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The Climb

Can’t believe how summer blew into Louisiana. Rather like a fire engine. As in very hot. Blazing hot. And with that heat comes time to recharge my batteries. Here lately I wouldn’t know, I’ve been busier than ever, hopping from swim practice to booksignings to kid’s birthday parties. I’m not necessarily complaing, mind you, but I would like a chance to catch my breath.

Last night I had a lovely book launch hosted by some very good friends. It was really nice – cake, punch and good friends. All of them celebrating me. Who could ask for more? Then afterward, I went with my family and had Mexican food. When I got home, there was plenty to keep me busy, but my 8 year old (who just turned that age btw) asked if we could watch a movie together. I started to brush him off. I have laundry waiting along with some tweaking on the synopsis I’m  trying to get right. But I found myself giving him a hug and agreeing. Since I didn’t want to watch Ghostbusters again, we settled on the Hannah Montana movie.

Now, I’ll admit to getting sick and tired of all the Disney shows that constantly haunt our television set. Right now, I’m REALLY tired of all the Saved by the Bell reruns my ten year old (soon to be eleven year old) has been tivoing. But I can tolerate Hannah Montana, if only because of Lily. I really like her. So I agreed. The movie was okay, but I liked the theme the best – Life’s a climb but the view is grand. I mean it’s simplistic, but isn’t it true?

Sometimes I bemoan the time I spend frittering away when I could be doing something important. But when I look back on my life, will I really recall paying the bills or writing just one more page, or will I remember the feeling of that little boy’s arms wound around me? Won’t I remember the way his neck smells or playing “one-eyed Susan” with him till we laugh like deranged people?

And when you think back on your writing career, won’t you remember the climb? The stuff you didn’t know, the mistakes you made, the laughter you shared with people who got you? I think I will. I know I will.

So don’t fret yourself to death worrying with the rejections or the doubt. Focus on enjoying the climb you make. If I never publish another book, I will always cherish this climb. I love the friends I’ve made along the way, and I must say the view from where I’m sitting is pretty stinking fantastic.

What about you? Are you enjoying the climb?


6 Responses

  1. And well you should be enjoying the view, Liz–I just finished reading Vegas Two-Step and found it both charming and delightful. Bubba wins the “favorite secondary character” award (what a sweetie!). I could SO relate to Nellie (and Elle). Fabulous work and a great debut–congratulations!!

  2. It’s like a good romance…we ALL know the ending, it’s the climb to get there that’s the fun part of reading them.

    I find it frightening how fast time flies by. Sometimes I want to yell “Slow Down!! I need to take a breath.” 🙂

    And yes, I’m trying to enjoy the climb but sadly I had to admit I didn’t find this outlook until late in life. I was just too busy the first 40 years to enjoy what was going on around me.

  3. I haven’t realized how much I go and go until Lilly came along. Everyday with her is a new experience. Her and her mommy live with us and I am glad because we get to spend more time with her. She just turned 16 months old.

    Her smile for me when I walk in the door at night makes everything from that day (good or bad) vanish and that’s all I remember.

  4. I agree with Cyndi. It’s just like a good romance. We all know the ending. It’s the climb getting there that’s the best part. So many interesting things happen along the way. I have just reached that point in life where I am taking the time to enjoy everything around me and all the things and people in my life.

  5. So sorry I haven’t commented till now. I’ve read all of them but today I was climbing. First at the swim meet then at Starbucks where I busted out 12 pages 🙂 Then I had to go pay bills (which is not the climb. More like a cramp on the climb)

    So I’m back home from my day spent with the 8 year old. We had fun, but it was hot and I’m tired. Glad to be sitting down in the air conditioning.

    Thanks for taking time to comment. And thanks, Elise, on the compliment. Glad you liked Bubba. I think most everybody likes him, so I’m giving him a love interest in book four. Bubba needs him a woman 🙂

  6. Love this post, Liz! Although at this point, for me, it’s hard to remember, the climb is what makes it all worth while. 🙂 I think the guilt of trying to juggle the writing and family is what makes it so frustrating. Thank goodness for all the wonderful support I’ve found from other writers.

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