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Baby Snapshots

Do you enjoy taking photos of your child?  Or pet?  My shih tzu IS my child because he really believes he is a human and wants to be treated like so.  Lol!  Dusty Q. Ewok is my favorite baby.  I inherited him from my grandmother after she passed away.  She told me she wanted me to have him before she died, and he was her world. 

He meant everything to her.  That little boy is spoiled rotten too!  He expects to have his belly rubbed every night before he goes to sleep.  If anyone makes him mad, he will leave a present somewhere.  🙂 

I write better when he is around too.  He has such a comforting presence.  He also snores REALLY loud, and I sometimes have to nudge him to wake him up!   He follows me EVERYWHERE, and misses me when I am away.  I love taking his picture, but he will run away from the camera!  I have to sneak up on him.  Haha!

I took him out in the snow this year, and he hated it.  He would not set one foot in it!  

What was your favorite pet?  Any favorite memories with them?



12 Responses

  1. so cute Jamie!

    I have my son. I have a dog too, but he usually smells. and he’s chewed on a couple of things of importance to me (like my glasses! My SEEING glasses. just…why?). so that is officially the kid’s dog (was anyway in the beginning)

  2. Currently, we have two dogs, two cats and a tank of fish, though I think we lost one of those yesterday.

    My special pet was my dog Gatsby. My hubs and I had him before we had kids. He was a gorgeous black and silver schnauzer and was my constant companion when we moved to New Orleans. I loved him like he was a baby. Until I had my baby and then I realized he was just a dog. LOL.

    I have pic somewhere but not on the computer. My two current dogs are right here beside me this morning. They are my writing buds. Ike is a Boston terrier and Georgia is a black lab. They like to lie in the window seat and snore while I write. 🙂

  3. I have a 15 y/o border collie who IS my heart. I dread the day she goes (although she’s doing pretty good) 15 is very old for a BC so I know she knows how hard I’m going to take it when she’s gone, so she’s holding on!

    I used to have a Springer Spaniel. Zeke snored SO BAD. One night I woke up and could not move. It was like I was wrapped like a mummy. Zeke was on my right side, snoring into that ear. My hubs was on the left side, snoring into that ear. I couldn’t move enough to poke either of them! My husband had rolled onto his back and on top of my blanket and Zeke had propped himself on top of my blanket of the other side! Think about it. Stereo snoring!!!

    I also have a Flat Coated Retriever and my hubs brought a parrot into the marriage. The parrot ISN”T mine. Barely tolerate each other. Seriously. Bird HATES me. One day I was sitting in my chair reading the paper and I thought to myself that the bird sounds louder than usual. I looked up and he’d opened his food door and let himself out of the cage. He was waddling across the room coming straight toward me! I screamed for hubby. He had to come pick up the bird and put him back into the cage. I swear…one of these days…Parrot Pie!

  4. Oh, Jamie, how I long for a dog! Our most recent dog was a pug, and I loved her ugly face with all my heart. She was 15 when we moved to the condo, mostly blind and deaf, and I knew she would find it so hard to move to a new place, particularly one where the only way out was down an elevator (or four flights of stairs — and she was arthritic as well!), and so as one of my more direct friends put it, she didn’t make the travel team.

    Unfortunately my husband thinks our two cats are more than enough wild life to share our living space (although he cuddles them when he thinks I’m not paying attention) and says briskly, and accurately, that having to walk a dog outside all through a Michigan winter is not sensible. In our house, we could simply shove the dog out the back door. When the snow was deep, dh would shovel out a circular path for her so her low-slung belly didn’t drag through the snow.

    I envy you! I envy you!

  5. Shitzu’s are THE dog to have in our family. Everybody but me. I have a plain old Border Collie. Someday, though, when we get the mud porch built onto our house, my boy gets to have a real dog of his own.

  6. Love your little Dusty! So cute!! 🙂 Right now we have a Golden Retriever named Brandy, a cat named Meow Meow, Mr. Darwin the hamster and two gold fish outside. Pets are wonderful. I can’t remember a time in my life without some kind of furry critter keeping me company. LOL

  7. Thanks Keri, Dusty has an odor to him at times too. I have to bathe him a lot. That is funny that you mentioned your dog chewing on your glasses! Lol The things you need the most!

  8. Oh I want a cat SO bad, Liz! I love cats! Boston terriers are cute. I know what you mean about them being writing buds. Dusty is mine. I love having him there beside me while I write….and snoring REALLY loud. Haha!

  9. Cyndi, my grandmother had a border collie when I was a kid. Her name was Minnie. She lived a long time…past 15 years I think.

    I bet you were smothered that night you were trapped between them. Lol I wouldn’t have been able to sleep!

    I agree with you on the bird. Lol! One of my friends had a roomate who had a bird, and it talked nonstop. It got on my friends nerves all of the time. I don’t think I could have a bird either. They make WAY too much noise.

  10. Oh, I love pugs, Beppie! I am going to get a pug when something happens to Dusty. However, I hate thinking about something happening to him. 😦 Their little faces are so ugly that they are cute! I love cats too. I want one SO bad! I think we envy each other! Lol One day, I am going to get a cat. But Dusty HATES cats. He will sit there and bark and growl at them all day and night. So, it is out of the question for now. 🙂

  11. They are good dogs, aren’t they, Kari Lynn? Border collies are good dogs too.

  12. Thanks Melissa! What a cute name for your hamster! 🙂

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