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Chick With A Charm – A Review!

When I was growing up, I wanted to be Samantha Stevens. Well, I probably would have chosen a different “Darin” but ohmy… to have those powers. I bet most people my age tried to wiggle their noses like Samantha could. If you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, it’s Bewatched…witch married to mortal, and the mother-in-law from every husband’s nightmare. Some of you younger folks might have watched Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Same concept. Witches functioning in the mortal world, without the mortal knowing you exist.

Now, I’m confess…I met Vicki Lewis Thompson in her role as a regional director on RWA. I’d read her “Nerd” series so I “fangirl” swooned when I sat down beside her. (Shh..that’ll be out little secret)

She told me about her new series (Babes on Brooms). It sounded just like something I would read (when trying to live out my Samantha fantasy.) Blonde With a WandWell, being the sneaky little thing she is, she sent me the first book in the series, Blonde With a Wand. I loved it. In a pique of anger, Anica accidentally turns Jasper, her date (her HUMAN date) into a cat. Unfortunately, there is no reversal spell. I laughed my head off. I loved how Vicki got into Jasper’s head as a cat…how he saw things, etc. LOVED IT.

So I had to rush out and get the second in the series, Chick with a Charm. (When I told Vicki, she gave a wicked laugh and said, “My evil plan has worked. Hook you with one and make you buy the rest!) ARGH! I’m hooked.

In Chick with a Charm, we get to catch up with Anica and Jasper (who is now a man) because Lily (the heroine) is Anica’s sister. Lily, a bartender at a fellow witch’s bar, has her eye on Mr. Hottie, Griffin Taylor as the perfect date for Anica and Jasper’s wedding. Of course Griffin is human, and a tad rigid in his view of the world, so Lily whips up a love elixir to stimulate his interest in her. But the surprise is on her. Griffin was already attracted to her. His attraction heightened by added power of her elixir and he wants her…BAD. But is he really in love with Lily or is he simply under the influence of her elixir? Vicki has filled the book with some great dialog to go along with some very steamy scenes. If Griffin had been in charge of the book, I don’t think we would have ever left the bedroom! 🙂

I really enjoyed getting to know Lily and Griffin, as I did Anica and Jasper. Both books made me laugh and wish to be Samantha Stevens all over again.  Each book stands alone, meaning you don’t have to read them in order, but why wouldn’t you?

I can promise you an enjoyable, light, funny, sexy read. You won’t be disappointed.

I am giving away an autographed copy of Chick With A Charm to one lucky person who comments. More than one comment = more than one chance to win.

Vicki is supposed to drop by today, so if you have a question for her, leave it in the comments. I’ll make sure she sees them.

Buy CHICK WITH A CHARM from: Powell’s | Borders | Amazon | B & N | Indiebound

Buy BLONDE WITH A WAND from: B & N | Amazon | Borders | Indiebound | Powell’s


12 Responses

  1. Ooh, I was going to comment anyway, but winning a copy of the book is even more incentive.

    I too loved Bewitched and also Sabrina. Which means I know I have to go out and buy this book… possibly now.

    Thanks for introducing this.

  2. Sounds really fun! these reviews have me opening my wallet. Just bought guest from a couple of weeks ago – Louisa Edwards, and I can see I’ll have to put this on my list. I can do paranormal if it’s light and chick-lit.

    Oh, and I grew up on watching Bewitched. Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay, Come right away! And I loved Uncle Arthur and Aunt Clara. The supporting cast really made that show.

    Glad to have Vicki stopping by. Looks like one for the keeper shelf 🙂

  3. I’ve read several of Vicki’s “nerd” books and loved them. They are very entertaining. I haven’t read this series though.

    I admit I watched Bewitched too and of course Sabrina dtr (only 22) watched reruns of Bewitched and loved it too.

  4. These books were a fun read.

    Vicki – is there another in this series? If so, title? Release date?

    What are you working on next?

  5. what fun! Love Bewitched and wanted to be Samantha too. can even do the nose wiggle.

  6. Ooh! I loooove Vicki! She’s definitely got the gift of writing fun, funny, hot stories, and it sounds like she’s brought that to paranormals! Vicki, does the story in your upcoming July anthology connect to the Babes on Brooms series?

    And are you still writing straight contemporaries right now? Any other genre you’re going to take by storm? 🙂

  7. You had me with the turning the date into a cat — for some that I dated “back in the day,” it would be a definite improvement. This “hooked on books” thing is a benign addiction. Write on!

  8. Cyndi, I had no idea my evil plan would turn out this well! A review on your blog! Thanks, girlfriend.

    And thanks for *getting* what I’m trying to do with these two books, because “Bewitched” is the perfect comparison. I’m such a wuss that writing dark paranormal romance would give me nightmares.

    To answer your question about more Babes on Brooms books . . . I dunno! Right now I’m off on another, but similar, paranormal tangent. I’m writing comic werewolf books. The first one, A WEREWOLF IN MANHATTAN comes out next January.

    And a shout-out to Fedora! Fedora and I go back to the late, great Soapbox Queens blog. Nope, Fedora, the upcoming July anthology with Katie MacAlister and Connie Brockway doesn’t connect to Babes on Brooms, but it *does* have magical cats in it.

    And, because I’ve always loved cowboys, I have a new series called Sons of Chance coming out in June, July and August from Harlequin Blaze. That series is slated to continue with six more books, so I can guarantee it’ll go on. Yes, I’ve been a busy girl.

    Thanks for the warm fuzzies, everybody!

  9. I’m a little late, but Welcome! :)Thanks for giving me some more great books to read this summer!

  10. I seriously love your books. Loved the Hexed series, I can’t wait to read your Babes On Brooms. I’ve went to buy both several times and can never find them so they must be flying off the shelves.

  11. Woooo!!! Cowboys!! OK, I love your magic, but I definitely find cowboys irresistible! Nine of those?? Boy, oh boy!! Thanks, Vicki, and it’s wonderful how busy you are!!

  12. I’m not sure whether i still can enter this. but i would really desperately need to win your book , coz i have seen in so many blogs, read some reviews about it. but still i need my chance to win it 🙂

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