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How Far will Voirey Go?

Hey, Everybody! Keri here. Please help me welcome Voirey Linger to the blog today! She’s a long time friend for oh, a whole five months now but seems like a lot longer (and she claims she’s shy). When she’s not working hard at that next sale, she’s furiously  schooling me on the ins and outs of…men and women encounter-things that can be found in her debut release from Ellora’s Cave, Risking Eternity. Trust me when I say I have been schooled, even though V insists I have a whole lot more to learn. Welcome V!


An angel on the edge of a Fall…
A woman who should be dead…
And the demon determined to see them both in Hell…


It is a sad fact that an overweight, motherly, 40ish year-old woman has a hard time crashing the backstage party at a metal concert. Believe me. I tried.

Okay, so I don’t look like the typical backstage-crasher type. I’m NOT the backstage crasher type, but I’m dying to get back there and see the performers’ green room setups. I’m drooling at the prospect of getting on a tour bus and poking around a bit. I dream of spending time hanging out with the bands. Not because I’m a rabid fan or a groupie, either.

Okay, I’m a fan. I’m not rabid or anything but OMG, David Draiman is hot and

I would happily lick his head. If he asked, I mean.
*cough* Where was I?

Right. Me not being a rabid fangirl.

I’ve managed minor encroachments on ‘restricted areas’ a couple of times. I got within a dozen feet of a few tour buses. I’ve checked out venues and their performer accomodations… minus actual performers or the room being set to… um… accomodate them. I found a choice location at an outdoor venue to sit and observe the backstage business more than once.

I took pictures and notes, pondered how the rooms might look all set up for a band, tried to get a feel for what happens behind the scenes. But it’s not because of fandom. Nope, I have to admit, the groupie thing isn’t for me. So why do I do it?


I’m deep into a book on Rock stars, and being a plump, motherly 40ish-type person, the rock and roll lifestyle is about as far out of my realm of experience as it gets. I didn’t even do the screaming-groupie-fangirl thing when I was a teenager. I’m a complete fish out of water. My teenage boys are about to disown me.

Still, I keep trying. Right now I want on a tour bus. I want it bad. I have pictures of the interior of buses, diagrams of the layout and videos. Still, I have a dream of getting on a bus. Nothing’s the same as being there, see where the people really live, work and sleep.

Sad fact is, if David, the man with the yummy head, called me tomorrow and ovvered me a chance to see where he sleeps while on the road, I’d probably bring a measuring tape to check the size of his mattress.

But if he asked me to lick his head, I’d probably do it.

For research.

Voirey Linger is an author, and the founder of the Summer Reading Trail,http://www.voireylinger.com/index.php?p=1_12 a collection of summer free reads and excerpts from authors of all genres.
Her novella, Risking Eternity, http://www.jasminejade.com/ps-8389-50-risking-eternity.aspx will be available May 26th from Ellora’s Cave Publishing. You can visit her website at www.voireylinger.com or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


6 Responses

  1. Wow! You’re a braver woman than I am — but I’d love to peek over your shoulder. The things we do for research!

  2. You’re certainly welcome to come on my 40ft motorhome and look around but it won’t be nearly as cool as what the rock stars ride around in! I saw an interview with Dolly Parton the other day and a tour of her bus…OMG! It was incredible.

    I’ll be honest…I’d never have the nerve to go into restricted areas without permission. My face would have..”she’s-not-supposed-to-be-here” written all over it 🙂

    Am looking forward to reading your book. I think the cover is wonderful!

  3. yeah, I would get picked up in a heartbeat. No way could I pull off looking like I was supposed to be there.

  4. I am loving the cover of your book. it is very nice. I am definitely going to have to pick that one up.

    I have been to a lot of concerts and only been backstage to one and that was Big and Rich no big surprises there. I think it would be cool to see the whole back stage scene too though.

  5. Funny, funny. Loved reading that. Not sure if I would lick his head, but a little kiss wouldn’t hurt 🙂

    Looks to be a good book 🙂

  6. Yes, I definately get spotted quickly. I look more like a fan’s mother than a fan. I’m trying to get an in with some local DJs now. Maybe I’ll be lucky and get a chance at a meet-and-greet event. LOL

    Liz, I cannot resist that head. It’s got smexy written all over it!

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