kids are older.  Meaning we got to hide the eggs really good and make them work for it. LOL

For some reason, all of this got me to thinking.  Just what is the origin of the so called Easter Bunny anyway?  I’ve never heard it explained and after asking several people who gave me that “I have no idea” look  I decided to Google it.  Very interesting subject.  It appears that this tradition dates back as far as the 1600s in Alsace and Southwestern Germany.  The German settlers introduced this legendary character when they arrived in Pennsylvania during the 1700s.  Edible Easter Bunnies were made in the shape of sugary pastries in Germany during the 1800s as a part of their Easter celebration where tales were told of the “Easter hare” who laid eggs for the children to find.

Another story links the Easter Bunny to an ancient Pagan legend where Goddess Eostre rescued a wounded bird in a snowy forest during the winter season and turned it into a rabbit to help it survive the chilly winter.  Hence the reason the rabbit still can lay eggs. (Well now that makes sense) To show its gratitude for being saved, the rabbit then decorated its eggs in bright colors to present to the deity every spring.

I find it fascinating how traditions and customs are started and how they evolve over the years.  I know I’ve enjoyed more than my share over the years of watching the kid’s eyes light up when they see that “the Easter Bunny’s been here!” And who doesn’t love a soft cuddly bunny?  But my hope for everyone this year is that the true and glorious reason we now celebrate Easter, touched your heart in a very special way.

For me, it was spending time with my family, enjoying the beautiful weather and knowing that no matter what happens, our future is safe and secure forever in the one who gave the ultimate gift.

Do you have a favorite Easter memory or tradition?


11 Responses

  1. I loved that, Melissa! Thanks for sharing the story behind the bunny.

    We had a terrific Easter weekend. Went to the camp (no fish biting) and hung out. It was nice to sit on my front porch rocker, sip a glass of wine and watch the sun set. Saturday was baseball ALL day, but the sun was warm and the Icee was cold. Yesterday was fun- church then dinner at my mom’s. We hunted eggs and acted about as silly as we could with all the kids.

    Just a great, sunny Easter weekend – the best we’ve had in years.

  2. Hey, thanks, Missy, for sharing the Easter Bunny tale. I love the bunny’s origin. It’s so magical.
    I’m of an undisclosed adult age and still Easter egg hunt. It’s a family tradition. Grandpa and my DH hides them. The kids of varying age and myself and older sister hunt them. It’s competitive, to say the least. A lot of shoving and tripping goes on. It’s a hoot!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Liz! And a beautiful warm day with a nice cold Icee, what more could you ask for. 😉

  4. LOL Jenn! I’ll disclose it for the right price! Wait! Just kidding!! After all, I’m older than you. 🙂

    Oh, what fun! I can see you guys now. I’m just wondering who does most of the shoving and the tripping….hmm…no, it couldn’t be…YOU. LOL It’s funny how no matter how old we get, these simple traditions can still bring us so much joy. We’re all still kids at heart, right!

  5. We don’t really have any Easter traditions, but we did decorate eggs when we were little.

  6. we had a fun and busy weekend! son’s 3rd birthday party was Saturday and then Sunday my mom did a dinner and eggs were hidden for the kids.

    son got a big swingset for his birthday, so we spent about 6 or so hours putting that thing together. all in all a fun and exhausting weekend that came with a sunburn from the beautiful weather!

  7. Jane, I loved decorating eggs! This was the first year we didn’t get a chance to do it. 😦

  8. Keri, Happy Birthday to your little one! Three is such a wonderful, fun age!! I miss those days. Now that the swingset is up, hope you make many enjoyable memories. We still have ours up even though the kids seldom if ever use it anymore. I just can’t bring myself to take it down. LOL

  9. It sounds like you had an awesome Easter, Melissa. That’s an interesting story about the bunny. I’ve always wondered that myself.

    I really didn’t do much for Easter. All my friends sent me texts throughout the day wishing me a Happy Easter, Daddy cooked on the grill for our immediate family, and I had to work. I did go see my big brother and Uncle Garg. We had fun!

  10. Too bad the Bunny gets the credit every year when it’s the Chicken that lays the eggs. Oh well, interesting bunny story Missy, thanks.

    Another celebrated Easter has come and gone and I find it interesting of how my kids methods and interest of celebration changes over the years. I’m just happy we had great weather, a few good laughs and memories to cherish.

    I wonder if I should have given my spouse something for Easter?

  11. Loved the history of the Easter Bunny.

    My mom still makes Easter baskets for me and my 2 brothers plus the grandkids and nieces and nephews that come over. my grandmother made my grandfather an easter basket until the year he passed away. I guess that’s where mom gets it from.

    We hid eggs for my niece and nephew in the yard and the 14 mo old grandbaby had hers hidden on the deck. She couldn’t grasp the concept of picking it up and putting it in her basket.

    All was good. had an easy lunch and enjoyed time with family.

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