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Look Out Summer…Here I come!

Yessss!!! Summer is here. No more up at 6:00 am. No more packing up bookbags, nagging kids about turning lunch money in, no more baseball!!! Yay!!!

And best of all, summer means grilling, lying around the pool, watermelon and fishing. It means citronella candles, iced tea and spotting fireflies. It means flipflops, summer reads, and homemade ice cream. Of course it also means temps in the 100s, mosquito bites and sunburns, but let’s not mention the negatives just yet. We’ll save that for August 🙂

So yesterday was the first day of summer for the Talley family. Was it perfect? Not really. The ten year old fell ill with coughing and congestion. He’s also dealing with some pretty serious ear problems we’re trying to clear up with antibiotics that make him very naseous. No fun. Not to mention the seven year old’s eyes are bothering him. Too much swimming.  Then we had swim practice and a swim meet today.  But not for ten year old. He’s going to work with Dad. But over all, a pretty good day. I even did some writing and reached the end of chapter three.

But, of course, the beginning for summer means more to me this year than it has in the past. Because this year on June 8th, my first book releases. It’s a pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-it-moment. And I’m very excited, of course. And then there’s Nationals in July. Really looking forward to that because I get to do the booksigning and wear that first sale ribbon. That will be surreal. But most importantly, I get to see some of the people I only bump into on the loops. I love putting names with faces and chatting about writing, reading and pitching. And just that it’s at Disney will be fun. Disney may be expensive, but they know how to treat their guests.

So I’ve got much to look forward to this summer. How about you? What are you looking forward to the most?


12 Responses

  1. I ordered your book today from Amazon. So, maybe it will push your numbers upward…LOL

  2. Yay, Donna. Thanks! I hope you will enjoy it. It was a sweet, fun romance to write.

    And I’m glad you stopped by….little bit lonely all by myself.

  3. Congrats on your debut release, Liz. I’m hoping the vacation plans will work out. Still looking at the flights and hoping for the best. Also looking forward to some upcoming movies like “Inception” and “The A-Team.”

  4. Can’t wait to come to your first booksigning, Liz! I bet you’re so excited!

    What am I looking forward to? Taking my trip to Texas for a few days with my friends to do some research, and then coming back to start my new book! I’m so anxious!

  5. Wishing you the best with your first release!! 🙂 What better place to celebrate than Disney! Are you taking the kids too?

    I’m just looking forward to NO Homework!! LOL

  6. Jane- movies are great getaways. And I hear you on the airfare. Have to sell a kidney to get on a flight these days. I got a great fare for the trip to Nationals in Orlando. Can’t believe I got that lucky. Hope your plans work out.

  7. So glad you’re going to be there, Jamie. Half the pleasure of having a booksigning is getting to share it with the people who support you and friend you on this crazy path we’re all on.

    Texas is always fun. We’re heading to Dallas this weekend to catch the Rangers and some baseball. Nothing like a beer and dog at the baseball game.

  8. No kids, Mel. Though I think Keri is taking her little man. I’ll play with him if I need some kid time. It’s the best place ever to take the fam, but it would be hard for me to attend “How to Ptich” when everyone else is riding the Tower of Terror. Besides we just went for a family vacation in March.

    And no homework is a very good thing 🙂

  9. Well, for one thing, Liz, I’m looking forward to meeting you! Like you, I’m really excited about National. I’m so glad you’re signing, but I think I’m going to bring along the book that Amazon just promised me is on the way. I’m pretty sure I’ll spend enough else so that Literacy will not be short-changed.

    I’m looking forward to having my class finished. I loved my students dearly, and fortunately most of them are going to be in the class I’m teaching in September, so that makes it easier to be impatient to tell them “see ya later!” now. We had a fun class today — lots of teasing back and forth, but as I told them, I get the last word. I get to make up the final!

    We’ve had such a weird, cool spring that I’m loving walking out into warm air. Of course, this being Michigan, warm rapidly turns into hot, but lying by a pool in hot weather doesn’t sound bad either. I look forward to my weedy, fish underbelly legs getting some color. I’ll keep a hat on to protect my face like a good responsible person, but I want to shuck stockings.

    I look forward to the doves that have set up housekeeping in one of our window boxes hatching their two eggs and watching their babies weave and wobble around. I do NOT look forward to cleaning up the mess they leave behind when they eventually wobble into flight — but I wasn’t crazy about dirty diapers either, and I got through that!

    I even look forward to that first day in September when there’s a cool bite to the air and it’s the end of the heat of August.

  10. Hey Liz!! I was walking through Walmart today and guess what jumped into my cart? Vegas Two-Step!!!

    Can’t wait to read it.

  11. I love all your plans, Beppie. You always make everything sound so wonderful. And we had baby doves one year. That mom would sit on them and I worried that she’d smother them.

    And we did meet – very rushed – right outside a workshop at Nationals. It wasnt’ a proper visit though. We were both running for different workshops. We need a head count of who is going – I know Keri, Cyndi, me, and you. We need to at the least, meet for a coffee or cocktail.

  12. Oh, wow, Cyndi! I didn’t know they were out yet. Yay. I’m going to head to Walmart later and stare at it on the shelf. 🙂

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