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Claiming Summer

Well, it’s mid-July, and I feel like summer is passing me by without putting its mark on me.

Okay, I have tan-lines, but for some reason, this summer hasn’t felt like summer. Yes, it’s hot. It’s felt like summer, but not really summer summer. No, the heat hasn’t gotten to me. It’s just life has changed for me, washing over me, re-forming me when I wasnt’ looking.

Perhaps it’s because my kids are older and don’t need me as much. No more going to cutesy movies, picnic lunches or making several pilgrimmages to the local science museum. Instead it’s video games, all-star practice and sleeping til noon. Summer used to feel special. It was mommy and me time. Now the boys just want to do their own thing. No more projects or going to the playground. No more looking for bugs or blowing bubbles. Are you as depressed as I am?

Or maybe summer doesn’t feel special because I no longer teach. Let’s face it, when you are a teacher, you live for summer. Count down the days, secretly celebrating the last day way harder than your students. The last day of school meant throwing away those papers you never got around to grading (oops) and downing margaritas with your fellow celebratees at the local watering hole. And then you savored mornings in your pjs. One hand on the coffee mug and the other on the remote, you watched GMA or the cooking shows on the Food Network. You watched HGTV for a full week so you could paint your bathroom “eggshell blue” or “cake batter.” Summer was special.

Or maybe I’m just getting old. My shorts no longer look all that cute and I cover up my swimsuit more than I show it. There is no sheen of sweat on my tanned skin. I just drip. And my hair frizzes. And those c-sections I had eleven and eight years ago have formed a little purse below my waistline.  I look at those girls on the cover or L.L. Bean and Victoria’s Secret catalogues as they frolic on the beach and want to kick them hard. Jeez, I’m old and cranky.

Now that I’m a part-tie writer and part-time jack of all trades, summer doesn’t feel all that grand. It’s kind of a pain in the rump. So what am I going to do about it?

I think I should try to enjoy a piece of it. I’m starting today. First, I’m cutting my frizzy hair. New short, sassy do should make me feel lighter and summerier (yes, I know it’s not a word). And I’m going to put on my swimsuit and find something to grill for this evening. Maybe pop open a bottle of wine. Then I’m going to plan some fun activities for me and my boys for next week. Maybe a small trip somewhere for the day. The boys and I need a little summer fun even it it doesn’t involve playdough. Heck, this morning I may watch HGTV.

But there is no way I plan on painting my bathroom.

What about you? What have you done this summer that makes summer special?

7 Responses

  1. With hubby working in a call center it’s harder to get off to go somewhere for vacation. We managed to get away July 4th weekend and went to visit his best friend in Memphis. Only a state over but we got out of the house and had some fun. We ate out far too much, visited with friends way too late and even made it to the Memphis Zoo.

    That’s my vacation for the summer. We bought a new house last October and we just bought me a new car.

    We may still get to run away to Hot Springs for a day trip or something, that’s a very good idea. Short day trips to help break up what’s left of summer.

  2. Man, I miss summers off. After a large number of years as a student, followed by another dozen as a high school athletic trainer, my internal clock doesn’t seem to know how to tick any other way. I subconsciously save projects for summer, because I’ll have more time then. Except I don’t because now I work forty hours a week year ’round.

    It is teh suck.

  3. Heather –

    I’m actually thinking about takingthe boys to Hot Springs next week for a little surprise one-nighter. Think they will like packing up and not knowing where we’re going.

    Maybe I’ll see you there 🙂

  4. I get you, Kari. I usually stack up summer projects, but not this year. I refuse to do it this year, and after paying for a new air conditioning unit, I have no money left to do anything major anyway. But I need air conditioning like you need a heater 🙂

  5. that would be cool. They have an aquarium in Downtown HS and there’s a wax museum and I think a gangster museum.

    there is also Magic Springs/Crystal Falls. Cyndi is a great resource for things to do in HS.

  6. I feel your pain, Liz! For me the summers don’t feel the same because the kids are not the same. Getting older for them means hanging out at the pool, going to the mall or movies with their friends instead of boring old mom. LOL But we just got back from a quick vacation to the beach and we all really enjoyed it. My kids are little adults now and we played cards and laughed till our bellies hurt. As time changes, I’m realizing because they don’t need me so much I can really enjoy the people they are becoming. Now the test will be getting through these teenage years with boyfriends and girlfriends on the horizon. Yikes! I’m so not ready!! LOL

    Enjoy your trip and those precious boys! 🙂

  7. Have fun with your boys Liz. I would have to say making new friends and making changes in my life has been the best part of my summer.

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