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Creativity Sparks

A good friend and I were talking last week over a cup of great coffee about where we like to write.  Location, Location, Location.  For me, it’s more often than not in the front office where I can look up and glance outside during those moments of “what the heck happens next.”  But this can get boring really quick and stifle my creativity to the point of no return.   I was surprised to find that I’m not alone in the fact I switch locations from time to time to boost my creativity.  I find that getting stuck on a scene happens quite often during the editing process for some reason.  It’s been quite comical around our house during the edits on my last manuscript as I’ve listened to the kids trying to find me.   Shhh…they don’t know I’ve actually heard them calling my name and I’ll deny it to the ends of the earth too!  🙂

 So how else can we get those creativity sparks?  I have a few tricks that have helped me make those ideas flow again.  When starting a brand new project, I tend write the first few chapters by hand.  Every little thought that pops into my head gets written down and on just about anything I can get my fingers on.  Napkins will work as a last resort, believe it or not.  Those thoughts are just too precious to risk losing because of my faulty memory.  I learned that lesson the hard way. 

But the real magic happens when I sit down and pick up a simple pencil and a spiral or bound notebook.  I grab all my notes and get to work reading over them to get a clearer picture of where I want the story to go.  Then once the pencil hits the paper, these tired brain cells are stimulated like you wouldn’t believe.  Yes, it takes longer and yes, I have to transfer all those scribbles onto the computer eventually.  But my creativity well surpasses anything I’ve ever done on our computer at home or even my laptop that I can carry it just about anywhere.  When I get the storyline going, I switch to the computer until I get stuck.  A fact I’ve just learned is part of the process and live with.  Out comes my secret weapons again.  Pencil, paper and we’re off and running.  Thank goodness! 

The only issues I’ve had with this little strategy are keeping track of what story is in what notebook.  Label everything really well so you don’t drive yourself crazy looking for that awesome scene you know you wrote down somewhere!  <shaking my head because I still haven’t found it.>  grrrr…. 

Another great booster has to do with water. I have no idea why it works for me, but something about being near the water where I can hear it, see it, smell it, pulls out so much positive energy I can’t help but be productive.  I love going outside right after it rains or listening to the peaceful rhythm of the small pond in our backyard.  Shoot I even have several pictures of waterfalls saved on my computer as screensavers to stare at for those moments when I can’t get away. 

 So what works for you?  Where do you find is the best place to work and create your masterpieces? 

Oh, how I want to be there!

Just for fun:  What Do You See?

My results! LOL

 You are Energetic and Bright

You view people with optimism.
You have many meaningful relationships in your life.
You had more conflict with your father than your mother. Your relationship with him was healthy but challenging.
You deal with stress in a fairly normal way. Stress presents a struggle for you, but you’re usually able to neutralize your emotions.
You are a natural multitasker. You enjoy being busy, even if the amount of things you need to do is overwhelming.

8 Responses

  1. Changing locations works for me, too.
    When I go get in the carpool line to pick up my daughter, those thirty minutes with my clipboard can be very productive. I look forward to writing in the car. LOL.
    Same thing for when we go to the beach. Clipboard in hand, listening to the waves can really boost my creativity.

    The inkblot test, not surprisingly, says I’m focused and driven.

    Super blog, Missy!

  2. changing locations works for me too.

    Also hot tea. Don’t know why but it does

    I had the same results as you on the inkblot test

  3. I remember those days, Jenn! 🙂 I finished my first manuscript that way. LOL The beach sounds awesome too! I’ve not had the opportunity to actually write when we go, but maybe since the kids are older I can make time.

    Focused and Driven…Yep, fits you perfectly. 🙂

  4. Never tried the hot tea, Cyndi. But I can see how it would relax you and get you going at the same time. Especially if its got that wonderful caffeine in it. LOL

    The test was pretty accurate for me too! Weird how those things work.

  5. I used to get a ton of writing done in the passenger’s seat of the pickup while driving to rodeos. When I could persuade my husband to do the bulk of the driving, that is.

    Now I can’t be picky. I have to sit my butt down and write when I get the chance. But I’m seriously considering moving our camper down beside the house and putting a computer in it so I can hide out in there once in a while this summer.

  6. Wonderful idea about the camper, Kari Lynn! Hiding places are the best! 🙂 I’ve tried writing in a moving car but it makes me sick to my stomach. 😦 Can’t read in the car either. It’s such a bummer! LOL

  7. I have two places where I write. On my bed and on the couch! I’d love to try and move somewhere else to write, however. That sounds like a great idea. Writing near the lake in a hammock, on a breezy summer day, with a cold margarita in one hand ,and my computer in my lap sounds awesome! 🙂

  8. Oh, I love your idea, Jamie! 🙂 That would be awesome!

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