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Welcome Inez Kelley!

ETA: Contest to Win a Copy of Salome At Sunrise Ends This Saturday Midnight CST

Please welcome Inez Kelley! I had the absolute pleasure of beta reading Inez’s latest release, Salome At Sunrise and let me just say one thing: YOU.

NEED. TO. GET. THIS. BOOK. Truly, it’s awesomely wonderful. I’ll make it easy for you: GET THE BOOK HERE FOR $3.99.  I knew when I read it, I’d hog tie Inez down (which wasn’t terribly hard to do. I think she liked it) and have her here on the blog. Even better, I got to ask her a few questions about the book and herself! Tune in later in the day and I’ll have my review of Salome At Sunrise posted!

Keri: Something I really love about your fantasy series is your world, the magic your characters have and their beliefs and how it all comes across as very realistic. Your bad guy in Salome at Sunrise worships a goddess called Twylea. Is that based off something or did it come straight from your imagination?

Inez: I uhm, cheated. No, that is not the right phrasing. I was clueless. I had no idea the Skullmen actually had a practicing religion until I was writing it. Words were flowing so I went with it. I came to Karok’s Goddess’s name and TWYLEA popped out. I stopped and went, huh, whaddya know, that is kinda cool. All sorts of good things happen when I take a back seat to my muse.

Keri: Speaking of your imagination, I’ve taken a tour through your brain and it’s quite the place to be. Where are you finding all these pictures of hot men? I’m beginning to think you store them in the basement and take pictures of them on the side 😉

Inez: *shoves trays full of energy drinks, nutrient bars and a diggie camera behind desk* Who me? Uhm, never. I just find stuff laying around *Blinks in hopeful innocent manner*

Keri: And while you’re at, do you have a picture that served as the inspiration for Bryton (hero from Salome At Sunrise)? What was it about this picture that made you think of your red-headed hero?

Inez: I really don’t use pictures for inspiration but a few have cropped up. Bryton’s bright copper red hair screwed me finding a good one. This is as close to Bryton as I could find.

It depicts everything he is, a sexy warrior(minus the hair).  [I didn’t even get past the body to notice the hair.]

Keri: And all heck, while we’re at it, what about a photo of Taric from Myla By Moonlight, the first book in this paranormal series?

Inez: Taric is hard. I envisioned him a black-haired prince until Myla saw him and suddenly

he morphed into a blond! Say what? That stumped me. But here, again not really him but close.

[my god, look at those lips. you know he’s a good kisser. and Tarc is. I need to read Myla again now]

Keri: Since we’re dragging out pictures, go ahead and give me the inspiration behind Darach who is the next (and according to you final hero in this series, even though I’m begging otherwise).

Inez: Now Darach…

That man is fiiiiiiine and this is super close to how I see him with longer hair.


And just for fun… this man is a HOTTIE!

[excuse me while I pick my chin off the floor.]

Keri: Your characters have magic abilities. Myla was a guardian and could shift to any feline, but primarily used a jaguar. Salome, a peacemaker, controls the wind (even becomes wind) and can shift to any bird. Another character from the series is a powerful witch. Bryton even has a bit of foreshadowing abilities. Personally, I’d take Salome’s power over them all. That bit she does at the end of Salome at Sunrise with the wind—yeah baby. What about you?

Inez: Myla has more power though her longer time in this world has taught her to temper it. Some of it is manifesting in Darach as she grows older and more restless with human limitations. Salome does kick some booty and in the upcoming story, Darach is a force to be reckoned with as well. If I had to choose though, Myla, all the way.

Keri: Super-Fast Bonus Round. Answer what first pops in your head! (I’m a little scared, myself)

Favorite color? Brown (yeah, I am boring) [thinking of things that are brown…okay, nevermind. we’ll skip that thought.]

Favorite weather? SNOW!!  I love the cold. [I so want to play in some snow]

What male feature first catches your attention? Hands *shiver* hard, rough strong hands. [oh, god. Am thinking of everything Bryton accomplishes with his hands in Salome At Sunrise. *shudder* somebody order me a cold shower!]

Dream vacation? Alaska. I want to go whale watching and see the Northern Lights. [that would be completely awesome. I have an Alaska cruise somewhere on my vacation list!]

Pet-Peeve? Don’t shove your opinions down my throat.

Boxers or Briefs? commando

Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding? Ew, neither. Bring on the Lay’s Wavy chips with Ranch Dip and pickles and I am there! [really? Love me some of both! Okay, and also the chip, dip and pickles.]

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla [this truly surprises me about you. I just knew you’d come back with some exotic flavor!]

For ice cream—bowl or cone? I don’t like ice cream [it’s okay. I’ll eat your share]

Hairy chests or shaved? Sparse chest hair with the happy trial that leads down down down down…

Oh…yeah, I know what you’re talking about.

How about a super-fast lightening round with you? Answer all or some of the questions and be entered to win a copy of Salome At Sunrise!!!! Or…pick around in Inez’s brain and ask her what you like!

Here they are again:

Favorite color?

Favorite weather?

What male feature first catches your attention?

Dream vacation?


Boxers or Briefs?

Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

For ice cream—bowl or cone?

Hairy chests or shaved?


8 Responses

  1. *licklicklick*

  2. yellow
    England and Scotland

    Cute interview…sounds like the book is perfect for summer – HOT.

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  4. purple
    sunny summer day
    Drivers who don’t give turn signals
    boxer briefs

  5. LOL! Great interview and list of questions!

    Chocolate brown
    Sunny but cool
    Parents who turn a blind eye to their kids’ problems
    Gelatin–jigglers in fun shapes 🙂
    Whatever that guy is born with!

  6. indigo
    depends…probably the bod
    undisciplined kids
    boxer-briefs if any
    mint chip
    a little hair

  7. Wow great and fun interview.

    Favorite color? Blue

    Favorite weather? Spring

    What male feature first catches your attention? Shoulders. I LOVE big broad shoulders.

    Dream vacation? Backpacking through Europe

    Pet-Peeve? Don’t put the jelly knife in the peanut butter jar! Ewww.

    Boxers or Briefs? Both

    Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding? Pudding

    Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

    For ice cream—bowl or cone? Cone

    Hairy chests or shaved? Hair. I like a man with fuzz. It makes them seem more manly to me. (not gorilla style, but a nice amount)

  8. Love those pictures!!! Yummy! Lol!

    Ok here goes:

    Dark red
    Eyes or smile

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