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Another 4th of July has come and gone.  Hope everyone had a safe and fun day!  Sure wish someone out there would figure out how to slow down time.  The older I get the faster my life is speeding by.  LOL

Fireworks have fascinated me from as far back as I can remember. (But then again, my memory is another thing that seems to be slipping away.)   Although, at this point in my life, I’m not too found of the really loud booms that vibrate through your entire body and make your teeth ache. Or the firecrackers that start out on the ground or in someone’s hand that really has no business playing with fire much less a shooting rocket and you end up running for your life and ducking for cover.  Yes, for those of you wondering, I’m speaking from experience.  Not a memory I care to relive at all, but every time I see this funny video on TV where a dachshund somehow snatches a lighted Roman Candle and runs toward his beloved owners as it shoots off the hot flares in all directions, I start sweating.  Yeah, that’s about how it looked on this end too, minus the dog! 🙂  But the big, beautiful bursts of rainbow colors and sparkling lights illuminating the night sky will forever keep me coming back despite my fears.  It’s really kind of funny looking back at it now.   See I told you the memory is going.

My favorite fireworks show to date would have to be the one we saw at Christmas time a few years back in Natchitoches, La on the Cane River.  The display seemed to go on forever, which really scored mega points with the kids.  They love the Grande Finales and this was all one huge spectacular Finale. 

A bit about how fireworks originated that I didn’t know.  It is said that a Chinese cook accidentally discovered them by mixing charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter and then stuffing the mixture into a bamboo tube.  Now I don’t know about you, but this has me wondering what the heck he was cooking or thinking. LOL  Today firecrackers are still used to scare away evil spirts, ward off despair and even depression. 

Hmmm.  Now that I think about it, fireworks are associated with all sorts of occasions full of joy, victory and happiness.  No wonder I like them so much.  What better way to chase away the blues and spark a more lively and joyous attitude?  Maybe I should buy enough for the entire year, then after each rejection letter I can have my own little firework show in the back yard to chase away the evil doubts and lift my spirits.  Wonder how long I could get away with that before the cops came knocking at my door? 

I’ll let you know!  😉

What’s your favorite fireworks memory?  Any close calls?

2 Responses

  1. Wow. What a lot of memories you stirred up for me! When I was a child living in Hawaii there were no restrictions on fireworks (well, there might have been some, but not many — none that I remember). My aunt’s house was up in Manoa Valley with the view from the front windows overlooking Honolulu all the way to Diamond Head. On the 4th of July (and New Year’s Eve!) I’d spend the night there with my cousins. We’d be put to bed at the regular time, but then when the fireworks began the grownups would get us up and we could sit on stools in the porch overlooking the city and watch the fireworks and my aunt would make lovely hot apple fritters. On the 5th of July, and the 2nd of January, there would be grim stories in the newspapers about fingers and hands having been blown off, which was why we were never allowed to have fireworks ourselves, but the display was magnificent!

    In some small irresponsible part of myself I’ve always felt my kids were somehow underprivileged because all they’ve ever had are civic displays and sparklers — they’ve never seen a whole city exploding with big, little, and medium-sized displays! But, on the other hand, they all have their fingers, too.

  2. I believe fireworks have that magical effect, Melissa. But I must say July 4th of last year was the worst ever. This year made up for it SO much, and I was at work last night! Lol! I have bonded so much with my patient and her family. They are like my own, We sat on the porch with them and the kids, and we watched the fireworks. It made me happier to see the excitement in the kids and my patients eyes when the fireworks went off more than anything. During the day, I went to my grandparents and ate watermelon with them. Good new memories. 🙂

    The best times as a child I had during Fourth of July was when my cousins and I would go out on the ski boat at night to watch the fireworks on the lake after a whole day of swimming and water tubing. They were beautiful!

    Beppie, I bet seeing the fireworks in Hawaii were SO beautiful! I hope to go there someday!

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