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Michelle Hauf is HERE!!

How cool that Michelle Hauf is dropping  by ENLR today.

Last Friday, right here on ENLR, Heather reviewed Michelle’s latest book, Her Vampire Husband. It’s link you can read Heather’s glowing review.  In short, she loved it. (and for good reason! Her Vampire Husband is a GREAT read!)

Michelle has been doing some serious blog hopping since March. After today, feel free to stalk her to her other stops. A complete listing can be found here.

Take it away, Michelle!


Hi, everyone!  I’m in the midst of a blog tour that is taking me all over the blogsphere.  At each blog I’m chatting about a different aspect of Her Vampire Husband, so if you’re interesting in following check the schedule at my blog. [Link is above]

Today I wanted to talk about date night.  Kind of appropriate because I see the movie with Tina Fey and Steve Carell opens today.  And…today I’m celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary with the hubby.  We’re going out to PF Changs later (it’s a duel celebration; our anni, and my mother’s b-day, so not quite so romantic as I would hope for).

In HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND, Blu and Creed go out on a few dates in an attempt to get to know one another.  You see, they got married without even meeting one another.  Happened right there in chapter 1 (which you can read–the whole chapter–at my website).  I had to allow them to get to know one another a bit, and dates are perfect!  So I sent them to one of my favorite restaurants (which is now defunct; sigh…) and served them my favorite foods.  Creed, being a vampire, doesn’t eat much, but I think the dude fell a little bit in love watching his werewolf wife eat.  And if their flirtations over the chili chocolate sauce didn’t cause a few sparks—well, I know it did.  😉  Dates can be a great way to ‘feel a person out’, notice some of their quirks and learn a few things.  Blu is a hearty eater, and she’s not ashamed to do so in front of her hubby.  Maybe a little messy, but that’s just cute (at least it is to Creed).  They play at the ‘What’s your favorite?’ questions, and come away from the date more intrigued about one another.

I’m not ruining anything by revealing they fall in love pretty quickly.  It’s no love-at-first-sight.  Or is it?

Anyone believe in love at first sight?  I do!  I recall going on a blind date many decades ago.  Arrived at the ‘boyz’ house with my girlfriend.  Stood waiting by the door, and a guy popped his head out of the bathroom to say ‘hey’.  He was in the middle of brushing his teeth and had toothpaste drooling down his chin.  He was so cute!  (Yes, toothpaste and all.)  I fell immediately in love.  And good thing because he was MY date.  I went home that night and told my mom I was going to marry him.  Six months later we were engaged.  Six months after that we were married.  And now, 22 years later…  Well, it worked out.

I have a copy of HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND, and a chili chocolate bar to give away to one commenter.

Tell me what you do for date night, whether it’s with a hubby or boyfriend.  And do you believe in love at first sight?


Thanks Michelle for being here today. For for effective online stalking opportunities, you can find Michelle at the following sites:

Website – michelehauf.com

Blog – dustedbywhimsy.blogspot.com

Facebook – facebook.com/michelehauf

Twitter – twitter.com/michelehauf

Visit the Beautiful Creatures page – michelehauf.com/worldcharacters.html

For a limited time get the audio version of Vampire’s Tango free at Audible.com

If you purchase HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND at Audible.com you receiveVampire’s Tango included free.

All through 2010 download KISS ME DEADLY free at your favorite online retailer or at tryharlequin.com.

Read the first chapter of HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND: michelehauf.com/hvh.html

Read the first chapter of Vampire’s Tango: michelehauf.com/tvt.html

Watch for these releases from Michele in the coming months:

“Vampire’s Tango” – March – Nocturne Bites

Her Vampire Husband – April – HQN

Rogue Angel: The Bone Conjurer – May – Gold Eagle (Alex Archer pseudonym)

Angel Slayer – June – Nocturne

“Halo Hunter” – June – Nocturne Bites


17 Responses

  1. Welcome Michelle!

    Love first dates! whether they’re true or not! 🙂

    I was hooked and floored the night I met my husband. Not a blind date, but an arranged date. When he kissed me goodnight, my little 17 year old heart was sold. 7yrs married and 10yrs together this fall.

  2. Hi Michele, I never experienced love at first sight but I do like to believe it exists. (I guess this is the moment that I confess to be a hopeful romantic.)

    The best datenight I had was when he cooked me dinner instead of take me out to a nice restaurant. It got badly burned and was inedible. So we ordered pizza. But after dinner which wasn’t great he played me a song on his guitar.
    He told me he played it a few times that week and had been wishing I could hear it. He was very happy I finally did and so was I.
    It was very romantic and made me feel special. It’s a great memory I’ll always cherish.

  3. Keri, that’s so cool about the arranged date! Isn’t weird how sometimes blind dates and arranged dates (even marriages!) work out? Love it.

    Kirsten, how romantic, burned food and a love song. Sigh…

  4. Welcome, Michele!! 🙂

    Date night around here is pretty simple. Now that the kids are older I feel comfortable leaving them by themselves for a couple of hours so me and hubby can enjoy a quite, peaceful dinner together. Usually mexican food. My favorite. And don’t forget the strawberry Margarita! LOL

  5. I met my husband when someone brought him as her date to a party I was hosting to “meet me.” Personally, I still think to this day that Dottie wanted a date with my husband-to-be and used meeting me as the excuse. HA!

    But really I wasn’t bowled over when I met my hubs. He was “okay”…handsome, nice, etc but I had my eye on someone else (I thank God every day that relationship went nowhere!) However, 6 weeks into dating hubby, I knew without a doubt that he was gonna be around a while. We celebrated #25 in Nov. 2009. I guess it’s going to work. 🙂

    Thanks for coming today, Michelle

  6. I prefer to spend date night at home making a nice dinner and then watching a movie together while cuddling on the couch!

  7. Yay, Mexican food! That’s the hubby and I’s fav food too.

    Congrats on #25, Arkansascyndi!

    Teresa, I’d love to do the cuddle on the couch thing, but we have such a small couch. SEriously, we need one of those huge comfy sofas you can sink into and get lost in. Hmm…maybe a shopping trip to a furniture would be appropriate to celebrate out anniversary? 🙂

  8. Honestly I would perfer to just sit at home then go on a date night! But then again I have been with the same man for 8 years date night looses its appeal lol.

    I bought your book I plan on reading it soon! I also plan to stop by and see you at RT!

  9. Welcome, Michelle –

    Oh, man. I love a good date night. Or a date day. Whichever we can manage away from our kids.

    I first saw my husband at a baseball game – he was the catcher and only 13 years old. My little 12 year old heart (newly awakened to boys thanks to my grandmother’s romance books) said, “huh. Interesting.”

    Wasn’t love at first sight, but it was something. After that, I was pretty much his…and always have been. We’ve been together since he was 14 and I was 13 – so 24 years. We’ve been married for 16 and he still makes my heart go pitter-patter some days.

  10. Date night?what are those? Haha Actually we stay in a watch Tv yeah I know kind of lame but we don’t get that chance often so we usally pick up a season of one of the shows we’ve been dying to watch and veg out with pizza:)

  11. Hi Michelle-I’m really looking forward to vampire Husband!
    Do you remember those Looney Tunes cartoons where the character’s eyes would bug out when he saw a beautiful female character? That’s exactly what mine did when I saw my husband at work! So, yes to the love at first sight question!
    After 25 years of marrige, several states, cities & jobs later we still love to eat-whether it’s cooking Italian at home from one of my family’s recipes or going out for Mexican, seeing concerts, (we have one next week in fact-whoo hoo!) and movies or videos. Life is never boring!

  12. Hi Michele,

    So glad you are here with us today. Thank you again for the opportunity to read/review Her Vampire Husband. As I said in my review last Friday it was awesome and I loved it. I’ve read it twice since I got it and very rarely do I ever go back and re-read my books.

    Hubs and I met while working at Target. We were friends, things were going downhill with current husband and we just connected. the 1st time he kissed me he said he was afraid I was going to hit him.

    Dtr is 22 and lives at home so her and grandbaby usually go with us. only time we go out as “adults” is if she is out with friends.

  13. I do believe in Love at first sight. I am just waiting for it to happen for me. Then I can’t wait for my own date nights.

  14. Aww! I LOVE your story! And I like to think I believe in love at first sight, I just haven’t experienced it yet! 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to reading Her Vampire Husband!

  15. All the sweet possibilities of a first date! — I do “barely” remember them, first impressions, a little awkwardness. I used to love to go to a club that featured big band music revival groups, just the right ambiance for dancing, flirting, and conversing . . . way better than noisier music. Movies were good for discussing over coffee, but maybe not on a first date — dinner gave a better chance of getting to know the other person. If not love, then certainly lust at first sight had great potential . . now you have me wanting to find someone to date — thanks a lot!

    If that doesn’t work out, at least I can enjoy Her Vampire Husband.

  16. Andrea, I won’t be at RT. I think they make those attendance lists way far in advance. And not sure how my name ever got on it in the first place. Wish I could be there!

  17. I think a date is all about having fun, so my preferred date is to go to a restaurant for a nice meal and then do something where we can have a conversation, such as to play mini golf, or get ice cream and walk around a shopping area.
    I don’t really believe in love at first sight because I think to be in love with someone is to know them as a person, and care about who they really are, not just what they look like. How can you know that at first sight?

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